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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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“I’ve endangered humans everywhere because of my stupidity. I will not be the cause of a massacre. If I am bitten you must stake me. Only you.”

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

The sun had ceased to shine in Clandestine; the scent of rain was ever present and
the sound of thunder constantly rumbled in the distance. While the full moon shone at
night, lightening would scramble across the sky haphazardly. It was during one of these
happenings that the life of Joliet Gray would change drastically.

“Vampires are after me,” Gerard, Joliet’s boyfriend, muttered.

This remark made Joliet giggle until she saw the serious look on his face.


Gerard grimaced, “If I told you I would be putting your life into more danger than
it already is. Your wondering why I’m telling you this; its because I need to ask
you a favor. If something were to happen and I were bitten, I want you to take this stake

Joliet took the silver stake and looked at it, “And what?”

“Stake my heart,” he replied in a voice just above a whisper.

Shocked, Joliet tossed the stake aside and shook her head, “No. Never I could
never do that to you. I love you.”

“I love you too, but if I were bitten who is to say that I wouldn’t attack you. Your
family. My family,“ Gerard trailed off momentarily lost in thought, “I’ve endangered
humans everywhere because of my stupidity. I will not be the cause of a massacre. If I am
bitten you must stake me. Only you.”

Several days went by as a frightened Joliet carried the silver stake with her in
her purse. This behavior lasted for a week, the sun still refusing to shine, before she talked
herself into believing that vampires and silver stakes were ridiculous.

As she walked into her house she picked up the mail off of the table. When she
noticed the letter on top was from Gerard she hurriedly ripped it open only for her smile
to fade and her eyes widened with terror. Scanning over the letter she found out why
Gerard was being pursued by these vampires. He had been dared to break into a crypt a
month before and upon entering the underground tomb Gerard had found and stole an
unique heart shaped antique pendant. Apparently messing with treasured possessions in
their crypt will upset vampires.

“A month? That was around the time the weather changed,“ Joliet mumbled as
she started to walk out in order to find Gerard. She stopped when a loud rumble of
thunder rattled the windows.

With the thunder as a prelude, large raindrops began to trickle into a torrent. The sky grew darker than Joliet could have imagined. As she glanced out of the window, a flash of lightening bolted across the sky. The lightening illuminated a band of figures rushing across the farmland opposite Joliet’s. The more the lightening flashed, the closer the figures came into the city limits. Joliet stared in horror as she realized that these were the vampires that Gerard had warned her about. Grabbing her cell phone she called her friend Alice, who knew everything about vampires, and told her the most crucial information. Several minutes later Alice came bursting through the kitchen door.

“Why didn’t you inform me of this earlier? We could have planned for this. We
could have prepared ourselves. Where’s the stake at? Since you don’t want to stake him if
he’s bitten, I will.”

“We don’t know if he’s been bitten Alice. He was being hypothetical when he said

Alice walked over to the window and glanced back at Roxanne before sighing,
“Yeah I don’t think he was being hypothetical.”

With this remark she motioned to something outside the window. When Joliet
realized that the vampire in the lead was Gerard she grimaced.

“Face it, he knew he was going to be bitten. He just didn’t want to scare you. But
he did warn you and he armed you with this silver stake. So now let’s creep out of here
and go stake these leeches. And you need to be the bait”

Joliet glared at Alice but the other girl had already ran out of the house.

Joliet followed her friend onto the front porch.

“I need you to yell for him. Go out in the yard and yell for him.”

“It’s raining.”

“What is more important? Saving the human population or saving yourself from a cold?”

Joliet rolled her eyes and ran into the muddy yard.


Before she had even screamed his name, he had already started running towards her, with the other vampires in tow.

“Oh Crap. Joliet, run!”

As she ran, she could hear Alice behind her running in the opposite direction.
Suddenly she heard several shrieks and a dull thud. Joliet turned around and saw all of
the vampires ,except Gerard, scatter towards the few people in the streets. Gerard stood
stock still several yards away from Joliet while standing over the lifeless body of her
friend while holding the stake in his hand. Joliet gasped causing Gerard to look up at
her and smile wickedly. Gerard glided over to Joliet and stared at her, feeding off of
her terror.

As Gerard leaned forward with the intention of biting her, Joliet quickly
grabbed the stake out of his hand, startling the vampire with her speed. Without even
thinking, she plunged the silver stake into her love’s heart; As the metal pierced, a
tiny metallic clang sound was heard. Gerard smiled faintly at Joliet as she pulled the
bloody stake out.

“What did I do,” Joliet asked cringing as the sound of hundreds of vampires fell
to their knees shrieking.

“You destroyed the pendant. It’s destroying the vampires. There was an inscription
on the back that, in a simplified version, said that if the pendant were destroyed, the
coven would perish,” Gerard replied weakly as he fell to the ground.

“You killed Alice,” Joliet whispered.

Gerard closed his eyes, “I’m sorry.”

Joliet sat softly on the ground beside where Gerard lay. Carefully she pulled
his upper body into her lap and cradled him. Leaning down slightly she placed a kiss on his
lips causing his eyes to flutter open momentarily. While drawing his last breath he
whispered, “I’ll never let them hurt you, I promise.”
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