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Chapter 42

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Frank and Mary does mischief.

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Dylan slapped his head and sighed. “I hate paparazzi.”
“My hair looks so bad there,” Ray pointed out.
I laughed, “So does mine.”
“Listen, it doesn’t matter about how your hair looks in the photograph. Now the whole world thinks there is something between you two,” Dylan crossed his arms over his chest.
Dylan gets so touchy in these paparazzi issues. So what? Ray and I just innocently, as friends, went to Luna Park and had a day of fun and the paparazzi caught a photo of us looking intimate. In true, we weren’t being intimate; he was just hugging and talking to me at the same time which looks so kinky in the photograph. I was shocked by how couple like we looked.
“You guys look so together,” Mikey giggled.
“Oh Mikey, you always think I look cute with anyone!” I groaned.
“Well, it isn’t my fault that you’re cute,” he shrugged.
“That’s just plain stupid” Gerard spoke up as he sneered at the photograph.
“Hey, you weren’t complaining when the same thing happened to you and Mary,” Frank nudged him.
Gerard was about to comment back but sighed instead.
“So… what are we gonna do about this?” Ray asked.
“Well, if reporters or interviewers ask just tell the truth,” Dylan answered simply.
“See! Problem solved!” I grinned.
“A lesson to be learnt here Mary,” Dylan pointed at me. “Don’t act how you act like at home around us.”
“What?” I asked innocently. “So I cant like, hug or kiss you guys in public?” I demonstrated on Mikey by hugging and kissing his cheek.
“Nope,” Dylan shook his head.
“No!” I groaned tragically.

“Now Frank, what did Dylan say about holding hands in public?” I shook off Frank’s hand off mine as we walked down the crowded street.
“He didn’t say anything about holding hands,” he pouted innocently and grabbed hold of my hand again.
I laughed, “He said don’t act like you act at home.”
“But he wasn’t specific!” he spoke as if a kid was trying his hardest to make his mum buy him sweets.
I sighed, “Fine.”
“Yay!” he kissed my cheek too.
“Hey! You can’t do that too!”
“Oops,” he looked apologetic then eventually a cheeky smile appeared on his face. “Hey, Mary? Wouldn’t it be cool if we somehow change your reputation for awhile?”
I slowed down and looked at him, “Umm, what are you on about?”
“Why don’t we like… show you as a whore. That would be so cool! Yesterday you were with Ray and now you’re with Frank!” he looked up at the sky as if he could see the paparazzi pictures.
I giggled. “Nah.”
“Nahh Frank, Dylan would kill me.”
“Then I shall protect you!”
I looked at him seriously then somehow saw the fun side of it. “Okay then.”
“YAy!” he jumped around.
Frank can always get what he wanted.
“So what do we do?” I asked eagerly.
“Easy!” he grinned, “We do what we do in the bedroom, except for sex, that would be uncool in public.”
“Are you serious?” I asked with my eyes wide open.
“Like full on make out and everything?”
“Are you sure?”
He sighed and rolled his eyes. He grabbed hold of my face and kissed me and made sure his tongue slipped into my mouth.
It was kinda hard to remind myself that we were in public because every time I kissed Frank it would always have been in the privacy of my own bedroom. I was tempted to go further than the innocent touching and kisses.
Just when I was about to melt into the kisses he pulled away.
“That will be enough for today,” he said with his lips bright red.
“What? But… that wasn’t long enough!” I protested.
He giggled, “You want me so bad, no, no. it’s just that I spotted a guy with a camera so he sure got a picture of us.”
“What? You kept your eyes open while we kissed?”
“No! I just sensed some camera clicking,” he smiled, “Now we shall go home!”
I nodded, “Frank you do know that you promised me to protect me from Dylan.”
“I did?” he sounded lost. “Never, I don’t promise such a thing.”
“Fraaaank!!” I squeezed his arm.
“Okay, I was joking Mary,” he smiled. “I wouldn’t let you in danger. Don’t worry bro I will full deck him like fully. I won’t let him lay a hand on you cuz!”
I laughed at his wog accent. “I love you Frank!”
“I love you too Mary.”

Okay, it's been AGES since I last updated.
I just dont know what to do with the story lol
But heres a light hearted chapter hahaha xD
It's not that good but meh
I got bored.

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