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A late night at Preventer headquarters. PG for language.

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Black eyes dragged themselves down the length of the paper in front of them, reading the words and discarding them in one easy movement. Mechanically WuFei moved his hand, briskly scrawling out his name, both in kanji and romanji. He'd lost track of the number of forms he'd filled out. He had no idea how many more he had to fill. It always seemed like there were twice as many as there were anyway. He needed something to wake him up. He needed...

A cup materialized beneath his nose, filled with rich, dark liquid. The scent drifted up to tickle his nose, triggering little signals in his brain like a bell with Pavlov's dogs. For a moment he stared at the cup as if it were a mirage, then he slowly followed the line from the hand holding the cup up to the amused green eye peering down at him. Its mate was barely visible from behind a fall of red-brown hair.

"Xie xie Trowa." He smiled, taking the cup from the other man and bringing it automatically to his lips. The warm liquid burned a trail down his throat, serving to jump-start his dying brain. With a twitch of his lips, he looked back up at the green-eyed man. "How do you always know just when to bring me coffee?"

Trowa shrugged. "It's really a matter of observation. There are little things, the way you hold yourself, the dull cast to your eyes," as he spoke he picked up a stack of papers and turned toward the door. He hesitated in the doorway. "The fact you signed the last three papers with the cap still on your pen..."

WuFei blinked as the other man vanished through the door. Then he blinked down at the form he'd just signed, at the form sitting on the top of the pile next to him, and, finally, at his pen. It was capped. From the other side of the door, he could hear quiet chuckling. He glared, slowly filling his lungs. "Barton! You're a fucking smart ass!"

The chuckles bloomed into full out laughter.

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