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Fade to black

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That night Luke, Billy and I spent the evening together watching movies and eating popcorn and for a while it felt exactly as life should - great. It was perfect, it was the thing I had always wanted - to spend some fun time with my boyfriend and best friend, we were all getting along great and for once I wasnt trying to make sure that everything I said wouldnt upset Luke in any way. I felt as if a belt had been undone from round my chest and I could breathe again. I was laughing through the films, throwing popcorn at Luke and Billy and generally enjoying myself. Luke and Billy were talking to eachother as if they too were old friends and I could barely believe how perfect everything was. I was having such a great time that I didnt want to go to bed and have it all end, but Billy was already dozing on the end of the sofa and Luke too was yawning.
"Come on Al, its late. Help me wake Billy -" He said through a yawn, kissing the top of my head as he walked by and began lightly shaking Billys shoulder. I pouted but giggled again as Billy groaned and tried to push Luke away.
"Ugh...wanshleep.." He grunted, curling up into a ball. Luke glared at me and I gave him an innocent smile, crouching down beside Billy and prodding him in the ribs making him slap at my hand.
"Fuckorf..." He whined.
"Come on Billy, you have to go to bed now. Its late." I said trying not to laugh.
"Bedwivyouu?" It came out as a barely illegible question but I understood it and so did Luke, I knew he did. Billy shifted so his back was to me as he yawned. "Notonight. Shleepy..." He slurred and I blushed a little, Luke stood to his feet and I tensed up.
"Get him to bed will you Alex, I'll see you upstairs." He said quietly and I heard him leave the room. My heart was pounding and I sighed, pushing away the urge to thwack Billy round the head for being such an idiot. I grabbed his shoulder and dragged him off the sofa, he landed with a thud and yelp, his eyes opening to glare at me.
"Wah wassat for?" He moaned, sitting up and groggily rubbing his head.
"Sorry. Come on, why dont I show you to the spare room?" I offered, pulling him to his feet. He yawned as he followed me out of the living room and up the stairs, rubbing at his eyes.
"Here - " I opened the door to the spare room and Billy trudged inside, already pulling off his shirt. "If you need anything we're just down the hall."
" 'Kay"
"See you in the morning." I said quietly and I shut the door, walking slowly towards my own room. Was Luke angry? Or just upset? I secretly prayed he wouldnt hurt me tonight, we had had such a great time and I didnt want something so small to ruin it all.
When I stepped into our room Luke was stood by the bed, he wore only his jeans and he had his arms folded across his chest, a scowl on his face. I slowly walked over to him, trying not to look guilty - But even though I hadnt done anything I couldnt help but look like I had. As soon as I was close enough he seized my by the throat and slammed me down onto the bed, putting pressure on my windpipe and causing me to choke, I scratched at his hand and kicked but he didnt even notice, he looked so angry it was frightening.
"Fucking slut." He growled, applying a lot more pressure before springing away from me and punching the wall, I sat up and coughed, clutching my neck where I could tell it was going to bruise.
"I trusted you, I let that fucker into my home and I trusted you. I was honestly starting to believe he was nothing more than a friend to you -"
"He is, Luke listen to me -" He hit me so fast I didnt even see his fist coming towards my face, I fell to the floor and whimpered as I clutched my jaw. I had bit my tongue when he hit me and it throbbed painfully, I could taste the copper sweetness of blood in my mouth and I rolled over just in time to see Lukes fist coming at me again, this time he caught my eye and I cried out, his hand slammed down over my mouth and he straddled my hips, his eyes burning with rage as I stared at him in horror.
"I dont want to hear your fucking excuses, your sleeping with him arent you!? I know you are, so dont even try to hide it. He just practically told me himself!" Luke cried and as much as I cried and shook my head he clearly didnt believe me. I had never seen him so angry, it was like he wasnt even Luke anymore.
"Your nothing but a lieing manwhore and I hate you!" He spat, punching me in the ribs and causing me to scream against his hand. "I want you to get out of my house!" He shouted, punching and scratching all of me he could reach, he was so angry, he was shouting but I couldnt hear him - the blood was rushing in my ears, and everytime he hit me I had barely enough time to register that pain before he had hit me again. My mouth was open as I tried to yell for help but I was breathless from where he had hit me repeatedly in the chest, my arms were flailing as I tried to push him away, to hit him back but he was too strong for me. I was trying to wiggle my legs but they couldnt shift his weight and he just kept shouting and shouting. I screwed my eyes shut and used my arms to sheild my face, I had given up and all I could think was 'he's actually going to kill me this time' it just didnt seem like he was going to stop, and I was choking on the blood running down my throat.
"Oh my god... ALEX!" The voice cut through Lukes like a knife, it sounded so afraid - so horrified that the shrill tone made my head ache. Or was that from all the hits I had taken to the head?
"GET THE FUCK OFF HIM YOU BASTARD!" There was a small pause where I could only hear Lukes voice blending into a small hum as he shouted something and then I was vaguely aware that all the weight on me had gone. I groaned a little and I could hear thuds and crashes but either I couldnt open my eyes, or I wouldnt.
"Alex! Alex! Talk to me, oh god are you okay?" I choked a little and the person kept speaking as I was rolled onto my side, the blood came out of my mouth and I coughed almost subconcously. I could feel soft hands on me, could hear the pleasant buzz of a voice but it wasnt registering and it hurt my head to try and listen, so I gave in and everything went black.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update, and sorry its such a short chapter. I had writers block on this story so this chapter was kind of just to break out of it and so the next one should (hopefully) be a bit longer, and updated soon ^_^
Rayray xox
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