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I guess your spending the night here.

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Paisley walked over to Gerard’s side and gasped when she saw the heavy snow flakes falling and sticking to the ground. A blizzard was beginning.

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A/N: Hey guys I'm back. I am so sorry it's taking me so long to update. This semester has been a crazy one but since it only has a few more weeks, I promise I will try to update much more often. Thanks!
xoxo, Dani

It was the Monday before students got out on Christmas break and Paisley wasn’t at school nor was she there the next two days. By Thursday Gerard’s friends were beginning to worry. While Coach Harden was out of the room, they conversed amongst themselves.

“Where the hell is she? Has anyone talked to her,” Mikey asked as he wiped his glasses off.

“Nope, maybe someone should go see how she is,” Ray suggested.

Frank rolled his eyes and glanced over at Gerard who had just cut his eyes back to his paper. Making it seem like he was borrowing some Ph paper, he leaned over and under his breath he commented, “You still love her.”

Letting out a slight growl Gerard shot back, “No. I don’t.”


That afternoon when school let out, Ray drove his three friends over to Paisley’s apartment complex.

“Are you coming,” Ray asked Gerard who still remained inside the Toyota.

“No,” Gerard said furrowing his brow and crossing his arms.

Mikey grabbed Ray by his collar and dragged him away from the car, “Come on Ray, just leave him there to pout in the cold.”


Fifteen minutes later Gerard, who was beginning to freeze, grudgingly got out of the Toyota and slammed it’s door. Hurriedly he ran up the stairs to Paisley’s apartment and ran in.

The sudden appearance of her ex caused Paisley to start and fall off the couch.

Everyone stared at Gerard as he sat down and took off his scarf. Looking up he noticed there stares and snapped, “ I was freezing my ass off out there because someone took the damn keys.”

“Suits your personality, “Paisley muttered, “But that’s why I haven’t been at school guys. I was going to go in today but I wanted to make sure my fever had gone down completely. “

“Well that’s good. At least your not in the hospital or something. I was beginning to really worry about you,” Frankie said from his position on Paisley’s right.

“I’m glad you guys care enough about me that you would come check on me,” she said leaning forward and kissing Frank on his cheek. She smirked slightly when from the corner of her eye she saw Gerard stiffen slightly.

Suddenly Gerard stood up and stalked off to the bathroom. The other three taking this opportunity, stood up and left. As Ray closed the door he winked at Paisley who smiled back.

Several minutes later Gerard walked back down the hall and stopped as he came back into the living room to find it empty except for Paisley who was sitting on the loveseat in her flannel pajamas.

“Where did they go,” he asked through gritted teeth.

“They left just after you made your bathroom run,” she said giving him a smile.

“Damn them--”

“Gerard? I am so sorry,” Paisley said standing up and blocking his path to the front door.

“Really? I don’t think you are.”

“How would you know that?”

“I can see it in your eyes.”



“You don’t know the first thing about being able to read other people. You’ve not had the practice. Damn, you rarely look at another human being, You always stare at your desk or at your artwork.”


“I’m sorry that I lied to you. I’m sorry that I stole from you. I’m sorry. I know that you have a hard time forgiving people, but maybe this will help.”

Paisley slowly walked the short distance between them and placing one hand on his cheek and the other behind his head, she gave him a kiss. When he didn’t resist, she deepened the kiss. Gerard quickly broke away.

“Seducing me isn’t going to win my trust back. Right the opposite. You have to earn it back.”

Paisley tilted her head,” Are you forgiving me?”

Gerard rolled his eyes and walked around her, pulling the front door open. Before he could step outside, he froze.



Paisley walked over to Gerard’s side and gasped when she saw the heavy snow flakes falling and sticking to the ground. A blizzard was beginning. Paisley pulled Gerard into her apartment and handed him the phone.

“Well there’s no way your going home in this weather. By the time you get half way between here and your house you could get stuck. Call your mom and tell her you’re here. Because I guess your going to be spending the night here,” Paisley grinned.

Gerard let out a small growl and pulled the phone out of her hands, muttering obscenities to himself as he dialed.
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