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Let's get lost tonight.

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Wrote this in about 3 hours. In the first person it explains their love, [be it me, you, whoever] for Tomo Milicevic of 30STM. I'm quite proud of this and I absolutly adore, Jared, Shannon and Tomo...

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They say love is a force of nature. An unexplainable attraction between two figures. A sense of longing, a sense of beliving and trusting within another. For me, love is all of those things... and more.

I had seen him, a number of times, but I had never seen him fully. All I saw was his mere sillhoutte of his figure, not his face, just his shadow. Neither had I touched him before. It was as if, I was unable to reach him, but being so close. And, as each sighting came, it caused my curiousity to grow more and more intense. He was a mystery to me yet he seemed so real. It seemed as if I was loosing my mind, gracefully and unwillingly. He seemed so much more than a fragment of my imagination, yet I only seemed to see him in the dark and he captivated me, trapped me, enclosed me within his sub-conscience power. It was not a dream, neither a nightmare, he was real, more alive than anyone else had ever seemed. Although, it was only me who knew about him. It was only him who knew about me. I could tell no-one, because what I was experiencing was different from what others experienced. He bought me alive, he made me realise that I could be so much more than the existing shell in which I seemed to perish in.

Yet, he was just a part of the darkness which always seemed to consume me. He was my everything. I did not seem to know how I met him, or why I fell for him. It just seemed that one day, he was the one who seemed to have captivated my heart, my mind... my life and there was no way out. No turning back.

As I stood there, I could see nothing but the heavy darkness, surrounding me, protecting me. I couldn't move, I was frozen, my gaze narrowed to tiny slits as I found myself staring into the black, unable to pull myself away. Transfixed by the intensity of the power it gave out, I lost myself into another dimension, my body falling numb. Escaping away from my unconscience like state, I could feel his hands slip around my waist from behind, pulling his body so very close to mine. Surely, this was a dream. Freezing on the impact of the moment, I need not have turned around to see to believe it was him. I could tell by his gentle touch. Allowing my eyes to fall to a close, I tilted my head back as I felt him rest his head on my shoulder, the touch of his soft, calming skin rubbing against mine.

Finally, after all this time, we were both united in our love, our longing for eachother was now joined together and captured in time, for eternity.

I could smell the sweet tint of his skin, something in which I savoured, knowing that all good things would eventually come to an end. The lust grew from deep within me as I then begun realised that this was just a matter of time until we would eventually find ourselves and bring what we both felt for eachother to the surface. I could sense that he too was closing his eyes, tightening his touch a little as he wrapped his arms around my body, knowing that this was so right.

Breaking away gently, he then turned me around, so I was in front of him. My eyes opened, and there I saw his face. Mezmerized by his sheer beauty, he locked his dark, brown eyes with mine, as I searched deep within them. I seemed to have no control over my body as he then reached up running his gentle fingertips down my cheek and arm, finally reaching my hand where he laced his fingers with mine, the silence comforting yet so dark. I could feel nothing, just the quickening beating of my heart within my chest, as we both lost ourselves, in this moment.

"...Let's get lost tonight...", his deep yet gentle whisper spoke out from within the darkness, as his eyes remained transfixed onto mine. I said nothing, I just embraced his words, and made most of every moment that Tomo and I shared together. I could feel him edging his face a little closer towards mine and my gaze gradually lowering to his lips, feeling a cold shiver whisk through my body. I never had feelings as strong as this before towards anyone, but I was sure this was more than love. Something in which I alone was unable to describe.

Closing up the small, distance between us, his gaze too fell towards my lips as our eyes slowly closed, our lips gently brushing together, to form a soft, feather of a kiss. The moment seemed so long, yet so short which made us both long for more, my blood turning to sparking electricity within me. His hands moved from mine to slowly rest upon my waist again as my body pressed against his, reaching up again to return the kiss, this time, embracing it a little deeper, but still soft. Here we were, both incased in our own little world, as if we were the only two people to exist and each movement, each kiss, each word was cherished. Feeling him break away again, he slowly moved the kiss to my cheek, and down my face, towards my neck. Placing his lips there, his movements were so gentle, his kisses making my skin feel weak, my mind slowly beginning to unravel itself so I was no longer to place things in line.

I could feel the feather-like touch of his breath against my skin, my lips parting as I too drew breath, tilting my head back so the air of the darkness would cause a slight breeze around my face, facing him again so that we were able to lock lips and kiss again, all the emotion and feeling that we felt for eachother, now being shown clearly through our actions. I needed him and he needed me... there was no other way about this.

Still, this seemed like such a mystery, yet so real. It was real. What we had, what we needed, what we wanted. I alone did not want this moment to pass. He alone did not want this moment to pass. But, what we found were two souls, binding together, uniting, loving and still overwhelmed by the haunting darkness in which we could only see eachother.
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