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End of Term

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Written for the prompt: Fairest. His time at the Academy coming to an end, its time for Ishida to be placed into a division. Another story in the "Ishida in the Afterlife" semi series.

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End of Term
By: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, his Japanese publishers, and Viz. I only play with them for grins and giggles.

A/N: Written for the week# 37 prompt at bleach_contest: fairest. The return of the Ishida in the Afterlife semi-series! His time in the Academy ending, the time has come for Ishida to be selected for a division. Humor.


Finally, after literally years of struggle, sacrifice, and hard work, Ishida Uryuu was finally going to graduate from the Academy. As a Soul Reaper. Though the irony – and necessity – still rankled within him, he’d finally come to terms with it. Deep down, however, he knew he’d always be a Quincy at heart.

Next week was graduation, and Ishida was looking forward to escaping the crowded student dorms for the reluctant luxury of the barracks in whatever division he was to be placed in. Which led to the whole point of this final week of “classes.” Cadets spent the week jockeying to secure a spot – hopefully seated – in the division of his or her choice.

Even the captains became competitive amongst themselves (more than usual, anyway) during this week regarding the choicest students. There were rumors of pitched battles being fought between captains over the most highly rated cadets. The grapevine provided an outbuilding demolished by Kurosaki and Zaraki-taichou during one such duel. Ishida was sure it was just one of the many “sparring sessions” the two captains routinely held when they ran into each other in Seireitei.

Now it was his turn to be judged by the captains, and Ishida swallowed hard. He was unusually nervous; mostly at the thought of being forced to serve under Zaraki or Kurotsuchi. A brief shudder ran through him at the though of being at the mercy of the insane scientist. Though he was certain that Kurosaki wouldn’t allow the 12th Division captain to claim him as a member – or test subject. For once, the former Quincy would have no problem accepting that particular favor from a friend.

The elderly dean of students called his name and ushered him into the room where the captains waited. Kurosaki peeled himself away from the ranks, and walked over to him, ever-present scowl fixed on his face.

“Ready to be a shinigami, Ishida,” asked Kurosaki, a wicked gleam in his brown eyes.

“You are enjoying this entirely too much,” growled the former archer quietly.

The orange-haired captain pondered it for a moment before grinning fiercely, “Damn straight.”

It took four rounds to determine his fate. Ishida Uryuu would be joining the Sixth Division immediately upon graduation. While satisfied with his placement, the method of the decision process left his nose out of joint. He stalked up to Kurosaki, who stood outside the room, chatting quietly with Abarai-taichou.

Jan-ken-pon? Soul Society uses a child’s game to decide something so important?” Ishida was incredulous. “Is that the fairest method they could come up with?”

“Fairest?” Ichigo shrugged as Abarai sniggered. “Probably not.”

“Then why…?”

Abarai answered between guffaws, “It’s the only way that doesn’t leave blood an’ guts over half o’ the Academy.”
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