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you rested for an hour before everyone came in.pete:"oh my god we saw her and she's so perfect. she's the perfect mix between the two of you." you smiled and looked at spencer. he smiled back. suddenly, you felt shaken. you didn't know what was going on. you looked around as the scene changed. you were in a hospital bed, but everything was changed. you shot upright and saw you were hooked up to many machines. you looked to see your arm had a bandage on"what the hell's going on? where's cadance?" you saw everyone in chairs.brendon:"oh my god, you're awake!" you looked at him"of coarse i'm awake, now where's cadence?" brendon:"who's cadance?" you:" little girl.i just went through labor...and the doctor took her away and then..." jon:"aiden, when we found you in your house, you'd fallen down the stairs and were unconscience. you've been in a comma for a week or so now. the way shain said, you were sleep walking." your jaw dropped" this can't be happenning!" you looked down and saw your flat"" you started uncontrolably"but my baby." you cried on brendon's shoulder and he stood there, still, being your"i...i held her, i could feel her, i know she was there, this has got to be the dream!" ryan:"i-it's not aiden. she's gone hun." you looked at spencer to see he was entirely lost in the matter. you looked"s-she was my baby" you could feel brendon twitch as his head snapped up. you:"she was perfect. she even had spencer's eyes.and now she's gone...i'll never have her." you shook out of being cold and being"i want my baby back." you said softly.ryan:"shhh, it's okay aiden, it'll all be okay.i'm just glad shain can talk to spencer or else we wouldn't have known to come back early." you hugged ryan back and"i want out of here. i want to go home." brendon:"i'll go get the doctor." you sat up, indian style as your memories started to come"fuck the doctor." you ripped the IV out of your arm and stood up shakily. you grabbed your clothes and walked into the bathroom. you changed out of your gown and into your skinny jeans and t shirt. you walked out just in time for the doctor to walk you. you:"YOU.sign me out, this instant." doctor:"w-what? but how are you awake?" you:"i guess it's my stubborness so get over it and sign me out." doctor:"i will as soon as i make sure you're were signed out and set free. you walked out the doors and to your car. brendon:"hey wait!" you turned and looked at them all. you:"i don't sleep walk. demons can't sleep if you excuse me, i've got blood to spill." you started your car and pulled out.spencer quickly opened the door and got in with"get out." spencer:"no.i'm staying with you." you rolled your eyes. you:"no, you're not. because this is gounna be bloody and be done to someone you probably don't want dead." you pulled up to the vampire's bar and grabbed your sword out of the trunk.spencer:"please, just tell me what you're doing-" you turned around and lightly slapped"don't start with me. it was your physco girlfriend that cost me my baby now get out of my sight." he looked at you with wide eyes and stepped back a bit. you:"that's right, hayle did this! the day she came running at me, she did something a glamore that would effect me later that night." he gasped and looked down.spencer:" that's why she went home peacefully." you:"uh huh.that's probably why you're still dating her eh?" he looked shocked. spencer:"i don't have anything to do with that bitch." you:"oh why? because she cheated on you with pete?" he turned around and walked off.spencer:"you're going to get killed in there." you:"well, not that you care, but at least i'll get to be with my daughter. and maybe the old spencer i use to know, because i KNOW he's dead." you walked into the bar, not giving him a second glance. you:"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU HAYLE!" the crowd parted and hayle stood there with a shocked"what? wasn't expecting me?huh, you made a huge fucking mistake." spencer:"and now you're going to die." you turned to see spencer with your gun pointed right at hayle. he fired it and it went straight through her heart.she screamed and her body contorted and her bones cracked before she fell into a pile of ash.stephanie:"god, what did she do to you spencer?" spencer looked at her with a kind of hatred you'd never seen in his eyes before.spencer:"she killed aiden's, and almost killed aiden." stephanie:"oh...i never liked you much aiden but i think you earned my respect...and my sympathy." you shook her hand and looked at spencer. you:"let's go." you turned to walk away when you felt a sharp sclice on your shoulder. you looked to see some dude with a sighed and crossed your"well, time for lesson number one.NEVER EVER even act like you're going to toutch me.lesson number two, if you are, make sure you can kill me in one hit because if not, you're going to die." you held out your hand and it shined it's purple light and once again the strands came out and went through his chest. guy:"that doesn't hurt-" he cut himself off as you made a fist with your hand and started to pull his vampire out of placed the ball of demonic power into your"anyone else?" you asked as he fell to the groud, mortal.your shoulder instantly healed itself and everyone took another step"that's what i thought." you walked out with spencer and got in your"you shouldn't have come back." spencer:"how could i not? knowing she killed my daughter." you looked at spencer and opened your mouth to say something, but stopped.spencer:"what is it?" you:"n...nothing." spencer:"what is it?" you:"i wish i were still asleep.i was happy for a bit. in fact, everything seemed so perfect." spencer looked out the window. spencer:"well, it sounds like you were better off in this dream world." you"i was..." he nodded and you started the car. you drove to your house and parked.spencer:"you want me to stay?" you shook your"no, i'm fine thanks.i'll see you tomarrow." he nodded and got out, walking the few houses to the guys' house. you walked inside and got more settled in. you found shain who licked your face off.(you:shain, you act more and more like a dog every day.) (shain:and you act more and more like a human every day.) you shrugged. you:"you got me there." you walked over to the cabinet and looked inside to see baby formula.(you:oh god...shain, this is going to be alot harder than i thought.) you said as you held your picked up your phone and called"ryan? you maybe wanna go to a club tonight?" ryan:"no, i don't think that's a good idea." you:"alright, fine." you walked over to your cabinett and grabbed a bottle of liqure that you brought from your mom's overstock of liqure.this was the good stuff. it could get you drunk in a few gulps. you quickly chugged the whole bottle.needless to say, you were a taaaaaad bit on the wasted walked over to the guys' house and left a slopily written note on their doorstep. you knocked once before dissappearing into the night. you walked through your back door and into the living room where you collapsed in a corner, bottle in hand." you faintly heard the door open and in walked ryan, brendon, and jon.brendon:"oh aiden, why would you drink?" you:"because, there's nothing left to baby's gone, i have no family, i have no life...what's left?" ryan:" can go out and find a 'life' know what? i've got it, you're comming on tour with us." you:"no, you can't just promise that." ryan:"why not? the manager knows you were in a comma and he knows what happened. he'll be fine with come on, get up." he grabbed your hand and helped you up.jon:"god damn, this stuff has to be pretty strong to get you"it's...inhanced for demons." ryan smelled it.ryan:"do you know what this is?" you shook your"no, i stole it from my mom's stash of liqure. i got a few bottles of it.ryan:"well pour it's poison and an insult to me and spencer." brendon and jon"what is it?" ryan:"it's got vampire blood in it." your mouth dropped open and you started to"no." you looked at your bulgeing veins.ryan:"come on, come with me." he sat you down on your coutch and covered you with a blanket. ryan:"come on now, slep it off." you nodded and leaned up, pressing your lips to"good night spencer." you rolled over and passed out emediently.
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