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Forgotten Memories part 1

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The Ikkou has to stop at a forest and something unexptected happens.

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Genjyo Sanzo,Sha Gojyo - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2008-11-22 - Updated: 2008-11-22 - 2406 words

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, they below to Kasuya Minakura


It was a long exhausting battle, unlike any other battles they had before, this pack of youkai’s were different they seem to have the power to regenerate. Every time the ikkou thought they were done and has killed the last standing youkai, they would again get up with much power than before, there must be some source of energy here thought Sanzo, although he was not sure where its coming from, its quite enormous to be able to send harm like this to his group. They were all badly wounded and need to recuperate. The next town is some 100km away, using hakuryu would be impossible, Sanzo decided it would be better that they stay for the night.

The place was a thickly dense forest that looks dim even during daytime. Even the rays of the high noon sun can hardly penetrate the huge trees dominating the area. One look at the place and it will surely give you the chill. Hakkai can’t help it, the place gives him the creeps, it seems to have a life of its own, he shook his head and hope others didn’t notice his hesitation. He did not voice out his feelings though, thinking that maybe its just an aftershock of the battle. He looked at Goku and Gojyo and they were snarling at each other as usual while Sanzo was sitting on the grass leaning against the tree, smoking, unmindful of those two, maybe too tired to get pissed. Looks like everything was normal but still something was nagging at the back of his mind. He would like to leave right away and go to another town, if not for the fact, they could be ambush along the way and on the current condition they are now, they will not be able to withstand another attack. And besides Sanzo already decided to stay, he doesn’t want to argue with their leader specially at this point where in he was too exhausted and all he wanted was to rest.

“Gojyo, Goku, it would be better if we look for some big leaves and cut some branches so we can make a shelter.” Hakkai called out so nicely.

“ It looks like its going to rain and we need something for cover.”

“Gojyo please bring the water container, there’s a spring behind those trees, need to get water too.”

“ Hai, Hai” Gojyo answered lazily eyeing the monk for not coming with them and giving a hand. It’s useless to ask him, he will not help anyway, maybe he should annoy him again just to get even. Gojyo don’t understand it but he really likes to tease this uptight monk, maybe he likes to get his attention. Flirting is his fast time and he surely love to flirt with women specially when Sanzo is around, he knows for a fact that he would either get hit by a harisen, or a kick on the butt, he is not a masochist and it does hurt being hit, but the way Sanzo reacts gives him the satisfaction. He maybe imagining it, or just hoping for it but it feels good to think that Sanzo is jealous.

“Sanzo, will be back as soon as we gather the things we need”. Hakkai called before they left.

Sanzo doesn’t seem to hear, his mind is swirling, there’s something different about the place, it’s so strange. A minute he was looking at a thick dim forest, trees swaying and dancing on the blow of the winds, nothing but branches and leaves, all dark and green, he jerked when the world he was looking at suddenly blew up in a thousand jagged mirrors and now he is in a very familiar place, cherry blossoms, lotus pond, bright sunshine and flowery gardens. “ What the fuck!!” He mutters under his breath. “ What the hell is this.”

Kanseon was looking bored as usual but cannot help commenting, “ Really these guys, why do they always have to put themselves in a messy situation.”

Jiroshin was shocked, “ Kanseon, you mean they went inside that forest? That’s the enchanted forest. This will be a problem for us don’t you think?” “You worry too much, just wait this is going to be very interesting.”

Gojyo, walked slowly taking his time whistling idly as he approach the spring, he uncapped the cover of the water container he is carrying and started dipping it into the water when he noticed his reflection. “ Hey handsome, looks like no chicks tonight eh”. He was admiring himself when he was taken aback, the long red hair starting to get shorter until it looks like crappy spiky short black hair, the scars starting to disappear but there’s a distinct sign at the forehead that’s beginning to show, looks like a third eye. The necklace, the black leather clothes, he can feel it on his skin. He sat back and noticed another odd thing, it seems like in a split second he was taken to a different place, “ I know this place, I’ve been here”, suddenly there he was the man he knew, dress in pure white that accentuated his tall slender body, tall nearly six feet in height. The cloth was loose and the breezes kept pressing the white fabric across his divine features drawing out those violet eyes, determined eyes, zealous eyes. His heart clench, he is no ordinary man, the man he knew too well, one of the gods in heaven, “ Konzen.”

Gojyo shuddered at the memory, still seeing the tall, white clad figure, he ran as fast as he could towards the man, but in seconds it was blurred, he has not recalled it completely, but he knew it had taken place in Tenkai. Those moments they have been together, his touch, his kiss, even his smell, he knew it all, but after that it was blank.

He look around, everything was back to how it was, the forest the spring, the scenario before was gone, but it remains vivid in him mind. Some moment in time there was this man he admired and worshipped. The one who controls his mind, body and soul he feels that he needs to hold him, hold him close and never let go. He sat down for a while and lit a cigarette; he needed a smoke to clear his mind.

Hakkai and Goku had already returned when he got back. He slowly put the water down and went to Hakai to tell him of what had happened at the spring, but change his mind and went to Goku instead, who at the moment wass trying to figure out on what to do with the branches and leaves they have gathered.

“ Whoooaa so, the monkey is trying to build a house, I never knew that monkeys need shelter.” He mocked.

“ Shut up kappa errogapa, better than you doing nothing, I bet you did it in purpose, staying too long at the river to avoid being ask to help, you lazy water imp.”

“Oi monkey, I fetched some water and what did you do, just pick up some lousy twigs which we can’t even use as post to make a shelter.”

They exchange some verbal insult and in a few minutes they were already wrestling to the ground. But everything settled down when the irritated Sanzo began shooting his gun.

After dinner, they all went to their makeshift shelter and decided to call it a day, everybody wants to get a rest. It was a cold night, but the monkey is asleep the moment he had his back on the ground, while Hakkai seems to be oblivious and lost in his own thought. Sanzo opted to go out, away from the shelter to have a smoke when Gojyo decided that he also needs one too, this whole fucking thing is making him confuse, somebody must be screwing his mind and enjoying it, what the fuck is happening to him?

Sanzo was contemplating as to what had transpired earlier, the night chill was penetrating; he shivered. Was he hallucinating, maybe the wounds were far lethal than he thought, regardless those were disturbing images or fragments memory broke into his mind. The best way to handle this now is to have few more cigarettes and hope it will pass. Suddenly he felt dizzy and now he is looking at all too familiar place again, flowers, cherry blossoms and lotus ponds. He was not sure why he was sitting there waiting, but the moment he saw the approaching figure clad in leather he felt angry for making him wait this long.

Gojyo walk fast towards the white clad beauty sitting under the tree, “ Shit I’m in trouble, he will be very angry for making him wait.”

He is now looking at the familiar knitting of eyebrows “ Hi pretty babe.” he said twinkling his eyes merrily. “

The pretty babe he was referring to snapped back irritatingly at him.

“I’ve been waiting for you, you moron, what took you so long.”

“Got stuck somewhere, but I’m here now so stop sulking my lovely Konzen.”

He sat beside the annoyed figure, but Konzen turned his back.

“ Hmmmp, don’t make promises unless you can keep it Kenren.”

Kenren took the sulking figure in his arms and put his chin on Konzen’s shoulder, while whispering in his ear.

“ God knows how I missed you, and how painful it is to be separated from you, I’m hurting and hurting still knowing the fact that you also suffered the way I do, I love you so much, I need you too much, and no matter how many times I died and re-born I will always find you because, I cannot bear a life without you, what’s the use of being re-born if my only reason for living will not be by my side.”

He felt Konsen melt as he started kissing his neck, and the back of his ears he felt the body he is holding began to tremble. He turn his face towards him and Kenren swallowed, his eyes meeting the calm gaze of the man he so adored, his voice is barely above whisper.

“Sweet heavens, your so beautiful, no matter how many times and how long I look at you, you will always be this way to me.”

Kenren felt his heart beating wildly, it was slamming so hard against his chest that he felt he can no longer breath. He took that trembling lips to his and they fuse together, Kenren felt as if the whole world is moving, swirling around them, he felt dizzy at the emotions and the feel of it all.

Their bodies touching, hands gripped fiercely, so natural so right. Konzen gasps as he took the tongue shoving its way into his mouth, he tighten his grip on Kenren’s hair as he sip and suck on that tongue, he felt his blood rushing thru his body and felt the burning heat surging inside him. He gave a soft moan when feel Kenren’s grip around him tighten almost crushing him, it felt good being in his arms again, feeling his touch, his lips, smelling his scent every thing Kenren, thats all he wants and keep on wanting.

A sudden gush of wind and Sanzo felt the chills crept thru his body, there was a tiny voice nagging inside him, “ what the fuck are you doing idiot”, he opened his eyes and realized he is kissing the kappa. He broke the kiss and push hard.

“Let go of me mother fucker”.

Gojyo was startled, but did not let go, and tighten his grip. Sanzo was now struggling, one big shove and Gojyo was down to the ground.

“Fuck what the hell was that? You son of a bitch you were the one embracing me oh so tightly you damn bastard, why are you putting it on me.”

“ Get out of my sight before I kill you”

“A while ago you were in cloud nine baby, now you’re acting like a lunatic threatening to kill me, what’s the matter with you.”

Sanzo felt his head began to throb, he reach for his gun and points it at Gojyo. Gojyo knew the sign, he knew the danger, but still he stood in front of Sanzo staring at him, his voice low and intense.

“You may kill me now if you want, but like I said, I’m not letting go now that I’ve found you. I made a promise and I will fulfill it whether you remember or not.”

And then Gojyo turned his back and started tracing his way to their shelter.

Sanzo stood still. But he does remember, maybe not all of it or how things happened before or after that, neither he knows why and how it happened, but he surely remember those moments. 500 years ago on that fateful day.

With tears swelling down his cheeks he cradled the bloodied body of Kenren.

“Hey, don’t mar that beautiful face with those tears, I don’t want to be lying here looking at you like that, give me a smile babe.” Handsome face writhing in pain as he spoke.

“Idiot, don’t talk, it will only make your condition worse, we have to do something about your wounds we need to stop the bleeding.”

“I’m sorry honey, I don’t think I can stay much longer, I have to leave for now.

“Don’t you dare leave me Kenren, don’t you dare.” Konzen answered trying to control the tears falling helplessly on that beautiful face.

Kenren tried to smile, “somewhere, somehow I will find you and I promised I will never leave you again, not ever, we will die together the next time, but you have to wait for me, please promise me that.”

” Konzen can only nod his head and there on that moment, Kenren breath his last.

“Kenren My Kenren, it all happened! We opened the floodgates of hell and we couldn’t handle it. We tried to my love tried so hard but were consumed by its fiery fire. Now all we can do is wait, wait for another chance to be in each other’s arms again.”
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