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What's behind those beautiful brown eyes?

by Vikky 3 reviews

Frank is determind to find out the past of a new girl at school.. But does not expect to...

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Ella's pov

I walked through the school doors with such sadness. I resently moved to New Jersey Belleville by myself. I had no choice. I just turned 16 a week ago and I was alone in the world. Completly only with no one to talk to or run to. On my 16th birthday wich is supose to be the best years of your life was my most horrible miserable and horrifying day of my life.. My parents both died. They got into a car crash trying to rush to get home. It was my fault. I will never let myself live it down. The worse part is that I had no family who wanted to take me in. So I desided to start new... Move somewere were no one knew me. With the money that was left to me I got movers to move me up here in this little house that I now owned. all in a week.
I walked to the main office of the school and got my courses all set up and headed to my first class; English.

I walked in odviously late for class because everyone was already seated and were staring at me. "Yes?" Said the teacher. "Im the new student here...Ella Cloutier." "Oh yes! Well im Mr. Turcot and im the english teacher. Im sorry for your loss. If you would like to take a seat over there I could give you the notes that you have missed and we can start the class" He said with a welcoming smile. I said a low thank you and walked to the seat he pointed to. Did everyone know about my parents? How did they know? Oh wait. Thats right my aunt is the one who signed me up for this school. She was the only one who helped me.. Aunt Tracy she would have taken me in but couldnt for the little space she had.

Frank's pov

Wow she beautiful! I thought to myself when Ella walked to the seat beside me. I knew a new girl was coming but I thought it would have been one of those stuck up bitches like usual. She has the most beautiful brown eyes and blond and black hair. she sat down beside me and I desided to introduce myself. "Hi im Frank!" She smiled a little and said "Ella.. Nice meeting you." Then looked at her books and started to draw. I couldnt help but wonder what was wrong. When she looked at me there were sadness in her eyes. Did it have to do with what Mr. Turcot said? A loss? I want to know whats wrong. And im gonna find out!

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Heyy Guys! Ok so this is my first story... And this is the first chapter .. Let me know what you think.. I would like maybe three reviews saying either to keep going or.. To stop...
Thank you
Lots of love
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