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Crazy's the New Cool!

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Frank is sent to Catchfin Way Resort. He meets Renee Way, along with Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Bob who all just might have a few problems of their own.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-12-02 - Updated: 2008-12-03 - 1443 words

This is my newest story! Hope everyone likes it, I've just started it yesterday, and already on chapter two. I think it's gonna be awesome!


I sat at the desk and sighed as the doctors escorted the second-to-last crazy person I had to check in into the “hospital”. My mother owned the place, known as the crazy bin, but really called Catchfin Way Resort, and I volunteered most of my time here since we lived here. I yawned, at least after my final check in of the day arrived I would have a different job, “chaperoning” the kid”
The tone set to alarm when one of the doors opened buzzed, and I looked up to see on of the cutest guys I had ever send walk in carrying two duffle bags; his mother trailing behind.
I looked down at the info sheet and smiled. The boys name was Frank, and he was 17, my age. His mother was putting him in here for six weeks for “out of control” behavior and a possible suicide attempt. “Huh.” I mumbled to myself. He must not be dangerous if mom’s making me watch him for six weeks.
“Hi, Erm, I’m Frank Iero.” The boys voice pulled me out of my thoughts.
“Right. Checking in for six weeks? You have all of your stuff?” I asked Frank, closing my folder.
“Erm, I have a few more bags out in the car I was gonna’ go get.”
I frowned; this meant I would have to go get the bags. “Well, once you’ve come through those doors I’m technically not supposed to let you back out. So if your mom could show me-“
Frank cut me off, “She’s not my mom. She’s the babysitter my moms paying to make sure I get here. She can bring the rest of the stuff in.” I watched with slight amusement as the woman nodded to Frank’s words and walked out to retrieve the boys stuff.
“Right then.” I pulled the band that would go around Frank’s wrist out of my folder and walked over to him. “I’m Renee. I’m going to be your, uh, “chaperone’ for your stay.” I paused and held out my hand for his wrist. “Let me put this on your wrist.”
Frank shrugged and held out his wrist for me to put the band on. The so-called babysitter walked back in with two more duffel bags and a guitar case. She put the stuff down beside Frank. “Am I free to go Ma’am?” she asked.
“Oh, Yea. All I need is for you to sign this paper, here.” I grabbed the clipboard off my desk. Once the lady signed the paper she turned and walked out, not saying another word.
“You realize she just got a fifty dollar bonus for that?” Frank laughed. “I swear, my moms the crazy one.”
I stifled a laugh, “You realize you where only supposed to bring up to three bags, right?” I asked.
“Erm, well, y’see, my mom kinda told me I’m never welcome back in her house. So I packed anything I didn’t want to lost ‘cause I know she’ll probably destroy it all.”
“Hey – It’s cool. You’re just lucky they’ve got you pegged as non-dangerous, that means you get put in a dorm.”
“Oh-Kay.” Frank breathed.
I nodded, “Okay, come on, I’ll show you to your room now.” I paused looking at all of his bags. “What do you want me to carry?”
His attention focused onto his belongings, “Could you carry Pansy? I don’t want her to get hurt. He said, pointing to his guitar.
NOW I thought he might be a little crazy.
“What? You’ve never known people to name their instruments?” He asked, looking hurt.
“Er, not exactly. But that’s cool. I’ll be careful.”
“You better be.” Frank said handing me pansy – er – the guitar.
We took the staff elevator up to the fifth floor as I didn’t want to walk up all the steps, and we were walking down the hall when I saw my brother, Gerard, coming towards us. “Hey sis, um, Mikey’s having another meltdown. That blond kid Bob is sick and threw up on him by accident. He thinks it’s another plot against him.”
“Oh dear lord.” I said. Gerard was my twin, older by one minute, and Mikey was our younger brother by two years. We each had one of the rooms on this floor, along with two, now three, of the other boarders. I stopped waling at Mikeys door. “I’m really sorry. I’ll be right back!” I placed Franks guitar down beside the door. I walked into my brothers room and looked around. I heard a quiet sobbing come from his bathroom.
Walking into the bathroom I found Mikey huddled soaking wet in only his boxers in the tub. “Hey Mikes, it’s only me, Renee. What’s wrong honey?”
“The Germs! They won’t get off!” They’ve… attached, make them go away!” I groaned internally. Mikey was a germaphobe, he always had hand sanitizer on him, and when someone would get sick around him, this is what resulted.
“Mikes honey, it’d okay, the germs are really al gone. If you stay the way you are, you might get sick though, so come on! Let’s get you into some nice, clean, warm clothes eh?”
Mikey whimpered when I reached for him. I sighed and turned to wash my hands. I grabbed a pair of rubber gloves out of the box kept on the counter and turned to him once more. “Better?” I asked.
He nodded silently as I helped him stand up out of the tub. We made our way over to his bed as he was calming down, and I pulled out some clean clothes for him. “Here, put these on, and take your medicine. Everything’ll be okay.” I told him. “I have to go finish showing someone to his room. If you want to find me when you’re done, I’ll be in room 516.”
“Thank you sis.” Mikey said quietly as I walked out of his room.
Frank was standing there against the wall when I came out, and I saw his eyebrows raise when he saw the rubber gloves. I rolled my eyes, and snapped the gloves off, putting them in my back pocket. “Come on, your room’s this way.” We walked to the end of the hall and stopped in front of his room, room 516.
I unlocked his door and showed him inside, then say on his bed while I watched him flit around the room putting his things away.
“So why do you work here when you could be out with your friends?” He asked me.
“Well, Erm, My mom owns the place, and I don’t really know many people outside of here. Both me and my brothers live here.”
“Really? You don’t even go to the school?”
“We go to classes with the other kids here.” I shrugged, “It works. Mikey wouldn’t go to a normal school anyways. He’s a germaphobe.”
“So that’s what his meltdown was about?”
“Yea. He’s not as bad as he used to be anymore. Now it’s mainly if someone is sick near or on him. It was three times as bad when he was a kid. He’s kind-of the reason mom started this place.”
“Oh, well, that’s cool. So you really have no friends?”
“Well, I have friends who live here. Well, the other two, Bob and Ray, who live down this hall.”
I laughed as I saw Frank return to flitting around his room. “Are they cool?”
“Yea, they sort of live here now, their parents didn’t want them released, but they’re perfectly fine… for the most part.” I said with a laugh.
“Oh.” Frank said with a frown, “So they’re like me.”
“Well, uh. You never know what’ll happen in six weeks Frank.”
There was a light knock at the door and I saw Mikey standing
“Hey Mikey! Come over here. Meet Frank.” Mikey came over and sat beside me as Frank came to a stop in front of us.
“Hi!” Frank said grinning, “I’m Frank. You’re Mikey. Nice to meet you!”
Mikey nodded and mumbled a shy “hey.”
“So Mikey, wanna give Frank the Unforgettable Way Tour?” I asked?”
“Sure. Let’s make this the most unforgettable one yet!” He replied with a laugh.


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