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My Inspiration

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Demyx is rejected for a band casting (again) and thinks it's time to give up on music. Sora knows more than he lets on. (Demyx/Sora)

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Author's note: This was dedicated to a friend of mine that would write Demyx/Sora with me. Carly is still my favorite Sora in the universe. :D

Also, because this is based on a role play we'd done together, I used the last name he was given there, which is "Kaipo".

I don't own the boys of Kingdom Hearts and I'm not getting paid for writing this.

My Inspiration

It wasn't like Demyx was expecting much from a wannabe pop-punk-indie-alternative-minor-emo-with-a-dash-of-ska band, but either way, it still sucked to be rejected. Because really, if a wannabe pop-punk-indie-alternative-minor-emo-with-a-dash-of-ska band didn't want him, then what could he expect from any decent bands out there? It was starting to feel like his rockstar dream was fizzling out and he was slowly coming to terms with the fact that he was 19 and living with his alcoholic dad and juggling seven jobs at a time.

Of course, Demyx wasn't too torn up about knowing that he had no future with a wannabe pop-punk-indie-alternative-minor-emo-with-a-dash-of-ska band because that just wasn't his style. And despite his father drinking them into poverty and the fact that he had almost no time due to the seven (or was it eight?) jobs that he had to hold down at once... Demyx still dreamt of fame and fortune as the most loved (and painfully good-looking) rockstar to ever hit the stage.

And wannabe pop-punk-indie-alternative-minor-emo-with-a-dash-of-ska band be damned, he would find his niche even if it took him an eternity! (The aged look is supposed to work for rockstars anyway.)

So Demyx planted himself at the base of the Twilight Town clocktower with a notepad, a pen, and his trusty guitar, prepared to write the most fan-freaking-tastic, mind-numbingly amazing song in the universe.

Except he didn't have any inspiration to even start on the most fan-freaking-tastic, mind-numbingly amazing song in the universe. This might end up being harder than he thought.

Half an hour passed and then maybe one hour more... twenty minutes, then thirty, then forty, then two... Demyx continued to glare at the notepad as it mocked him with all of its naked, papery glory. Not a single word or chord inspired him. Not a single sound could get the gears in his imagination creaking to life.

And just as the first hint, the smallest trace of an idea was on the tip of his tongue... He could taste the inspiration slowly rolling towards him...


...It was violently thrust from his grasp as the eldest of the two Kaipo brothers made himself known.

Demyx rubbed at his temples and set the notepad down at his side, vexed. He looked up at the familiar face framed by fluffy brown spikes, his eyes straining to focus after having concentrated on a blank sheet of paper for so long.

"Hey Kitten." Demyx said with a forced smile, using his personal petname for the brunette, but he couldn't help the irritation in his voice. Sora beamed down at him, as clueless as ever, but always eager and curious to find out what the older boy was up to. Sora's ears turned a cute shade of pink and he bent at the waist to bring himself face-to-face with Demyx.

"Are you doing homework? That's kinda funny because I didn't think you did homework!" He blushed and clapped a hand over his mouth, looking extremely apologetic. "But that's not to say you're lazy, Demyx, because you're really not and you're older than me so you probably know a whole lot more than I do and it was not nice for me to say that so I'm very sorry. I'm rude."

Demyx blinked a few times and then rubbed the back of his neck, raising an eyebrow at the younger boy. Did Sora even stop to breathe during any of that?

"Huh? N-no. It's not homework." He patted the ground beside him when Sora began shuffling from foot to foot, mostly because it was annoying and distracting to watch, but also because he could probably use the company after spending so much time angsting by himself. "It's a song. Err..."

Sora took Demyx's invitation and plopped down on the ground gracelessly, letting out an excited little squeal. "Ooh! Lemme see! I want to see what you wrote!" Before Demyx could protest, Sora snatched up the notebook and was examining it very closely. The brunette was concentrating, Demyx could tell because of the way Sora's little pink tongue poked out from the corner of his mouth and his eyebrows knitted together. For a long time, Sora just stared at the blank sheet of paper, and Demyx was almost afraid to tell Sora that there wasn't even anything written there... So he really shouldn't be staring so hard...

"U-um... Sora?"

"It's brilliant!" Sora exclaimed finally, handing the notepad back. He grinned his wide Sora-grin and gave Demyx a thumbs-up.

Demyx was totally lost at this point.


"It's better to live life without thinking so hard about it, right? That's what you're trying to say, right? By not writing anything?" Demyx looked confused but didn't try to stop Sora at this point. Once Sora got going on his weird little tangents, there wasn't any real stopping him anyway. Not unless you had cookies. "Like, you could spend hours trying to find the most powerful words but they don't really mean anything if you have to think about them so hard! The ones that just come to you out of the blue... um... Spur of the moment? Those are best! Pure emotions are better than thought-out, calculated ones any day!"

Demyx snapped his jaw shut when he realized he looked quite like a goldfish.

Sora closed his eyes and turned his face to the setting sun, that big, goofy grin still plastered all over his face. "That's... I think that's why I like you, Demyx." He said in a much quieter voice, and Demyx felt his face growing hot. "You're not always too bright, but you always say what you really mean, and sometimes it doesn't make sense to me... but it makes me happy because it's the real you." He opened one eye and peeked at Demyx with his peripheral vision. "You're a bunch of different things all squished together to make Demyx, and I... I really like Demyx. I like all of the things that make Demyx."

The next moment was so brief that Demyx didn't even have the time or capacity to register it. A touch of soft lips over his, dark brown lashes fluttering down over ocean-blue eyes, and a soft hum of appreciation. It was the taste of sour-sweet candy and the smell of bittersweet coffee. It was grass-stains on brand new blue-jeans that Mama-Kaipo wouldn't like. It was a cute little wink and a lick on his cheek and...

"I gotta go home now, Demyx! But call me later, okay?"

Sora had long since gone home before Demyx finally picked up his guitar and began to play, a dorky half-smile on his lips.
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