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The next day

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Snape has snapped. He attempts to guess Harry's reason for his lack of homework... again. Fourth in the Potions homework series

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Harry Potter was late. In fact, he was extremely late. Even worse, he was extremely late for potions. This time, however, he wasn’t bothered by it. In his mind, it wasn’t his, Harry’s, fault that he was late. It’s was all Snape’s fault. It was Snape’s fault he was late, that he didn’t have his homework, that he was hot, and sweating, and in pain. It was all Snape!

Harry had never had a day stranger than today. Even living in a castle where most everything in sight was magical, that there were hundreds of children running around in said castle with magic wands. Nothing those students could ever do would be more strange than what had happened to Harry.

He felt his legs and feet wanting to run down the stairs to class. Usually in his brain Snape was usually attached with the desire to run. Run to him (for class, of course), or more likely, running away from him. But Harry took his time going down the stairs into the dungeon, along the halls and down to his potions classroom.

When he finally made it he was tired, and limping. His backpack was covered in mud and blood. His blood. Ever so slowly he opened the classroom door, and peeked his head in. Seeing Snape in front of the class, Harry actually smirked. A smirk Snape would have felt envious of. All sarcasm, with a layer of anger, and a bit of madness.

As he walked into the classroom, Snape finally looked up. Harry saw a sneer coming over his face before his professor noticed the blood and mud all over him, then he had a look of disgust on his face. Harry made his way up the class, passing his seat, continuing up to stand in front of the professors desk.

Snape made to open his mouth, but before he could:

“STOP!” Harry yelled, causing half the class, and Snape, to jump in fright. An evil glint came into Snapes eye, and he went to open his mouth again, but again before he could, Harry stopped him.

“NO! Don’t you realize what you did yesterday?!” Harry was now glaring at Snape, and there was a flicker of something… almost like fear come into the black eyes.

“You screwed me over yesterday is what you did!” Now Harry had taken to doing what Snape had done only the day before. He was pacing back and forth in front of the desk. “Oh, you thought you were being so clever, didn’t you?” without pausing for an answer, Harry continued. “Everything that you said yesterday, EVERYTHING, happened to me TODAY!” He walked closer to Snape and showed him something on his head. “See this, Sir? See that? Yea, that would be from the space heater falling from the sky!”

Snape had a skeptical look on his face.

“Oh, come on, Mr. Potter, that could have been from anything, even…” before he could say another word, Harry cut him off.

“NO! You are not allowed to say anything like that! Ok, you don’t believe me? Ok, here.” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out something white and triangular in shape. Snape took it in his hand and studied it. Looking back at Harry, he asked,

“What is this supposed to be?” and he held the object up.

Harry quickly snatched it out of his professors hand, and hissed, “It’s a great white sharks TOOTH!”

Snape still didn’t believe him.

“Ok, fine, wait here.” Harry told him and he quickly walked back to the classroom door. He opened it, but instead of leaving through it, he called to some people to come into the class. Harry stepped back and allowed the two people to enter. Harry whispered to the two new people to just stand there and not touch anything.

They were both covered from head to toe in black. They even both wore black masks. Most of the students looked at them oddly, and they were poised in the most ridiculous poses they could come up with. The man had pushed his chest out, and had clenched his fists and rested them on his hips, legs open. The woman had one arm resting on the arm of the man, and the other was poised just like the mans, hand in a fist, resting on her hip.

“Professor, do you recognize these two people?” Harry asked and paused, waiting for an answer.

With a sigh, Snape said, “Let me guess. That,” he pointed to the man, “is supposed to be Batman. And that,” pointing at the woman, “is Catwoman?”

“Yes! That would be Batman and Catwoman. Just like you SAID yesterday!” Harry went back to pacing in front of the teachers desk. “You are no longer allowed to say anything like you did yesterday. Do you understand me? Merlin only knows where the heck that dinosaur went off to!”

Snape was actually a little afraid, Harry looked absolutely insane at the moment. All he could do was swallow hard, and nod his head.

“Good. Ok,” Harry said, looking relieved. Just when he went to open his mouth, there was a loud bang and a pop from behind him.

He spun, and saw a great big red puff of smoke by Neville’s cauldron. When the smoke had cleared, there was a purple pumpkin on the floor. But this little pumpkin had a black mask and a belt with a bat on it.

“Damn it, Batman!” Harry growled, picking up the pumpkin, “I told you not to touch anything!”
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