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Road Trip

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Pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes I feel I'm too mean to Bdon.

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I am in the middle of my mock exams at the moment. Yes, this is my excuse for the slow updates. They end after next week so maybe things will speed up a little after that.

Thank you Sebastien_is_hott, silver_stripes and honeyeye515 for reviewing for what I think is the first time. And to everyone else, It really is motivating.

Although when we began our journey, our moods were happy and excitable, the many hours we had been sitting for began to take its toll; with still two more hours left to travel, we were bored, hot, uncomfortable, tired and just generally fed-up. Thankfully Brendon’s constant whining had ceased because he had fallen asleep across the very back seats behind us which he shared with an unfortunate Spencer whose lap cushioned his feet. Spencer was listening to music with his eyes closed so the state of his conscience was questionable. Kate had dropped of a while back, which left me, Jane and Ryan the only fully conscious members in the vehicle.

I was kind of hoping Jane would join the others soon, but she showed no signs of doing so yet. In fact she wouldn’t stop talking. It was kind of annoying.

For some reason I tried to resist sleep, though I knew I was likely to go any moment soon. I kept myself occupied by listening to music and drawing a moustache and beard on Brendon’s face. But after I had stopped chuckling at him, I finally gave in to temptation and closed my eyes, my head falling lightly on to Kate’s shoulder.

_ _ _

The sky was pink, the sea was blue, and the sand we were sat upon was as golden as the sun that was setting behind us. It illuminated his profile and made his skin radiate an almost cosmic glow. His body faced the sea but his smile was directed towards me. It began to draw closer and closer to my own, when he suddenly halted mere inches away. ‘Steph?’ He said questioningly.
‘What?’ I said, disappointed and confused.
‘Steph?’ He repeated.
I blinked and the entire scene began to morph. The beach faded and disappeared completely. He remained there however, seeming to float in nothingness. His arm reached out and he placed a hand on my shoulder, shaking it gently.

I jerked my eyes open. Ryan’s face loomed in front of me, his brown eyes blinking. His hand was still placed on my shoulder. ‘Wakey wakey’ He said as I just stared up at him, still trying to recover from the intensity of my dream.

‘Are-are we here?’ I said sleepily, rubbing my eyes.

‘No not quite’ Ryan said, taking his hand off my shoulder. ‘We’ve just stopped to get something to eat.’

He retracted his torso from the car. Everyone else was already stood outside. I unbuckled and climbed out, linking arms with Kate and following the rest of the group up to the small cafe, trying to shake off the mixed feelings of excitement and disappointment that the dream had left me with.

We all fell about in laughter, watching Brendon order his pastry. The girl behind the counter was studying his felt-tip facial hair, amusedly. Brendon seemed oblivious though.

‘You’re awesome.’ Spencer wheezed, burying his face in my neck and squeezing my shoulder as I smiled.

‘Let’s go to the ladies room’ Jane said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me behind her. ‘Kate, you coming?’

‘Nah I’m good.’

Jane whipped out her lip gloss as soon as we hit the bathroom, preening over her self in the mirror. ‘Oh my God you guys are so cute.’ She gushed.

‘Who?’ I asked confused, speaking to her reflection.

‘You know who I mean. You and Spencer.’


‘Don’t act dumb’ she said rolling her eyes ‘He definitely likes you.’

‘OK, Spencer does not like me.’ I said, shaking my head at the absurdity of what she was saying ‘Why would you think that?’

‘Oh come on.’ She said with a smirk as she applied her mascara ‘Remember at my barbecue? He called you beautiful. And I definitely saw some chemistry there when you two were dancing together.’

‘Spencer and I are just friends Jane.’ I said, shaking my head. ‘We won’t- I mean we don’t- we’

‘Whatever you say’ she shrugged, giving me an annoying wink, and leaving.

I followed behind her shaking my head incredulously. So apparently Jane is convinced that Spencer and I are secretly in love with each other. Wonderful. What an interesting vacation this will turn out to be.
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