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My Only Sunshine

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Sequel to "When Skies are Gray"; Ferard.

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My dearest Gerard,

If you are reading this note, you may notice I am not there. I have left after coming to a sudden, very painful, realization. Even if you won't admit it, I am ruining your life. Not only because you have to extremely cautious not to catch HIV from me, but I'm always sick or in the hospital, causing you to worry and give up your life to take care of me. I can't do that anymore. You need to live your life to the best of your abilities; not spending it taking care of me.

Please do not be upset. It will hurt, it's killing me, but time heals everything, right? I believe that by leaving and not coming back, you will be able to take back your life and live it to more fulfilling heights that you couldn't reach with me around. Find someone more suited for yourself to marry because I would never be able to live with myself if I killed you like I'm slowly doing to myself.

Do not try to hunt me down. I have no idea where I'm going, but I know it will be far from you to make it easier for you to let me go. I will never forget you though. I have not taken anything with me. Not my phone, not my wallet, no money, and not my medicine. Somehow I'll make do with nothing until I can no longer go on. I know you'll find someone for you though; someone more appropriate and beneficial to you.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have made my life so wonderful on so many levels and I hated not being able to return the favor. Since the day we met, I knew you were something far more than an ordinary friend; you were a best friend and the best boyfriend/fiancé anyone could hope for. No matter how much I wanted, want, to marry you, I couldn't do that to you. I couldn't let you throw your life away by being with me. You're too good, too amazing, too perfect for that. You're my angel and always will be.

I hope you will understand my decision and know that you need to move on. If by chance we meet again before we leave this world, I know you'll be as beautiful as ever and I hope to see your ring on your finger, a hand in yours of the future Mr. Way.

Love forever and ever,


PS--If I see Ray, I'll send him home.

Gerard experienced a series of emotions in a matter of five minutes as he read the note. First he was really hurt, then really mad, then he felt nauseous and afraid. A few tears fell from his eyes to the note, smearing the ink and causing it to run. Gerard crumpled the paper into ball and chucked it at the door. "I lost you once you fucker, I'm not about to lose you again." He pulled out his cellphone to call Mikey.


A/N----I came up with a prologue xD

so I read your comments on my other story, thank you very much to those who are faithful readers. I have no idea why you like my stuff so much cuz it sucks but I do it for you ^^

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