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Frerard one-shot. Leathermouth goes on tour during My Chem's break for just long enough to make Gerard realize his true feelings. Fluff.

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A/N: Hey, guys. It's Albi. If you know me, you probably are in the midst of my other story and if that's the case you probably hate me for not updating that. Well, in fact I did, but I was hit by this brilliant [well, not really brilliant] idea and just had to put it up. And if you don't know me, I have another story and it would be just brilliant if you could read that =D Enjoyee.
Note: Frank's screenname/email is ierofrank31 and Gerard's is astro.zombie225. Why? Because I felt like making it that way, that's why.

Sunday, November 30, 2008
astro.zombie225: hey.
ierofrank31: hiiii!
astro.zombie225: hah. u havent even been on the road a week and u already miss me.
astro.zombie225: not that im surprised. if i cudnt c me 4 a week, i'd miss me 2 ;DD
ierofrank31: always so humble. but if u MUST no, im just about dying of boredom on this godforsaken tour bus. do u have any idea how difficult it is 2 get an internet connection on one of these things?!?!
astro.zombie225: um, yeah, ive been on a tour bus once or twice, i think ive got a good idea :p
ierofrank31: very funny.
ierofrank31: i think im in love.
astro.zombie225: have u told ur wife yet? :DD
ierofrank31: fuck off. im in love with a website.
astro.zombie225: i doubt ur getting any on that "godforsaken tour bus" :DDDDD
ierofrank31: im getting plenty, thank u. this bus and ur wife's crossed paths last nite and lynz hopped on me- uh, i mean, my bus @_@
ierofrank31: i can c y u love her.
astro.zombie225: FUCK U, IERO.
ierofrank31: i crack myself up. and for ur fyi, the website is called and its this badass music website.
astro.zombie225: ok. first, fyi means FOR YOUR INFORMATION. so u just said "for ur for ur information". secondly, what r u, too cool 4 iPods?
ierofrank31: u no, gerard, ur emotionally abusive.
astro.zombie225: thats because i was emotionally abused myself. its a vicious cycle, frank.
ierofrank31: well, arent u just adorably emo.
astro.zombie225: yes i am. -cut cut- nobody understands me. especially not u, frank! i hate u! im gonna go lock myself in my room and wallow in my own self-pity!! wahhhh!
ierofrank31: except 4 the cutting part, u just sound like a normal teenager.
astro.zombie225: speaking of teenagers, u still havent answered the fundamental question: wheres ur iPod?
ierofrank31: that is hardly fundamental.
ierofrank31: what the fuck does fundamental even mean, anyway?
astro.zombie225: i dunno, its got mental in it. anyway, answer me. nowww.
ierofrank31: i think Ye Olde iPod blared its last hasnt turned on in days. -wistful sigh- it will be missed.
astro.zombie225: well, thats unfortunate.

astro.zombie225: frank? hello?

astro.zombie225: frankie, ur worrying me. everything ok?
astro.zombie225: please talk 2 me.
ierofrank31: um. well. i cant.
astro.zombie225: frank. ur freakin me the fuck out. first u go from superhappy 2 completely silent in a matter of two seconds, then u say that ur upset, and now ur telling me u cant talk 2 ME, ur best friend, the guy to whom u've told all ur darkest secrets and all ur feelings and everything else. what the fuck is going on?
ierofrank31: ur overreacting.
astro.zombie225: doubt it.

ierofrank31: ok, ur not.
astro.zombie225: didnt think so. now will u please tell me?
ierofrank31: --sigh--
ierofrank31: fine. its...jamia.
astro.zombie225: o. whats up?
ierofrank31: u'll hate me. forever. ur gonna kick me outta the band and tell me that im the worst husband in the world and that u never wanna c me again and that im gonna burn in hell.
astro.zombie225: u obviously thought very hard about that. but u r legally insane if u think i wud EVER do that 2 u. ur my best friend in the world and id rather shoot myself than say that 2 u. [plus, i have no say in who gets kicked out of the band, so u can 4get that.] so r u gonna tell me?
ierofrank31: ...when i said i was in love, and u asked me if id told my wife yet, u werent...completely off there.
astro.zombie225: wait. what?

astro.zombie225: oh god.
ierofrank31: im so sorry, gerard!
astro.zombie225: frank. its not ur fucking fault, ok? just calm down and tell me the story.
ierofrank31: so i obviously havent seen any of u guys [jamia, the band, my parents, anybody] in days. i sorta sit in my bunk thinking. ive got this whole journal full of shitty lyrics that are completely self-pitying about what a terrible person i am and how confused i am. i just...i dont LOVE her, gerard. im a fucking evil man and my pathetic corpse is gonna burn in hell, but i cant help it. and all this quiet time has made me realize that im not just over jamia, i love someone else.
astro.zombie225: ok, frank. dont worry. were gonna figure this out, ok? i promise.

astro.zombie225: what if i told u that ur not...alone in this situation?
ierofrank31: ?
astro.zombie225: that i having the same problem.
ierofrank31: id say that in a completely selfish, awful way, u just made me feel a tiny bit better and im crying a little less.
ierofrank31: r u gonna tell me yours?
astro.zombie225: no. because I'M the horrible person.
ierofrank31: wtf? how? ur the only good one here, gee.
astro.zombie225: no im not. im the only bad 1. because lets just say that i didn't realize that i felt the same way till u told me u were going thru this.
ierofrank31: i am so confused.
astro.zombie225: ...ok. like i said, ur my best friend in the world. i cant lie 2 u. so i just have 2 tell u the truth.
astro.zombie225: since the moment u left, ive missed u a hell of a lot more than i missed lynz. i felt crazy fuckin guilty, but i couldnt help it. i was really confused, because i didnt no y i felt like that. but i did. i missed not seeing u in the morning and having coffee with u. i missed being so fuckin bored that we'd find random small objects and toss them at each other just 4 something 2 do. i missed making popcorn at night and watching movies we both hate just so we could b together. i missed having somebody 2 play video games with, and i missed having somebody who i could b joking with 1 second and then pouring my heart out 2 like a fuckin diary the next.
astro.zombie: so when u told me that thing about jamia and everything, the thought of u so sad broke me apart, and that's when i realized y i miss u so much. its because im in love with u.

astro.zombie225: im so sorry, frank. i shouldnt have said anything. i fucking hate myself. im sorry.
ierofrank31: no. gerard, dont be. please.
ierofrank31: ur my best friend 2, gee. if i was in love with somebody, i would always tell u. but this time i didn't. y? because im in love with u 2. every lyric in that fucking book has ur name in it like a thousand times. being away from u made me realize exactly y i love our careers. yeah, i love playing guitar, and yeah, i love the fans, but the real reason i take part in any of this shit is because where ever i go, ur there 2. and being away from u made me see that.
astro.zombie225: fuck, frank. that was the most amazing thing anybody has ever said 2 me.
ierofrank31: i love u, gerard.
astro.zombie225: i love u 2, frank. more than ive ever loved anybody in my life.
ierofrank31: so, wait...what the fuck are we gonna tell our wives?
astro.zombie225: i dont give a fuck right now.
ierofrank31: im starting 2 really like instant messaging.

Okay, I do realize that that was pretty silly. And sorry for the bad grammar, but I've always found it pretty unrealistic when people write stories in which the characters use perfect grammar in IM. [Ironically, my grammar is perfectionist when I IM...go figure.] But forget that, because it was fun to write. =D I love reviews, so I'll IM you lots of cookies if you review this. [= Hehe. Alright, that's it...laters =D
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