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The first day of forever

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Mr. and Mrs. Urie

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‘The new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Brendon and Grace Urie will now share their first dance as husband and wife.’ The DJ said as Brendon took Grace’s hand leading her out to the middle of the dance floor just as their song came on.

‘It’s late in the evening,
She’s wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make up
And brushes her long brown hair
And then she asks me
“Do I look alright?”
And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight.

We go to a party,
Everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady
Walking around with me
And then she asks me,
Do ya feel alright?
And I say yes I feel wonderful tonight

I feel wonderful
Because I see the love shining in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don’t realize how much I love you

Its time to go home now
And I’ve got an aching head
I give her the car keys
And she helps me to bed.
And then I tell her,
As I turn out the light
I say, my darling you are wonderful tonight
Oh my darling, you are wonderful tonight.

Brendon sang to Grace as he held her close, as the happiest man in the world, he held his beautiful bride and sang her the song that for the rest of his life would bring back this night.

‘You know what is one of the things I love the most about you?’ Grace asked as her face was just inches from his.

‘What’s that?’

‘That you can sing me our song and it sounds better than the original.’

‘You know what I love about you?’ he asked letting his forehead rest against hers.

‘What’s that?’ she asked as he kissed her.

‘Everything.’ He smiled.

‘We’re married.’ She smiled.

‘I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.’ Brendon said before dipping Grace into a deep, passionate, loving kiss.

The smile that Grace held through out the night was a smile unlike any other. It was a smile that could only be held by a new wife. A wife that knew that for the rest of her life she’d have her knight in shining armor, her hero, her true love by her side.

Grace knew no matter what she went through from now on she would have her goof ball Brendon by her side.

Grace laughed as she stood on the edge of the dance floor while Brendon danced with Addy standing on his shiny black shoes. ‘Are you busy or can I steal my best friend for a dance on her wedding night?’ Ryan asked.

‘I best I could make that happen.’ She smiled. Ryan held out his hand as they walked out onto the dance floor. Holly winked at Grace as she smiled at him from where her head was resting on Ryan’s shoulder.

‘Grace, you know that if you ever need anything at all I’m here.’

‘I know Ry, thank you.’ She smiled as tears welled up in your eyes.

‘Whoa, man I was trying to be a good friend not make you cry.’ He joked.

‘I’m sorry, I miss them so much.’ Grace said as she looked over at Alyssa, Holly, and Rachel’s parents who were talking with Grace’s parents.

‘I know you do sweetie.’

‘They would have loved this. They would have loved Brendon. They probably would have even loved you.’

‘Oh my.’ Ryan joked.

‘Shut up.’ He laughed.

‘I’m happy for you Gracie, you deserve this, you deserve him. He’s a pretty awesome guy you know.’

‘I know.’ She smiled as she watched Brendon. He was now holding Addy and dipping her while she howled with laughter.

‘And for heaven sakes, please give him a baby soon; I don’t know how much longer he can wait for one.’

‘We’ll have one when the time is right.’

‘You two are precious.’ He said. Ryan was soon bowled over as Addy ran straight into her father’s leg wrapping herself around him as she did so.

‘Daddy, Untle Beary is trazy.’ Addy yelled as a faster song came on. Brendon danced over to Grace and took her hand.

‘You look so sexy.’ He smiled as his pelvis rested against hers.

‘Not nearly as hot as you look in this tux.’

‘Oh you like this do you? You should see what’s under it.’

‘You do have something under it right?’

‘Of course I do. You get to have all of this sexy lingerie for me; I thought I’d get something hot for you too.’ He smiled. Grace chuckled.

‘Come on guys, it’s time for cake.’ Brendon’s mother said. Brendon took Grace’s hand and led her over to the wedding cake.

Grace looked around the tent. She smiled as her wedding choices. The tables were covered in a Tiffany’s blue cloth table cloth with white place mats and silver dishes and silverware. The chairs were white with big blue bows on the back and had three on each side of the table. The center pieces were the same Champagne white roses that were in Grace’s bouquet. The top of the tent looked beautiful. It was almost sheer enough to see the stars above them as there were white Christmas lights hanging from the top. Grace smiled as she looked down at Brendon who was looking at her. She leaned over and kissed him gently before the picked up the cutting knife. The cake was almost too pretty to eat. It was a white, 4 layer square and round cake. The bottom layer had Tiffany’s blue frosting with white and brown decoration, the third layer was white with brown frosting bows, the second layer was blue and brown with stripes and the top layer was white with white roses and a baby blue bow on the top.

Brendon stood with his body pressed against Grace’s from behind as they cut the cake together. Brendon took a small piece and fed Grace gently making sure to not drop any of the cake frosting onto her dress but Grace decided to be a little less Graceful with hers. She picked up a piece and stuffed it into Brendon’s mouth as he wasn’t paying attention. It all ended up all over his face. He gave her a mischievous look before pulling her into a kiss making sure to cover her lips in the frosting from his face.

‘You two are a mess.’ Ryan said from the other side of the table.

‘Watch it friend, I’ll cover you in it as well.’ Grace said as Brendon pulled her towards his groom’s cake, which he was, must more excited about. The cake was a three teared cake with chocolate cupcakes with strawberries on top of the cupcakes and a basket of chocolate covered strawberries on top.

Grace picked up a cupcake and took the paper off of it and started to feed him, ‘Are you going to smash this in my face?’ he asked.

‘No.’ she whispered with a smile.

‘Alright then.’ He said as she fed him a piece of cupcake.

‘Is it good?’

‘Wanna taste.’ He winked, not caring that anyone else was watching or even in the room. Grace looked up at him with that look. He took a step closer to her and pushed her up against the wall giving her, one of the many, passionate kisses of the night before whispering into her ear. ‘If we don’t get out of here soon, I might go crazy.’

‘I’m sure we can get out of here soon, it’s almost nine o’clock.’ She smiled.

Grace’s energy level had flattened out to super low as the night progressed. It was very clear that she was exhausted as she sat on Ryan’s knee for Brendon to remove her garter that sat on her mid right thigh. ‘Brendon, don’t do anything inappropriate.’ Grace warned before she yawned. She pulled up skirt so he didn’t have so much to hold as he took off her shoe and handed it back to Jon. Brendon ran his hands up her ridiculously smooth legs kissing them gently as he got higher and higher finally meeting the silk of her garter. He slipped his fingers around it and started to pull it down before it quit inching down. Brendon realized something was stuck on his ring.

‘Uh baby.’ He said as he looked up her skirt.

‘Brendon…what are you doing?’

‘It’s stuck.’

‘What?’ Grace asked with a blank stare.

‘My ring is stuck.’ He mumbled putting his head under her skirt. He took his head back out and turn around to Jon. ‘My ring is stuck.’

A couple of people laughed as Grace dropped her head to Ryan’s shoulder: Only Brendon could manage to get his ring stuck on her dress. Jon rushed over and put his hands up Grace’s skirt as well.

‘Well this is slightly awkward. Where is Spencer, looks like we’re just having a party up there?’ Grace said. Jon laughed as Brendon tried to get his ring unstuck.


‘Dude, that’s my wife!’ Brendon said. Holly rolled her eyes before walking over and pulling Brendon’s ring off the of the tooling on her dress.

‘Got it!’ Brendon said holding the garter up in the air. He turned around waiting for the guys to circle around. He winked at Grace as he flipped it behind him and bringing her down into a sweet kiss.

‘Thank you.’ Grace smiled as she hugged Holly right before they were set to leave. The night was over, Grace was exhausted, and they were married.

‘You’re welcome. Have fun. And have a lot of sex.’ She smiled.

‘Oh trust me; we won’t be seeing much of anything except our bedroom.’ Grace smiled as Brendon walked over putting his arms around her waist.

‘Are you ready to go Mrs. Urie?’ he asked.

‘I am Mr. Urie.’ She said. Brendon took her hand and they started out. Grace turned around and winked before the got into the limo.

‘Oh we know exactly what that wink was for.’ Ryan said.

‘Poor Brendon, he has no idea what he’s in for.’ Jon said as everyone waved.

Inside the limo, Grace kissed Brendon sweetly. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too baby.’ Grace put her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. She didn’t mean to fall asleep but she was so happy and so comfortable wrapped up in Brendon that she didn’t even budge when Brendon picked her up and carried her into the hotel. It’s a good thing Brendon had checked into get ready for the wedding and her bags were already up there.

Brendon laid Grace down on the bed taking her shoes off before taking his own shoes, jacket, tie, and vest off. He untucked his shirt and unbuttoned a few buttons before he laid down next to her. Grace slowly opened her eyes looking up at him before quickly sitting up and looking around.

‘Where are we?’ she asked.

‘We’re in our honeymoon suite baby. Come here.’ He said holding out his arms for her. Grace reached up and took her hair pin out of her hair allowing some of the curls to fall down into her face.

‘We need to have sex. It’s our wedding night.’

‘Baby…we don’t have to have sex.’

‘Yes we do.’

‘No we don’t, we’ll be on our honeymoon for ten days. We can have sex once every hour for the next ten days. And we have the rest of our lives to have sex. You’re exhausted baby, I’m pretty tired myself.’

‘We’ve gone six months.’

‘So what’s a few more days? Besides you’re so much sexier when you’re not half asleep.’

Grace lay down and laid her head on his chest. If only the photographer had been there. They would have gotten a priceless picture of Brendon and Grace asleep together with Grace’s wedding dress draped over Brendon’s black tux while he held her wrapped in his arms. She fit into him perfect. Just like the black and white complimented each other, Brendon and Grace did as well; at least that’s what Ryan thought when he snapped that picture of them. That picture would eventually make it to the wall of their bedroom for them to look at before they went to bed everyday for the rest of their lives.
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