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Crazy in Love With You

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Bump on the Head


Hinata rested her aching head on her forearms as she scanned the tags of various pornos for the long line of perverted old men. Not to mention Jiraiya’s umpteenth Icha Icha sequel. She had at least two more hours on the job, and then she’d be free to go and see Sasuke at home. Hinata tried to keep her mind from wandering.

It had been three months since the removal of Sasuke’s various contraptions, and as Hinata had predicted, there was absolutely no disappointment. About a month and a half ago, Shizune had “interrupted” Sasuke and Hinata to come and thank her, though she’d failed to mention why before she left.

Every minute felt like an hour, and she resorted to counting the seconds in each to keep a keen since of time. She was out the door almost five minutes before her shift was over, and her teenage co-worker rushed to the rack filled with Icha Icha Paradise Books.

Hinata wasn’t even a quarter of the way before she saw Sasuke standing outside in the darkness under a lamp post waiting for her. There was only a very light drizzle of rain, but he had brought a thick enough jacket that if she had dove into a swimming pool, the water wouldn’t have even soaked through the first layer.

Sasuke’s white face was glowing in the dim light, and his straight white teeth flashed. Hinata barely had her arms through the sleeves of the coat before Sasuke pulled her into a tight hug, trapped her with his left leg, and covered her mouth with his. He was just as enthusiastic as he had been the very first time he’d kissed her, like she’d been away at war for years. It was really the only way to accurately describe his eager displays of affection.

He was a little reluctant to pull away from her, but made sure that his hand was pressed tightly into her own before he let them separate. His fingers were tight and warm as they laced through her cold ones. He walked so close to her, that if their shoulders weren’t touching and their pants legs weren’t rubbing together with each step, he didn’t seem to think they were close enough.

The storm had much more promise than even the one that had caught Hinata during their first night. The rain knocked the bottom out of the thick, gray and purple clouds only minutes later, and the two of them had to run home. There was a bright flash of lightning and a loud boom of thunder to help hurry them along.

Sasuke’s hair stuck to his head, much like it had in the shower, even messier and seemingly unruly, once again taking on the appearance of ink. His trembling lips had turned slightly blue, and his skinny form was shaking, where as Hinata’s plumper one stayed steadier.

They’d no more than reached Hinata’s front door did Sasuke grab her by her biceps and pin her against it with his body. His lips were icy against Hinata’s slightly warmer ones, but when his mouth opened, his breath was moist and hot. She opened mouth to gladly let him trace her teeth with his tongue.

She sank her hand into the icy mass of his hair he let out a soft moan, vibrating her lips as she swallowed it. He pulled away, moving down her neck with licks and love-bites, not wanting to break the contact. There was a flash of lightning so bright that it turned the night sky a blinding white, and a clap of thunder that startled them both into pulling apart and opening the door. They stumbled inside and Sasuke pulled Hinata into a bone crushing embrace, moaning and dragging her to the ground with him.

“The door.” She gasped and he slid his tongue along the column of her throat. He grunted and kicked it shut. Burying his face in her neck, he sunk his teeth into her throat. Hinata clutched at his shoulders, uncertain where to put her hands. He moved his head up and connected it with her mouth hard, tongue plunging into her mouth. Suddenly Sasuke lifted his head.

“I love you my dearest Hina-chan.” He cooed lustfully, gazing at her through heady eyes. Hinata pulled his head back down.

“I love you, too.” She murmured against his lips. He let out a soft little growl; he shook off his jacket and yanked his shirt over his head, pulling Hinata’s shirt up so their skin could touch as they kissed.

Sasuke supported himself with his left hand while the other rubbed Hinata’s plump sides lovingly, occasionally giving an appreciative squeeze. Ever so slowly, his hand stole upwards and began to tickle the underside of Hinata’s breast, and then began to massage it more fully, pinching at her nipple through her clothes.

Hinata sighed, but showed no more enthusiasm that she usually did when it came to her chest. It was more out of toleration than anything else. Sasuke pushed himself up and straddled her thighs between his legs and began helping her out of her clothes. Just as tentatively as usual, she helped raise her own shirt over her head. Ducking his own lower, he sucked her breast through the thin material of her sports bra.

The hand that he been on her breast now moved lower, to reach between her round thighs. He gently began kneading the flesh through her clothes, then rougher before his hand hastily undid her button and slid inside.

Hinata’s attention had been focused on the movements of his hand, but it was still a shock to her body anyways. Her stomach and thigh muscles twitched a bit and she let out a tiny little gasp, to which Sasuke responded with a loud moan. His middle finger probed briefly through the slick opening, grazing her clitoris temptingly, then mashed his thumb against the sensitive nub and rammed two fingers into her. A weak little whimper shook out of the woman beneath him, and he moved his head to her other breast, which was rather neglected.

Without warning, his hand deserted her, leaving her swollen and needy and on the edge. When Hinata’s eyes opened, they met his, and the whine of protest died on her lips. He brought his fingers to his mouth, licking them carefully. She swallowed hard as the ache between her legs became painful. When he was done, he slid down her body, pulling her pants down with him. Hinata went a little tense. She had a pretty good idea of what he was going to do.

“Sasuke, you don’t have—uh!” She moaned as he blew cold air onto her slick labia. He spread her legs apart easily, moving between them and then placing them over his shoulders as he dipped his head and touched her with his tongue.

Hinata’s eyes rolled back into her skull and she bit her lip a little harder than she ment to. Her hands tangled in his mostly dry raven hair. His tongue brushed over her throbbing clitoris repeatedly, and she began to breathe harshly as she felt her first orgasm approaching. In the final seconds, he pushed closer and wrapped his lips around the fleshy bundle of nerves and suckled hard.

“Sasuke” she whispered softly, her upper body curling forward slightly as she released, her stomach clenching and thighs squeezing around his face. His throaty moan vibrated through her as the after shocks finally ceased. With a few last laps of his tongue, he lifted his head, lips glistening. He licked them clean, staring her in the eyes and moving upward to place a brief kiss on her lips. Then he flung himself off of her and onto his back at her side. Hinata, who was still a little dazed, stared at him in bafflement.

“Please, darling, it’s your turn to be on top.” Hinata’s eyes widened and her entire face burned hotly. She got up on her knees and scooted modestly across the floor towards him.

With an impatient mewl, he reached for her and pulled one leg over his hips and then ground the excruciatingly pained bulge against her, letting her juices coat the seat of his pants. He let out harsh, short pants as Hinata had. He moved his arms back, riskily refusing to aid her in undressing him, leaving it up her to her completely.

Her eyes swept over him briefly, taking in the sight of his pale skin as she had several times before. His pale nipples were as hard as pebbles, erect and at attention. Her palm, which rested on his chest, could feel the excited ba-dump of his heart. His pale belly rose and fell rapidly as he was practically gasping with need.

Hinata moved her hands to his hips and jerked the button loose and the zipper down. His erection sprang free immediately, the tip turning a slight purple, droplets of white fluid sliding down his shaft. He whimpered softly, waiting for her. She rose up on her knees at met his eyes.

“Take me.” He whispered encouragingly, and Hinata slid down to do just that. He let out a low, shuddering moan and Hinata quivered a little. She slid upwards slowly, then back down to re-take him again and again. Sasuke’s mouth fell open, hoarse, loud sounds falling from his lips the nearer he was to release, whereas Hinata’s breath merely hastened.

Hinata wasn’t close enough yet, and Sasuke knew he would come before her if he didn’t help her. Shakily, his hand moved down to where their body’s joined rubbed her clitoris in hard, circular motions. Within seconds, Hinata clenched around him hard with her release, pushing him over the edge. He let out a loud cry, and Hinata swooped her head to cover his mouth with her own and swallow it the same as she had earilier.

Both of them panted heavily, their breath mingling as they shared the same air. Hinata pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I really do love you.” She murmured softly, her stomach fluttering and her chest aching.


Sunday 5:30 PM, Ichiruka Ramen Stand

Sasuke sat beside Hinata, squeezing and rubbing her hand affectionately all the while glaring viciously at Naruto, like a dog protecting its most precious bone. Hinata smiled warmly instead, while Naruto stared in utter disbelief and horror. Since when had Sasuke moved in on his ex?

“We’re going to get married soon.” Hinata said softly.

“RE-married.” Sasuke corrected firmly, stressing the ‘re’ for Naruto’s sake. There was quite a lot that Naruto didn’t know about or understand, but he’d find out sooner or later, one way or another.

Their food arrived moments later and Sasuke began wolfing his portion down childishly, as if scarfing the food was some sort of contest to claim Hinata as his woman. Naruto, not much better, repeated the action. When they were done, Hinata smiled politely and pushed her food away, put out, to which Sasuke insisted she eat. After a long glaring contest, Naruto stood up and beckoned Hinata with him, to which Sasuke jumped to his feet, ready to tear the other man’s hand off.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” Naruto asked. Hinata nodded and stood, with Sasuke ready to follow.

“One moment. I will be right back.” She said comfortingly, smiling at Sasuke warmly. He smiled back dreamily, sitting back down. Hinata turned, strolling after Naruto calmly.

“Hinata,” Naruto said, pained, “We still have a chance. As soon as I got back from this mission, I was going to ask you if you would go on a date with me. Please, don’t do this.”

Hinata frowned. How ironic that she had thought Sasuke would end all her possibilities with Naruto, and now that she had them, they seemed very unimportant. She merely shook her head and walked back to the table. Sasuke jumped to his feet readily, grinning triumphantly at Naruto as they left.

It was only when he got back to the table did he notice he was the one buying.


I feel very, very dirty...
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