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Decemberunderground: a writing assignment.

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a descriptive writing assignment i never turn in. please review and tell me what you think!!!!

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Somewhere, somewhere so far away one’s mind can’t even begin to comprehend, there dwells a place by the name of Decemberunderground. There, ice covers the inky trees and silver flowers gracefully, lucid and crystalline. So surreal, they seem to gleam from the inside out, opaque. Whit alabaster snow lays, flawless across the ground, hiding the ebony grasses below. The trees, black, naked, and ever-laced with the sugary ice create a looming forest. Elegant and eloquent, it captures everything within it’s brilliance. Up above, the sky is like marble, elephantine, callous, and glowing with the light of a thousand sleeping angels. Everywhere silently sings with a nirvanic sense of vacant abstraction; perfect and unfathomable. Deftly eternal, the lights of Decemberunderground.

yea, i was going to send this to AFI, but i didnt like it, and i was told by one person it didnt flow properly, so i didnt. i ended up not turning this one in, either.
tell me what you think or give me suggestions to fix it, and if you guys really think i should, i'll reconsider sending it!

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