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Crashing down

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Dumbledore has a secret. So does voldermort. MATURE CONTENT!! YAOI!!

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Oh goooooodddd i feel so BAD About wrighting this, but i shall post it cause my good riend kayla the pedofile, yaoi-yuri loving 7th grader told me
I do NOT own this, i am not blonde...nor rich...andi have no

It was sexy.

How his sharp teeth would send shivers threw his body as his tongue ran over them while fighting to be in control. You-know-who always seemed to win, no matter how powerful his will was. The dark Lord was use to being in control anyways, and be truthful, Albus didn’t mind.
He kinda thought that was sexy too.
They both pulled back to breath, and Voldemort stared into Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes. He whispered to him.
“Do you feel…dangerous?” Dumbledore crushed his lips back onto Voldemorts gray ones, that line turned him on….a lot. Even though it wasn’t ment to, Dumbledore knew he ment that if there relation ship was know the world would come crashing harder than Voldemort and Dumbledore in bed.
Voldemort, wanting control once more, so he slammed Albus against the cold brick wall. They were in Voldemorts secret bed room. The only thing that occupied the room was a small lamp, a large bed, and a black stand with everything they would need….for tonight on it.
He was once again in control, and while he focused on that, Dumbledore started to take off Voldemorts close, leading them to the bed covered in red sheets. Voldemort pulled Dumbledore closer; both were becoming sweaty and horney. Or at least more horney than before.
Landing on the bed, You-Know-Who on top started to pull off Albus’ close, he didn’t need to take of his glasses though, they had fallen of when they had almost tripped coming up the stares to Voldemorts room.
Both naked in bed, Voldemort pulled away from kissing his partner, and grinned sexy like.
Tonight was gonna be fun.
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