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Frank is at Gerard's when there's a power cut. What is there to dooo? ;]

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“Fuck!” screamed the younger of the two as he blundered around in the door looking for a light switch. He flicked it a couple of times. “Fucking hell!” he cursed.
“Frankie,” whispered the older one who was sitting on the sofa with his legs up.
“Yes?” whispered the other.
“I don’t think the lights are working.” he whispered. He may be great at art but never the less, a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
“No shit, sweetheart.” Frankie replied sarcastically.
“Where are you?” he said, arms out-stretched as he manoeuvred himself around the room, hitting his hand on a solid object. He ran his hands up the object, carefully. “Frankie?” he whispered again. Frankie thought he’d take advantage of this situation and keep quiet, as his eyes had always been good at seeing in the dark all he had to do was stand in the corner of the room, watching his boyfriend stumble around aimlessly.
“No, babes. That’s not me. That’s the wall.”
“Oh. Where the hell are you? I can’t see a thing,” he said, seemingly annoyed. Frankie, in the corner, chuckled to himself, as unbeknown to his boyfriend, he had actually snuck up behind him and was ready to grab him at any moment. When he least expected it of course.
“Frankie…” questioned the momentarily blind Gerard, getting slightly weary of the silence in the darkness.
“Boo!” screamed Frank at the top of his lungs while launching himself on to Gerard’s back. Gerard shrieked and toppled backwards onto the sofa, on top of Frank.
“Frank! You scared the shit out of me!”
“Oh I’m sorry, sweetie. But you’re getting your own back.”
“You’re crushing me.” said Frank, his voice some what strained from the weight on his diaphragm.
“Oh sorry, my love.” he apologised, getting up and taking his boyfriends hand, entwining their fingers.
They blindly made their way over to the fuse box, attempting to reset the lights. Failing this, they went back to the sofa and sat down.
“Frankie…” whispered the older, timidly.
“Yeah, Gee?”
“Do you want to know what I’m really afraid of?”
“Sure… what?”
“The dark.” he whispered in the lowest of voices.
“Awh, don’t worry, babes. I’m here with you, you don’t have to be afraid! I won’t let anything happen to you.” he comforted with and invisible smile.
“I doubt a weak sixteen year old boy could protect me from the monsters, no matter how cute he is…”
“Weak, ey?” the smallest of the two questioned while straddling the older and pinning back his arms. “and cute?” he growled, seductively.
“Very weak?” he said laying more pressure over the boy under him. “or very cute?”
“Both,” Gerard winked.
Frank let himself drop on top of Gerard, disabling his movement.
“Since we’re in this position already…” hinted Gerard, but Frank was way ahead of him and was already placing wet kisses on Gerard’s neck.
Gerard breathed in sharply and arched his back, leaning into Frank’s kisses. He took the bottom of his shirt in his hands and began pulling it over his head, sitting up slightly to get it over his head. Frank ran his hand over Gerard’s- now bare- chest before taking off his own shirt. Their bare chests touched and each man gasped at the contact.
The two men kissed each other, hungrily. Gerard flipped Frank over so that they had swapped position- Gerard on top. Gerard ground his crotch down onto Frank’s and the younger man had to bite his lip to stop from crying out.
Both of them were already incredibly hard even though it had not been long since the kissing started. Gerard grasped Frank’s belt buckle and pulled it to undo it, sliding the jeans down the small mans legs to his knees. Frank kicked them the rest of the way off. Frank- who never wore boxers to his boyfriends house- was now naked all but his socks.
“I think we’re a little uneven, don’t you agree?” he grinned.
“Yes, but I like it this way,”
“Little Frankie doesn’t like it. We want to see little Gerard!”
“You can see in the dark anyway,”
“I eat loads of carrots.”
Frank finished the conversation by grabbing Gerard through his jeans. Gerard all but screamed in pleasure.
“Get ‘em off.” ordered Frank.
“Yes, Sir.” he laughed.
Gerard removed his own trousers and kicked them to the floor. Both men were now naked, with a thin layer of sweat covering their bodies.
Frank flipped them over again so he was on top. The smaller man reach down in between their touching bodies and took hold of Gerard’s member, beginning to stroke it in rhythm with their fast heart beats.
Frank positioned himself in between Gerard’s legs and lowered his head to Gerard’s package. He took Gerard in his mouth and ran his tongue up the whole of Gerard length before stopping at the tip and placing a kiss on it. Gerard took a handful of Frank’s hair and moaned loudly, pushing Frank’s mouth back down.
Frank bobbed his head up and down Gerard’s member until Gerard said,
“I think I’m gunna…” and Frank stopped. “Frank! Don’t stop now!” he shrieked.
“One, not in my mouth-”
“What? Why?”
“Because, I want it somewhere else…” he winked suggestively.
“Oh. I see. Well. Looks like someone is going to have to make like a dog and get on all fours.”
“Really?” Frank grinned.
“Yes, really. Now, what’re you waiting for?”
“Hold your horses. Or your balls.”
“C’monnnnn.” Gerard complained, getting impatient and trying to turn Frank over.
“Okay, okay!” Frank said slowly, turning over even slower.
Once Frank was turned over Gerard slid his hand down the slid of the sofa to find the tube of lube that was left there from last time.
“Now look who’s taking ages…” Gerard laughed and squeezed the lube out onto the palm of his hand and began rubbing it on his member then rubbing it on Frank’s entrance.
Frank hissed in both pleasure and slight discomfort when Gerard inserted his index finger. He pushed in another finger and began to scissor them, making Frank’s entrance bigger so that the sex would be less painful. Gerard removed his fingers and positioned himself at Frank’s hole and slowly pushed his member in.
Frank gasped and gritted his teeth together, holding on to the fabric of the sofa so tightly his knuckles went white
Gerard thrust into Frank slowly before pulling the whole way out and pushing back in. The older of the two picked up a steady rhythm after a few slow thrusts.
“Gerard…” moaned Frank, reaching in-between his legs to begin stroking his member. Gerard bat Frank’s hand away, taking Frank in his own and stroking it in rhythm with his thrusts. Gerard shifted his position a little and thrust in again, causing Frank to scream out.
“I think I found it!” Gerard shouted triumphantly.
“You found what, Gee?” asked a voice, flicking the light switch and turning the lights on.
All three boys blinked hard at the sudden exposure to the bright light. The youngest of the three clamped his hand over his mouth and turn bright red in embarrassment at what he had walked in on.
“Oh, fuck!” said Gerard.
“I just came down to tell you the lights are back. Sorry,”
“Gerard…” Frank said, feeling a little awkward with Gerard’s now softening member still inside him.
“Sorry.” Gerard whispered, pulling out and taking one of the cushions to shield his nakedness from his brother.
“I- I’m just going to go back upstairs and try and forget this…” said Mikey, turning and run upstairs, taking two at a time.
Frank looked at Gerard as the two sat naked, next to each other on the sofa. Neither could help but burst out laughing at what had just happened. When they had both recovered from laughing the put back on their boxers and sat back down.
“Next time there’s a power cut-” started Frank.
“We won’t have sex.” finished Gerard.
“I won’t go that far. I was going to say, we’ll have sex. But we’ll do it in your room. With the door locked.”
“Good idea.” concluded Gerard as the lights cut out again.
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