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"Couldn't you have phrased it better?"

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KilleyZweig. Rivalry is a funny thing - it makes people do things they normally wouldn't.

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“Couldn’t you have phrased it better?”

(Was originally meant to have been ‘Bitter rivals or more?’ until this flash of inspiration hit me XD Had been originally meant as a one-shot, but because it turned out so long, I had to break it up into chapters lol - there's only three, though I’ve already completed the story, so I’ll post it up bit-by-bit, depending on the response I get lol. I wonder if anyone likes this pairing but me. XD Oh – be warned as well, there are slight spoilers in here for Oboro’s Investigation files, ok? Oh yes, it’s Killey and Zweig by the way, so yaoi/slash, I apologise if they're slightly OOC. You’ve been warned XD and disclaimer – I don’t own Konami, if I did – there would be a lot more loving around XD)

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Chapter 1

Zweig was a rather conscientious young man, completely rapt in fascination with the ancient wonder that was the Sindar. He was easy on the eyes and his glasses made him seem bookishly innocuous, but if you were fooled and entranced by his looks – his personality and staff soon snapped you out of it. He was hard to get on with, preferring his own company to most, if not all, armed with acrid, sarcastic wit and his faithful weapon.

It was in the Sealed Room of the Prince’s Castle that Zweig found his sanctuary. Hardly anyone disturbed him there. Or at least no one who wasn’t a ‘Sindar fan’, but even then – the disruptions were few and far between, each to their own, rapt in personal awe and puzzlement.

On the other hand, there was one other certain Sindar ‘fascinee’, who wrought pure havoc on the blonde’s ire and nerves; a red and black clad man. Zweig had no idea why the Prince always lumbered them together as travelling companions, always side-by-side on the battlefield. He had an instinctive pit in his stomach that Prince Yukito thought they made a brilliant team, despite all their bickering and whatnot. -If he wasn’t the Prince, I would…- He grumbled to himself as he pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, staring at the inscribed wall in front of him. It was no small wonder why whenever he was removed from the party, as far away from him as possible, Zweig could only say: “Ah, liberated at last.” He treasured the priceless Killey-less time he had. -As much time away from that insufferable, egotistical… the better!-

For small miracles, such as the bane of his existence never stepping foot in the Sealed Room, the staff-master was thankful. However, it also irked him in equal proportions. -If he’s so interested in the Sindar, he should be breaking down the door to get in here. Not of course that I would ever allow him to set foot on this priceless ground, but still… Oh well, I really should not complain. At least he is no longer invading my private space. I should speak to His Highness about this constant lumbering… How ever does he expect me to fight my best when he’s always there, mocking? However, I will never let him get the upper hand on me!-

The magic-orientated man had no idea that, in spite of all his mental acumen, it was because of this sole reason – this rivalry and refusal to be the ‘lesser man’ that the Prince always ‘lumbered’ the two antagonists together. If ever one was on the team without the other, they would slack and feel at ease – no threat whatsoever. Yet, mix the two? It was a complete transformation. They became two of Yukito’s best warriors, always trying to prove they were mightier than the other, though of course, as discreetly as possible, considering that Zweig and Killey were two of Yukito’s most prideful men as well.

Removing his glasses to rub his eyes, Zweig had completely forgotten about the time, so enraptured in his studying. Even the girls, Zerase and Lorelai, had already retired to their own bedchambers for the night. -It must mean that it’s past midnight already…- Once again, Zweig had the Sealed Room all to himself. -Perhaps I should take a little break…-

It was then that he left his ‘sanctuary’ in order to grab a quick meal from the ever-open Retso. Stepping outside into the chilly night air, it was there that he came face-to-face with said thorn in his side.

“Don’t you ever sleep you vampire?” Zweig asked rhetorically, not even attempting to conceal his condescending tone.

“Don’t you have better things to do four eyes?” came the quick-fire retort as the two less-than acquaintances stared each other down.

“I’d much rather have ‘four eyes’ than need to suffocate myself in so many layers of clothing and a ridiculous hat because I can’t be exposed to sunlight.”

“My, my, you do have quite the overactive imagination, don’t you?” Killey returned evenly.

“Yes, I’d much rather waste my imagination on you than my knowledge.” There was no hiding the cocky smirk. The other raised a copper brow.

“You have knowledge?”

“More so than you.”

“For someone with an ‘imagination’ that retort was quite poor.”

It was then that predictably, the blonde said his favourite phrase. “Waste of time,” before walking away, always having to be the one that got the last word in – disappearing as if in a ‘never to return again’ fashion. To deal aptly with the insufferable capped man this late at night, or early in the morning, was too much for Zweig without food or sleep.

“Ponce,” Killey cursed under his breath. The coast was clear; the last ‘line of defence’ was gone. It meant that he could finally have some alone time in the Sealed Room to study his fascination without getting a grilling from one particular bespectacled staff-wielder.

-Time to get a better look at this place…-


Anyway, there you go, first taste lol. It's been a while since I've put up a story, but - I couldn't resist with this one since my Sui V phase just had a sudden rebirth XD Anyway, tell me what you guys think – helpful criticism and ways to improve welcomed =)

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