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And Who The Hell Are You?

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R&R pleaz umm im thinking revenge ya brendon will get revenge! =)

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"What how could Ryan do this to me?!Ithought he loved me!he even said last night on the phone that he love me!ya know i am not going to be in his lame ass band."

"hey"camea voice from behind Brendon. "Whos there!?" "hey bub the names Pete.Pete Wentz." "hey please dont make fun of me im having a really bad day"

"dude i saw and from the looks of it i am pretty sure your a gay am i rite?" "uhh i think bisexual would hit the homerun."

"oh ok well ya im bisexual too and i kinda new here.soo what do ya say?friends?"

"oh shit i really dont know there was a new kid we were best buds he left me now were enemies and he ju-" "dude he was your lovendon lookr huh?"

"was but now i really dont know."bren brendon looked heartbroken.

"dude i can make things better!"pete said. "i really don-" "revenge!,"pete said. "revenge?"

Brendon repied "yes revenge!"
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