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Toshiki finally has Kazuki under his command, but ownership does not mean approval. And approval is what he really wants. (Toshiki/Kazuki)

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Author's Note: I wanted to write as Toshiki from a darker, more possessive side, just to see if I could. This takes place within the Divine Design arc in the manga so if you haven't read that far, this chapter will contain a fair number of spoilers for you.

As usual, I don't own the GetBackers boys and I'm not getting anything other than personal satisfaction from writing this.


Finally, it had been done. Kazuki of the Strings had fallen to his knee before the very same man who once served him during the glory days of Fuuga. Finally, Toshiki was able to look down upon the soft face that often seemed to look down at him in the same way so many times in the past. And now, with his soul bound to Lucifer, there was no way for Kazuki to disobey him. Toshiki would call the shots now, and Kazuki-- No, Orpheus would do exactly as he said, even at the cost of his own life.

It served him right. It was what the elegant string master deserved after so long of never acknowledging... never appreciating the true value of Toshiki Uryuu. How many times had Kazuki chosen the company of Juubei Kakei over him? How many times had he been scolded while Juubei was praised?

And now the tables were turned, and Kazuki was now nothing more than an empty puppet hanging by the same threads he used to command so effortlessly. Who held the strings now, Kazuki? That's right.

Was that a smile? Toshiki continued to stare down at the blank expression on Kazuki's face, his brows knitting together in slight confusion. It was brief, almost too quick for his eye to register, but he was almost certain that there had been a slight... upward curve to the corner of Kazuki's lips.

Toshiki shook his head, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his suit trousers with a nonchalant air about him. Of course he couldn't smile. His soul had been stolen, after all. It was just his imagination.

As if to prove his point (to himself, of course), Toshiki reached his arm forward, extending his hand and laying it flat against Kazuki's cheek. Not even a tiny flutter of his eyelids. Toshiki let out a breath he had been holding, regaining his composure now that he was certain the spell had not been broken.

"You're still very pretty," He said in a conversational tone, knowing that it was just dull noise to the puppet. "Even with your soul ripped from your body... How do you do it?" The rough pad of Toshiki's thumb brushed across Kazuki's lower lip, gently teasing them to part by a tiny fraction.

It was almost repulsive. And it was because it was so repulsive that Toshiki was even more interested.

Toshiki withdrew his hand, purposely drawing his fingers through the soft strands of Kazuki's hair. The tiny bells seemed to laugh at him, a light tinkering noise that made his eyes once again travel to Kazuki's lips. Had they moved? Or was it really just the sound of the bells...

"Orpheus, stand."

As expected, Kazuki stood, displaying the sort of feminine grace that only the heir to the Fuuchouin Style would be able to possess. Toshiki was still impressed, even after all these years had gone by. It almost caused his resolve to soften just a bit... Just enough to feel pity for his former leader.

He'd taken the soul of the very person he'd once admired for so long and wanted the approval of... But who had gotten Kazuki's approval instead? Who had taken Kazuki's time and attention?

And then, just like that, Toshiki's resolve hardened again, the flames ignited by his envy of Juubei Kakei and the rivalry for their leader's approval that Kakei had ultimately won.

Toshiki's fists tightened into tight balls at his sides, his face expressing all of his resentment to the man in front of him. But Kazuki's unseeing eyes bore right through him and this only made Toshiki even more frustrated.

He finally had what he wanted! Kazuki was now serving him. But no matter how many times he tried to reassure himself of this, he was still unable to brush away the image of Kazuki and Kakei out of his mind. The jealousy had been burned so white-hot in his mind that he was momentarily blinded by it.

And if he hadn't been, he would've seen another flash of a smile across Kazuki's lips before it disappeared again.

He needed something! He needed something to put him on higher ground... to put him above Kakei. He needed to take something... He needed to make something his that Kakei couldn't have...

"Orpheus," Toshiki's voice shook very slightly and he swiped his tongue across his lips that had suddenly become very dry. He couldn't back down from this.


This was... this was what he was going to take. Toshiki held out his arms, his eyes uncertain but impatient.

"Orpheus, embrace me." His entire body went cold and he braced himself as though he was expecting to be rejected.

Without hesitation, Kazuki stepped forward and into Toshiki's arms, his own winding up along the expanse of Toshiki's broad back to hold onto him loosely. Though his order had been obeyed, Toshiki's heart was still hammering in his chest, unsatisfied. He needed a stronger test of loyalty. He needed more. He needed Kazuki's approval.

"Orpheus..." Toshiki stared down into Kazuki's blank face, meeting that dead stare with a maddeningly intense stare of his own. Again his hand found its way to Kazuki's cheek, the other settling on his lower back. He dragged his tongue over his dry lips again, feeling his heart accelerating rapidly behind his ribs. "Orpheus..."

Kazuki was dutifully waiting for his next order. Like a puppet.

He was just a puppet now. He would obey his orders, no matter what. If he continued to remind himself of that, he could successfully shake away his uncertainty. He could do as he pleased. He would do as he pleased.

"Orpheus." His voice was more confident now and he pulled the smaller body more firmly against his own. This was his doll now. "I order you to kiss me."

Kazuki didn't respond to the command right away, something that caused Toshiki's heart to nearly stop beating. Had he just been... rejected by a doll? Soon enough, however, he felt Kazuki's body begin to move, lifting slightly on the tips of his feet to press his lips against Toshiki's.

He was shocked. Floored, even. Was it really happening? Both of his hands came to settle on Kazuki's girlish waist, uncertain of what to do. To be honest, he hadn't really thought that far. What had really just been a spontaneous test of Kazuki's loyalty became something much more important to him.

He actually needed this, and somehow, he knew he needed it all along. If he couldn't have Kazuki's approval (he couldn't recieve the approval of a doll, anyway) he would at least possess his body... And that certainly put him miles and miles above what Juubei Kakei now possessed.

With renewed energy, Toshiki pulled Kazuki closer to him, his hands cupping the string master's delicate backside through the dark blue denim of his jeans. He pressed his lips forward more isistantly, urging Kazuki's own to part with his tongue. Kazuki (Orpheus, now?) did nothing to respond, simply let Toshiki explore his mouth as he wished.

Toshiki didn't bother to suppress the satisfied growl that bubbled up from the depths of his chest. If only Kakei could see them now. His precious Kazuki completely submissive to the whims of his rival. It was an electric feeling that pumped through his veins now, completely dominating his mind.

...If Toshiki hadn't been so caught up in his moment of victory, he would have noticed the brief flicker of consciousness that danced in Kazuki's eyes.
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