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Butthead’ Kate said to me, as soon as I woke up that morning.

‘Excuse me?’

‘I think Brendon got payback on you last night’ she said laughing.

A glance in the mirror showed that this was true. I didn’t just have a moustache; I had a monocle and warts to go with it, as well as the word ‘butthead’ scrawled sloppily across my forehead. It did indeed have Brendon Urie written all over it.

It took me a long time to scrub all traces of the ink off of my face, and my cheeks and forehead were red and raw by the end of it. By the time I got downstairs for breakfast, only Lucy was there, telling me the others had already left for the beach.

When I joined them, I greeted Brendon by kicking sand in his face. ‘This took me forever to wash off, you jerk.’ I said as he cowered and cursed.

‘It’s not my fault you’re a deep sleeper.’ He said.

‘I hate you.’

‘Fine! I’m sorry OK? Let’s just put this behind us. Come sit down’ He said, patting the space of sand next to him ‘soak up the sun with me.’

It was only whilst I was laying down my towel that I first noticed that Ryan, like the rest of the guys, was topless. Queue increased heart speed.

‘Got your bathing suit on?’ Brendon said to me out of the side of his mouth.

‘No, I was planning to strip off completely naked.’ I said sarcastically, still a little bitter at him.

‘Even better.’

‘Brendon!’ I exclaimed, hitting him.

I untied my sarong and pulled my shirt off. Unfortunately for Brendon, I was wearing a red bathing suit underneath. I couldn’t resist glancing over at Ryan, who was staring intently at the sea through his sunglasses. But a tap on the shoulder from Brendon and a two thumbs up reassured me. Ryan had totally been checking out my abs.

‘How do you stay so skinny Steph?’ Jane asked, from her position next to Ryan.

‘Easy’ I said, putting my sunglasses on and lying down on my back ‘I just shove a toothbrush down my throat after every meal.’

Jane’s stunned face was quite comical. Ryan had to nudge her and say ‘Relax, she’s just messing with you.’

‘Oh, right’ She said ‘for a moment there I was worried. Whoa is that a belly bar? It looks awesome! Should I get one too? What do you think Ryan?’

She looked at Ryan expectantly. He cleared his throat in discomfort ‘It’s your body’ He shrugged.

‘Did it hurt getting it?’ She asked me. ‘I have a kind of low pain threshold you see.’

‘I wouldn’t recommend it then.’ I said, shaking my head in ‘concern’. ‘Now then’ I said, taking my I-pod out of my bag and unravelling the earphones ‘If you don’t mind I am going to attempt to get my stomach the same color as my arms.’

I led in the sun for a good 45 minutes, enjoying the hot glare upon my body and the relaxing music of Bob Marley in my ears, until I was eventually interrupted by Brendon who demanded that I help build a sandcastle with them.

As the three guys got busy forming the sand -Brendon unsurprisingly more enthusiastically than the others, Jane was sent to get water for the moat whilst Kate and I scoured the seashore, in Brendon’s words, ‘For the prettiest and most special seashells.’

Between us both, I think we found some pretty fantastic ones. Brendon’s eyes lit up with excitement once he set his sights upon our buckets full of shiny and colorful objects.

‘This is my favourite.’ I said, pulling out a large and pretty pink one.

‘We’ll save this one for the top’ Brendon said, taking it from me.

We even eventually found a deserted windmill fan which Brendon stuck in the top of the highest tower with pride. ‘Castle Urie’ He announced.

Once our masterpiece was finally complete (which took a while), we stepped back and admired it for what I think was no more than 8 seconds before Brendon enquired who wanted to go into the sea. All were in favour apart from me and Ryan.

‘Later’ I said.

‘I can’t be bothered to shower tonight’ Ryan said.

Brendon held back his protest at the last moment, and said ‘well we need someone to look after Castle Urie I guess’ and skipped off, Spencer, Kate and Jane all following him.

I led back down to sunbathe for a while, fully aware that Ryan was lying next to me, topless. Yet not quite sweaty, which I think is a very admirable skill. It was hard to concentrate on anything else but his presence, which was worrying in a way. It would never have affected me this much before.

Every time we happened to look sideways at each other at the same time, and exchange smiles, I noticed my heart would pick up to lightning speed and my stomach would perform a series of flips behind my accessorized belly button.

I wondered if I should say something to him. If I could even manage to form any words without it sounding like total drivel. I’m sure there was something I had been meaning to ask him...if only I could remember what,

‘Oh!’ I said, as it hit me ‘Ryan what did you-‘

But I was interrupted by the sudden unexpected occurrence of a large beach ball zooming in our direction and landing with an impact upon the poor unfortunate sand castle in front of us which we had just spent the last hour building.

‘Oh no!’ Said Ryan, springing up to unsuccessfully attempt to save it. The sand had crumbled into a mound of soggy nothing, and the shells lay scattered about all over the place.

‘Whoa, we’re sorry guys’ Said a 13 year old kid coming up to collect his ball from me.

‘Don’t worry about it’ I mumbled, as he jogged back to his group of friends. ‘Poor Brendon’ I said.

‘Don’t worry; we’ll make sure he can still have the windmill’ Said Ryan, placing the fallen object in his bag. ‘And here’ He said, digging through the sand before pulling out the shell I had found ‘You can keep the shell you like.’

He brushed and blew off the sand and gave it to me with a smile.

I took it from him gratefully, and studied it in my hands as the others came back to question the destruction of Castle Urie.

I didn’t get to ask Ryan what it was that he had wanted to tell me days ago. It would probably turn out to be something really insignificant anyway. In an ideal world he would be trying to tell me how amazing he thought I was, and how much he wanted to be with me. Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately depending how you look on it, I highly doubted Ryan was the type of guy who would declare his love for someone in a bathroom, whilst brushing his teeth, and of course whilst in a relationship with another girl. That’s even if he did like me, at all, which he doesn’t.

‘Photo time’ Jane announced, diving into her bag and whipping out her digital camera.

Kate groaned. ‘Please, no I look horrible. I’m all wet and salty.’

‘Pshh’ Said Spencer ‘you look fine.’

‘And I’m all sweaty faced’ I moaned.

‘Your face is perfect’ Ryan said, pausing with widened eyes under the amused looks that followed ‘Err, perfectly hydrated that is.’ He added quickly as my startled face and his slightly pinker cheeks were captured by a flash of the camera.

After a wide round of group shots, Jane asked me to take some pictures of just Ryan and her. I reluctantly agreed to perform their cutesy couple photo session. I didn’t like the fact that the pictures turned out perfect, at all.

‘OK your turn’ Jane said, bouncing up and taking the camera from me.

Handing that camera over to her proved to be a big mistake, for she wasn’t planning on taking any photos of me with Ryan, oh no, she absolutely insisted that Spencer and I huddle for photo’s of our own. I put on forced grins as she directed us to get closer and repeatedly mentioned how ‘cute’ we looked together.

But being aware that Ryan was staring up at his girlfriend the entire time, behind my smile, I was absolutely seething with envy.


I am going to complete this story. I've never done that before, but i really think I will this time. I know where I'm going with it. We're over half way now most probably. Eeeeeeee.

So like not next chapter, but the chapter after that, like woah, and a chapter or two after that OMGUHOH, and like afterwards it's just GASP oooooo and awww, and then we'll be like MEGAAAAAWOWZEEEEEEAAAIIIYIYA, and then like bubumhubbahgah, but that's all I'm giving away for now.
And yes that is what I consider a story plan :)

Reviews? I'll update quickly!

Thank you so much for all the reviews on the last chappy:)xx
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