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I confessed I'm Messed Up dropping "I'm Sorries"Your Still Around

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Sry guys my last story got cutt off soo ill pick back up on another page lol patd lyric sry but ya pleaz review tell me if u like it or hate it ya noitio i really dont care if ur like demolition fu...

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"but you do know Spencer and Jon are in the band right?" "umm ya but wait what happened to Brent?" Mnot serious enough"

"OH THATS ashame soo uhh the old days you said you wanted to talk about?" "oh ya sorry umm well we were best friends and i really miss those days bren!"

"you do?because i really miss them too.we were inseparable best ot was like yeste-" "I LOVE YOU BRENDON!" "WHAT Are you"

but before i could get the words out Ryan was gone Man, he loves me! Oh well better go look for him~~I couldn't find him so i decided to just go back home maybe hes on myspace!

hmm nope no myspace.wait,i have his number from when we were little tots.let me give it a try. "hello? umm yes ill get Ryan for you.Ryan its a girl for you!"

"WHAT THE FUCK HIS MOM THINKS IM A FUCKEN GIRL!" "hello? umm hey bren i dont think its a good time right now." "no Ryan its the perfect time.Look uhh ya weird but i love you too!"

"dude i really dont think you get it this would probably gett you made fun of even more." "as long as i
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