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Only the Best

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Business and politicians, two groups expected to have the best of everything be it food, clothes, or friends.

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The sound of the pen being set down made her look up. She was half way through her stack of forms, the life's blood of politics and business. She watched, smiling, as Quatre flexed his fingers and winced when they cracked of their own accord. Her own hands were getting sore from her manicured nails cutting into her palm. "It sounds like break time."

The young head of the Winner Corporation smiled ruefully. "If you don't mind."

"Not at all." She set down her own pen. "Neither of us will do the Alliance any good by working ourselves to death."

"No, we wouldn't." He nodded, then stood, pushing his chair across the thick carpet. He paused, then wandered over to the window. "At least your view's nice."

"Of course!" She laughed. "Only the best for the Vice President of the Alliance, after all!"

"Oh, you get that too?" He smiled back at her, then crossed to the hot water pot.

"Always." She sighed, rolling her eyes. "If I'm going to lunch, it must be the best restaurant! A new dress? Only the top designers will do! Of course, it means I get comfortable furniture, but there are days I'd do anything for a burger and a pair of jeans."

Quatre nodded through her entire mini-tirade, pouring a cup full of steaming water and dumping a tea bag into it at the same time. "You get good tea too. Want some?"

"Sure." She smiled and swiveled around to look outside. After all, if one was going to have the best view in the city, one really should take advantage of it. After a few minutes and a couple of questions ("Sugar? Cream?") Quatre came over and handed her a cup on a saucer. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Instead of returning to his own seat, he leaned against the table and looked out the window, quietly sipping his drink. She didn't mind.

"When we're done with all of this paper work, would you like to go to dinner?" She asked, wrapping her fingers around her teacup. "We could find someplace quiet and spend the night talking about everything except politics and business."

He laughed. Despite the fact his voice had settled at a nice baritone, it was a young laugh. "I'd love to."

"Good then." She nodded, raising her cup to her lips. Something rattled on the plate. "Hm?" She looked down and blinked. Sitting in the middle of her saucer was a simple gold ring with a little crescent of sapphires on it.

"Of course, politics have their advantages." Quatre continued, not looking at her. "For instance, if someone wanted to marry a very nice girl that they'd liked for a long time and she was a high political figure, well, if he was a high business figure, the rest of the political world would be more likely to approve."

She smiled, setting her saucer down long enough to slip the ring onto her finger. "Indeed. Only the best, after all."

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