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I Think Im In Love

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Alrite soo it kinda turns Rydon on us and ya no review pleaz bcuz i really dont feel like wasting my time if noo ones reading or reviewing! ;)

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"Wow piano class was amazing!Ryan stopped in and got new guitar pics from next door at the music store! I know it sound weird because im only in tenth grade but I think I love him.

I thought i liked girls but i relly do not know right now. Its weird i just wish he felt the same.Im walking over to my treehouse now its just a private getaway.

well here sh-what the fuck somebody graffitied my fucken treehouse. fucken bastards oh i wonder who it was it says right here Spencer was here and Brent was soo fucken here and then theres some new person umm Jon i think it says.

He wrote sorry dude got to do what ya got to do and then there a fucken smiley face. Wait theres no Ryan! As I make my way up I see a note on the door.It says

"Dear Brendon. I am so sorry it was a test for the new guy to see if hes good enough to be in. I feel like a total asshole. Please meet me in the alley behind the old pizza shop at 5:30 p.m. then love is crossed out) signed, Ryan
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