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Wounded by Good Charlotte

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Pete Wentz and an Original Character find out how hard it is to seperate. One shot. Song 'Wounded' by Good Charlotte. Read and Review thank you. No ownage except my original character

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The sky flooded with storm clouds, and immediately started pouring down like there was no tomorrow. He pulled up his hood over his head, continuing to pressure his feet on every step. Arms tightly wrapped around his chest, preventing his body from tearing apart

Lost and broken,

Hopeless and lonely,

No one was out there, just a lonely soul marching up the path. One by one, memories started flooding into his mind just like the rain drops. He growled at the pain, nearly roaring like an agonized beast. He continued walking until he reached a familiar sight of a beautiful garden. He ran up to the house porch. But his hands still tightened on his body.

Smiling on the outside,

And hurt beneath my skin,

The longer he stood, the stronger the sting on his chest AND inside became. He pushed himself against the door, nudging his elbow against it; wheezing her name from his swollen throat.

At last, the door cracked open, wide enough to show her.

“Pete?” she worriedly whispered.

He looked up, but not directly at her because it hurts him to gaze upon her.

My eyes are fading,

My soul is bleeding,

I try to make it seem okay,

The corners of his lips curled up, straining every muscle in his cheeks. Just as he was about to look at her in the eyes, his false smile dropped. He squeezed his eyes shut, because his skin was paining even more.

He fell in her arms eventually, unable to support himself anymore.

But my faith is wearing thin,

Immediately, she pulled him as far as she could go. But it was either he was too heavy or she was too weak. Weak to see him in this state. Her knees fell to the floor, leaving him on the warmth of her rug. Her arms continued to clutch onto him she never meant to hurt him. But apparently she made him hurt himself.

“Ow…” he winced. She quickly pulled her arm away from his chest. The moment she saw her free hand, she gasped with utter shock. Red liquid ran from her fingers to her arm. The smell was so strong, it made her dizzy.

“Ria…” finally he got up, slowly removing his hand from his chest, more of his blood oozing out.

So help me heal these wounds,

They’ve been open for way too long,

Help me fill this soul,

“I need you…” he said, trying to reach out to her. The blood from his hands dripped onto her cream coloured rug.

“What happened to you?” she asked, carefully taking his arm. She pulled him so that he lay on her lap. She didn’t care, at that point, that he was staining her new clothes.

“I hurt myself…because you…didn’t want me…”

Even though this is not your fault,

That I’m open,

And I’m bleeding,

All over your brand new rug,

“I never said that.” her eyes welled up, “I have to go.”

“But what about me?” he demanded.

“I know this sudden, and it’s hard for you…but I have no other choice… Look at what I’m doing to you!”

He got up and looked at her face, “That’s why I need you back to make me feel better…” he half pouted, “Ow…” he winced, the pain in his chest stung again.

And I need someone to help me sew them up,

She pulled down his jacket zip and peeled it off. His white shirt already soaked in his blood.

“I’m so sorry Pete. But you’re too difficult for me…”


I only wanted a magazine,

I only wanted a movie screen,

He made the effort to sit up, just looking at her sweet face. He cupped her face his hands and stared right into her eyes, “But what about all the plans we made? The ones we dreamed about together?”

I only wanted the life I read about and dreamed,

“…but I just can’t do this anymore. I just- I mean look! You just tried to kill yourself!” her head shook his hands off.

“That’s because I couldn’t believe you didn’t love me!” he raised his voice, “that you really wanted to leave me! So I tried to STAB myself to DEATH because I didn’t want to live without you!” he knew he sounded so cheesy.

And now my mind is open book,

And now my heart is an open wound,

“But it didn’t work because I didn’t want to never see you again…”

And now my life is an open soul for all to see,

She couldn’t hold back the tears; it rushed down her cheeks faster than expected. “I-I didn’t mean to…”

But help me heal these wounds,

They’ve been open for way too long,

He needed her more than she knows. He needed her touch, his fingers curled around her palm, and brought it to his face.

“I can’t be with you—“
“WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF RIA?” he literally screamed despite the pain the cut on his chest. “WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU SO…SCARED?” he grabbed onto her shoulders as he shouted, “TELL ME!” his voice already started to break.

Help me fill this soul,

Even though this is not your fault,

“OF BEING HURT!” she screamed back at him. She felt as hurt as it is already, her eyes didn’t stop tearing.

He looked completely taken aback, how could he hurt her? He never, ever wanted to hurt her. “Argh…!” he could feel his heart beat pulsing faster. Every beat echoed in his head, it was extremely unbearable. He fell down again.

That I’m open,

And I’m bleeding,

All over your brand new rug,

And I need someone to help me,

She bent down and touched his face, “I have to go…” her voice as smooth as ever, “You’ll find someone else much better for you—“

“NO!” He slapped her hand away from her face.

So you come along,

I push you away,

Then kick and scream for you to stay,

“Please, PLEASE stay with me,” he begged and whined, “No ones good enough for me than you are! Only you could make me feel better, only you can make me feel ANYTHING!”

She tried to get up and reach for her first aid kit near the couch. But he grabbed her hand away towards his chest. She could feel it, the beat of his dying heart. Only she could cure.

‘Cus I need someone to help me,

Oh I need someone to help me,

He closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. “Only…you…” he muttered. She looked at him helplessly. Indeed, she needed him as well. From end to beginning, she realized that everything was always with him.

To help me heal wounds,

They’ve been open for way too long,

Her other hand slowly wrapped around his neck, pushing his lips to her own.

Nothing felt better than that moment. He forgot about the pain, forgot about his wounds, and forgot about her hurt. He just kissed her back, letting go of her hand and wrapping his around her waist; the way she wanted. It sent butterflies to flutter in their stomachs. It showed more passion than ever before.

She knew leaving was a mistake. There could never be a better life on her own.

Help me fill this soul,

Even though this is not your fault,

That I’m open,

And I’m bleeding,

All over your brand new rug,

“Please don’t leave me”

“I won’t leave you Pete.” She whispered on his lips, “I’ll never leave you again”

“I love you…” he whispered breathlessly on hers.

And I need someone to help me sew them,

I need someone to help me fill them,

I need someone to help me close them up…
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