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We must reinvent love

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Rydon one shot. My first so sorry if it sucks.

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Ryan's POV

Ryan woke up from the nightmare with a start. He had dreamed about Brendon again.

For the past month he had been dreaming of Brendon. The dreams were always the same and always left him breathless and scared.

In the dreams Brendon would always be angry with him and yelling at him about how worthless he was. Ryan would try and calm Brendon down and he would always accidentally tell Brendon his best kept secret.

That he loved Brendon as more than a friend. Brendon would get more angry and tell Ryan that he was sick for thinking anything like that and that he definitely didn't return the sentiment. Then Brendon would leave and never come back.

The dreams always made Ryan terrified and sad. He could never seem to shake those feelings. The only thing that would make Ryan feel better was Brendon. Ryan was so terrified of this dream that he was sure that's how Brendon would react in real life, so he never could get the courage to tell him.

Until tonight Ryan could always handle the horrible feelings. Tonight was different. Tonight in the dream when Brendon left he went across a road and got hit by a car. He died in Ryan's arms.

After this dream Ryan's fear was overwhelming. He just had to see Brendon and make sure he was okay.

Ryan jumped out of his bed and started down the hallway of the house the band shared. He opened the door to Brendon's room to see Brendon fast asleep on his bed. The reassurance that Brendon was okay wasn't enough for Ryan, he needed to be close to Brendon. Before Ryan could think about what he was doing he climbed in bed with Brendon.

Brendon's POV

Brendon was surprised when the guy he had been thinking about all night long climbed in bed with him.

He hadn't been able to sleep that night because he was thinking about what Ryan would say when he told Ryan that he loved him.

Brendon could feel Ryan scoot closer to him. Brendon figured this would be the perfect time to tell Ryan.

He rolled over and snuggled up to Ryan's bare back. Brendon put one arm around Ryan's waist and pulled him close.

"I'm glad you decided to join me," Brendon whispered to Ryan in the dark.

Then in a burst of courage Brendon leaned in and placed a small, gentle kiss against Ryan's shoulder.

Brendon was surprised when Ryan turned around to face him with a small smile on his face. Ryan then snuggled into Brendon's chest and closed his eye's.

Brendon took this as a good sign so he whispered, "Ryan?....I love more than a friend."

Ryan's eyes had popped open and were staring intently into Brendon's. Ryan's mouth was hanging open slightly too.

Ryan was quiet long enough that Brendon started silently freaking out.

Then Ryan whispered, "I love you too Bren."

Then they both shared a sweet kiss and went to sleep.

Ryan had a feeling he would never have that nightmare again.
So this is my first rydon one shot, tell me what you think please. I want to know if it sucks.
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