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No More Tears

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Just a little drabble, my first Yu Yu Hakusho ficcie. Slight Itsuki/Sensui, Itsuki POV.

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This is my first Yu Yu Hakusho story...well, this isn't really a story, more just a little drabble, but oh well.

Disclaimer: Liz owns nothing.


I know I shouldn’t be crying, I’m alone with my beloved forever, but I can’t help it. Shinobu is dead, cold and lifeless in my arms, never to breathe, touch, smile, or anything ever again.

I choke on another sob, hugging him tightly, trying not to let the shaking of my body jostle him even though he can’t feel it.

I wish I would stop crying. It always upset Shinobu when I cried. It wasn’t a frequent thing, but periodically, I would feel the need to cry, and because it was rare, it was often long lasting. I would cry for hours before Shinobu would find me, frowning and kneeling beside me, brushing away my tears, whispering, “No more tears, Itsuki…there’s no need for them…” and my tears would cease.

I wish he would do that now, whisper to me and brush my tears away.

And that’s when I feel it.

A brief, impossibly soft, and dare I say, almost ghostly, brush of a hand on my cheek. I turn my head and see that nothing’s there, but my tears are gone. I look down, Shinobu hasn’t moved. How could he? He’s dead.

Yet, in the silent nothingness, I could have sworn I heard the softest whisper imaginable, seemingly coming from no where.

“No more tears…”
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