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Chapter 8(I'm Giving In)

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As another week rolled by and all Brynn could think about was Homecoming. It seemed that that was on everyone else's mind as well.
The week of Homecoming was upon them and Brynn and Roz walked into English class. They took their usual places in the back and sat down. Tiffany walked in a bit later followed by her entourage of bimbos. They paraded towards the front and took their seats.
"Are you ready for Homecoming?" Cher asked Tiffany.
Tiffany sighed and looked at her. "Not entirely," she said looking dramatic. "But I'm sure I'll pull it off in the end."
"I'm sure you will too," Clair said putting in reassurance.
Brynn glanced over at Roz seeing if she was listening and she found that she was. Roz rolled her eyes at Tiffany and got up. She walked up to Tiffany and slid across one of the desks to take a seat on it.
"Yeah I'm sure you'll be ready," Roz said. "It's not that hard to look like a tramp, you do it everyday."
Brynn held back a burst of laughter at Roz. Tiffany glared at the girl as her party crowded around them. "Well it looks like Brendon doesn't mind," she smirked.
"Oh please, and Brendon's a catch?"
"You thought so."
"Always taking my leftovers Tiffany," Roz smiled standing up from the desk now.
"He didn't even like you," Tiffany said standing up as well. "It was pity."
"Pity?" Roz spit out now looking mad.
"Girls, Girls," Mrs. Bisker called finally coming to break up the near fight. "Both return to your seats!"
Roz forced a smile at Tiffany and walked back towards Brynn. She slid into her seat fuming. "She thinks she's the shit," she muttered.
Brynn didn't know what to think. Was Brendon going to Homecoming with that? And why would he? She was horrible!
After the last bell rang Brynn shot out the door and down to her locker. Roz was already standing there waiting for her.
"Brynn I'm going to do you a favor," she said smiling.
"Please don't," Brynn sighed trying to remember what homework she had that day.
"No, it's good," Roz went on. "It'll be a make-over."
"A make-over?" Brynn said shutting her locker.
"Don't worry," Roz said steering her towards the front doors. "Saturday morning just come to my house."
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