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Chapter 02

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A murdered man returns as a guardian force to protect his people and his family.

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Elemental Guardian Force Laguna
by PrettySephy
Warning: Character Death. Angst.

-Chapter 2-

"Squall," Quistis started to go after him, but Kiros put a hand
on her shoulder.

"Let him go," Kiros told her. "He just lost his father. I am
curious as to why you won't say who killed Laguna."

"We don't want Squall to go after him." Zell replied. "He's too
dangerous. I for one don't want what happened to Laguna to happen
to Squall."

"Speaking of which," Kiros looked in the direction of the fire,
which still burned brightly.

"The body would probably be ashes by now." Quistis brushed her
tears away. "Poor Laguna. He didn't deserve such a horrible

"No, he didn't." Kiros shook his head. "And for what it's worth,
I think Squall has a right to know who killed his father. And I
would like to know that as well, since Laguna was my fiance."

"It wasn't just one person who attacked Esthar," Quistis told
Kiros. "They came while we were asleep. There must've been
hundreds of them. And he was leading them. He kept ranting about
Rinoa being a Sorceress, and how it was Laguna's fault. Laguna
tried to reason with him, but he wouldn't listen."

Kiros understood. "General Carroway killed Laguna, didn't he?"

Quistis nodded. "We don't want Squall to break up with Rinoa
over it." she told Kiros. "He's never come so far out of his
shell before. If he and Rinnie split up over what her father
has done, we may not get him to ever come out again."


True sunlight was appearing on the horizon as Squall reached
his old family home in Winhill.

Squall kicked open the door and stomped inside.

"If you're going to break into my house, Squall, that's fine,"
Seifer told him, coming out of the kitchen with his apron still
on. "But do wipe your feet. I'd like to set a good example for
the little rugrat." He pointed to a little girl who was playing
with a set of blocks.

"Never figured you for the father type."

"Well, I promised her mom I'd look after her," Seifer explained,
a wistful look in his eyes. "She died when he was born."

"At least you got the Posse to help you out." Squall recalled.

Seifer shook his head. "Squall, how many women would ask me to
raise their child?"

Squall understood. "So, Fujin was her mother."

Seifer nodded. "Raijin left after she died. And I've been doing
my best to raise her daughter. I named her Little Fujin, after
her mom, of course."

"Getting sentimental in your old age?"

"No, couldn't think of anything else." Seifer admitted. "By the
way, what made you kick my door in?"

Squall punched his hand threw a window, furious with himself for
getting distracted from his mission.

"Easy!" Seifer cried out, grabbing Squall and leading him into
the kitchen. "Sit here while I clean up the glass."

Squall looked around at the immaculate kitchen.

"My father's dead," he told Seifer as is former classmate walked
into the room with the child.

"So he's with my Mom in the Nice Place?" the child asked.

Seifer nodded. "Now she'll have a friend she can play with."

The child smiled a little more and drank the cup of juice Seifer
had given her.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Seifer told Squall, earnestly. "He was
a good man."

"Mister," Little Fujin asked Squall, "what was your daddy's name?"

"Laguna." Squall told her.

Little Fujin looked out the window at the sky. "Be nice to my
Mommy, Laguna." she chastised.

Squall brushed a tear from his face.

"I've been searching for clues about his killer," Squall told
his ex-rival. "He was murdered."

"What's murdered mean?" Little Fujin asked.

"That means he killed him on purpose." Seifer explained.

"But you said people are s'posed to only kill monsters on
purpose." Little Fujin pointed out.

Seifer nodded. "Good girl." He looked up at Squall. "Wish I
could help. At this point, I'm so out of the loop, all I can
give you is some good advice. Go let off some steam somewhere.
You won't do yourself any good if you confront you father's
killer without a clear head."

Squall gave an exasperated sigh. "I don't even know who that
is yet."

"So, why come here?"

"My father lived her once," Squall explained. "When he was the
Monster Hunter of Winhill. That's when he and my mom got

"Is your mommy in the Nice Place, too?"

Squall nodded.

"Take my advice, Squall," Seifer said. "Don't go after whoever
it was without a clear head."

Squall stood up and left the house.
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