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They Call Me Scavanger

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"On the 700 try, I will win!" Whether she is being controlled by Akatsuki or fleeing, Kaoru is always trying to protect the memories she holds so dear. But on the seven-hundredth try she may rea...

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“I hate it when she does this…” a scratchy voice murmured. The voice was that of a menace, a tall young creature with skin as blue as colored paste and spiky blue hair to match. His face frowned, concealing his usually shown large sharp teeth, many would think he was a shark, or people a half-breed of one.

His partner stayed silent and still watching the young woman running away. He was shorter than the other, his hair was long and an ebony silk caught between a band made of rubber.

“So Itachi…when are you going after her, or is it my turn?” the scratchy-voiced man asked looking at his partner, continuing his frown.

Itachi, the shorter man, looked at his blue-skinned partner with his red eyes; eyes of a man who was used to looking at death and destruction, eyes that his clan was famous for—the sharingan. “We have received new orders from Pein.” He paused, not wanting to give out so much information, but Kisame had a questionable look on his face, “Instead, her memories will be erased and she’ll infiltrate Konohagakure.”

Kisame looked back to the window, “You two couldn’t exactly keep your control over her, what makes you three so sure she won’t break from the new jutsu versus the old ones?” By the end of his statement he was chuckling to himself, personally glad to finally be rid of he young woman.

Itachi never answered Kisame’s question. He believed he didn’t need to and he preferred the silence.

The young woman fading from Itachi and Kisame’s sight seemed extremely thrilled and exhilarated as she ran from the Akatsuki’s hideout for the moment.
“Number 700 will be a success!” she said smiling while running. Often at times she would jump into the air and spin around to check her back but no one seemed to be following this time. Normally, Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu or even Deidara were sent to capture her and take her back to the Akatsuki, she grimaced at the thought.

She had made seven hundred escape attempts, each with the same plan, make it to Konohagakure and tell them the whereabouts of the hideout, but six-hundred and ninety-nine times she had failed getting captured and “punished”. Each punishment was worse than the last ranging from beaten, no food or water, causing harm to herself through jutsu, or worse. She was supposed to be under a mind control jutsu every waking moment but sometimes she would break this and attempt to escape.

Long ebony hair flew behind her heart-shaped face as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She was wearing an Akatsuki cloak, only the red clouds were stitched blue and she had a silver trim on hers. Tied tightly on her dainty feet were the shoes of a shinobi, only these were a black. Tied around her forehead was a black ribbon, she didn’t have a headband because she had been with the Akatsuki for as long as she could remember.

Normally, Konohagakure would be a 2 days travel, but people usually incorporated rest. She wasn’t going to, she couldn’t stop running, and she could not falter. If she did, she may get caught again.

Her heavy breathing could alert the dead to her presence, but any shinobi young or old would be a ravaged mess if they had run for 4 straight hours. The sun had moved from its high place in the crystal clear sky to just above the horizon painting a sherbet tinge about the green forest. The young woman slowed down and placed her palm on a tree, leaning on her knees and panting. Moist beads gathered at her forehead and dripped down to her eyebrows and her chin. She yanked her palm away from the tree and cursed loudly,

“Zetsu can form within plants… I need to be more weary…”

There were a few more moments for her to catch her breath before she started running again. Her pace slowed as she did not have the stamina to keep her pace. She looked up to the sky and to her surroundings, quickly judging the distance between her position and Konohagakure. She still had another 4 hours of running at full speed. She had to make it by nightfall, or else the already easy prey would become easier.

“This will be way too obvious… but I have to keep going….” She panted, “But it will get me there in 15 minutes….” She brought her hand to her face and bit the tip of her thumb drawing blood, “Summoning Jutsu: Jigoku” she said lightly as she drew a symbol on the ground. In a puff of smoke a large Chinese-styled dragon was formed. The scales were an ink black that stood out amidst the green foliage. It’s icy blue eyes stared at the young woman,

“Kaoru…what is it? Is there someone you wish to claim?” he spoke, his voice booming through the forest.
“No Jigoku, but I am pleading you allow me to ride on your back to Konohagakure.” She stared into his eyes. She wasn’t frightened, but her heart was beating with trepidation for his answer.

The dragon laughed, “You honestly think I will allow that?” he paused, Kaoru’s eyes looked at him pleadingly, “What have I become?” he asked again although it seemed he was mumbling to himself.

Jigoku lowered himself onto the earth and allow Kaoru to hoist her onto his back,
“Konohagakure, does Pein wish an onslaught?” Jigoku rose into the air and began flying towards the plateau that was easily seen above the forest.

“Perhaps… but I am running away again, I do not wish to be caught.” She paused, Jigoku laughed again and spoke,
“To Konohagakure? Pity…” Jigoku stopped in his short flight suddenly and landed on the ground.

“No wait! I beg of you.” Kaoru insisted holding onto the scruff of hair just behind his back, “Have I not treated you well enough? Have I not feed you the body of every victim you have been called to slaughter? Have I not taken care of you throughout our relationship? I am only asking for this favor to ensure that both of our lives will be happier— with Akatsuki gone.”

The dragon looked puzzled for a moment; this did not appear to be his master’s usual state of mind. The Kaoru he knew was a dark, violent, and silent woman who would rather kill herself then beg.

“If it is in your best interest, mistress…” He finally said after a minute or two of pondering, “Then it shall be in mine.”

The dragon rose up off the ground once again and began flying towards Konohagakure. Though, either of them hadn’t realized there was a presence following them, something deep within the earth.

Kaoru had decided to let Jigoku drop her off about two minutes walk away from the village. She didn’t wish to create a panic as he had become well known for his murderous intent, though no one had been alive long enough to tell of the girl who summoned him. As her feet touched the ground, Jigoku disappeared in a puff of smoke. A large smile slithered onto Kaoru’s face as her eyes peered further on the path to see the large red and yellow gates of Konohagakure.
“An…” she whispered looking at the hiragana signs painted on the gate. She was at peace, her dream coming true, “Escape plan 700…success…” she held out her ‘s’ to relish the word. How she had dreamed of this feeling during her times locked away within her own body.

“I’ll never be able to clean the blood from my hands… but I can start now.” She whispered she took one step closer towards the village.

A piercing scream shattered throughout the forest, the birds cawed and flew away from their nests. Nearby, the boy who had been training paused his extraneous workout routine and looked in the direction of the scream.
“Gai-sensei! Did you hear that!?” he paused, his hands locked onto the ground holding himself upright in a hand-stand
“I did Lee, let’s hurry.” An older, wiser man looked towards the scream and began running. His small friend jumped onto his feet and began running with him. The two of them were dressed alike, both wearing green leotards and red headbands around their waist. The older man wore a jounin jacket and equally red leg warmers with his blue shinobi shoes. Lee, wore the same colored leg warmers, only his jacket was that of chunin style. They fought through the bush and trees only to come to the main road, medical ninja already on the scene. They surrounded a young girl, hoisting her onto a stretcher to get medical attention inside the city.

“What happened?” Gai inquired as he approached the ninja.
“We’re not sure” one of them replied.
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