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We Fight We Break Up; We Kiss We Make Up

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Ferard one shot; graphic. Again, boredom.

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A/N--- So, I'm at a mental block for my other story. And what kept lingering in my mind you ask? (because we all know I'm always thinking of something) Hot rough sex. Wonderful, right? xD So yeah, I had to write some. It's Ferard; just one really long one shot. Enjoy.

xoxo Tabi


Frank POV

"Don't start with me Gerard!" I said harshly to him, tweaking my guitar so I would be ready for the show. "I'm not in the mood to put up with you tonight."

"Please Frankie!" He pleaded and I stopped to glare at him.

"Don't call me that." I snapped and Gerard looked shocked.

"B-but I've always called you 'Frankie'..." Gerard mumbled, slight pain in his eyes. I just ignored him and continued to mess around with my guitar; tightening and loosening strings as I saw fit.

"Well now you can call me 'Frank' like everyone else." Deciding I was set, I got off the amp and headed for the door. "Better yet," I turned to face Gerard one last time, "Don't talk to me at all."

"Frank! Please let me explain!" Gerard called after me; desperation and devastation weighted in his voice. I didn't make it far before Gerard caught up with me, grabbing my arm and spinning me around.

"Don't touch me!" I snapped at him, pulling free from his grip and heading towards the room backstage where the guys were waiting. My eyes were still pretty swollen from crying but I had managed to stop myself and put on a fake appearance to survive the show.

"You ok?" Bob asked as I walked in the room. I nodded and gave him a fake smiled as I walked to sit on the arm of the couch.

"We heard you two fighting." Ray told me, trying not to upset me because I've been known to suddenly snap.

"He won't leave me alone." I told Ray, setting my guitar down while I sat.

"Because he wants to explain it to you!" Mikey said, sticking up for Gerard as usual.

"There's nothing for him to explain." I shot at Mikey, not intentionally, but I was already upset to begin with. "Walking in on him and Bert is pretty self explanatory."

"I told you that we were both drunk so I didn't fully realize what was going on!" Gerard said stressfully from the doorway.

"Save your fucking excuses Gerard!" I told him harshly. "I don't care! I know what I saw and we both know exactly what it meant!"

"Guys;" Bob intervened. "We have to go on now..." I grabbed my guitar and got off the couch, heading for the stage in a hasty manner.

I walked onto the stage and took my spot; the crowd screaming and cheering before me. Bob climbed onto his drums, Mikey stood in front of Bob with his bass, Ray stood on the opposite side of the stage, and Gerard went to the microphone in the front center. He looked at me but I just looked to the ground, waiting for us to start.

Gerard gave the crowd a speech that introduced us and welcomed them before we started playing everything off the Revenge album since this tour was for that. After we finished 'Prison' when Gerard decided to rant again; my blood boiling as his mouth flapped. "So, you all know Frankie;" strike one. "He's a little upset tonight so you'll have to forgive his shit playing." Strike two. Gerard walked over to me and stuck his arm around my shoulders, pulling my body close to him. Strike three. "He's being paranoid about little things at the moment but should be fine again in no time for those of you who stalk us." Strike four. "I think he needs a little encouragement so make some fucking noise!" Gerard yelled into the mic, the crowd screaming and staring at me. "Get the fuck over yourself Iero." He whispered before heading back to the center. Strike fucking five.

They all started to play 'I'm Not Ok' but I remained still. Ray gave me a questioning look but I was too angry to play. I set the guitar down, gasps and whispers erupting from the audience while I stared Gerard down. He just ignored me and continued to sing to the shaky song that the others were playing nervously because I stopped and they didn't know why. "I've fucking had it enough of your shit!" I said to Gerard, just loud enough for everyone on stage and the first three rows of hyper teens to hear. Taking a deep breath, I suddenly ran at Gerard, lunging at him and sending him to the ground.

Ray gave me that 'what the fuck?' kind of look, Bob looked dumbfounded, and Mikey rolled his eyes as they all continued to play in an attempt to keep the show going. I sat on top of Gerard, staring him down until he pushed me off and stood back up, resuming what he was singing. I stood, a few thousand eyes burning into me as I walked back to my spot. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground with Gerard on top of me now. "What the fuck is your problem?!" Gerard yelled at me, keeping me face first on the ground as he sat on me.

"You!" I yelled into the ground, struggling to get free. He wouldn't budge though and they guys started to play 'Interlude', skipping 'Ghost' and 'Jetset Life' since there would be lyrics and a guitar part missing. "Get off me Gerard!" He got up and went back to his mic while I picked up my guitar again, managing to finish the show somehow.

When we were done, I quickly headed off stage and towards the bus, ignoring the calls from behind me as they tried to figure out exactly what happened on the stage. Figuring the bus would only let them catch me, I headed for this small alley between the concert hall and some other building where it was dark and secluded. Leaning up against the cold brick, I pulled my cigarettes out and lit one up, taking a long, deep drag off it and relaxing my nerves.

"What the fuck was that about?" Gerard asked, walking towards me in a pretty normal pace. "We were performing!"

"What about your little speech?" I spat at him, streams of gray smoke slipping out of my mouth. "I told you not to call me 'Frankie' and not to touch me!" I raised the cigarette to my mouth again and took another deep drag, pulling the toxins into the very deepest capillary of my lungs. The cigarette was almost gone because I took powerful drags from it, desperate to make the pain go away.

"Why won't you listen to me?!" Gerard leaned against the opposite wall.

"Did Bert force you onto the bed then cram his dick inside you?" I asked sharply but quietly, tossing the useless butt to the ground, crossing my arms and staring at him.

"Well...n-no..." Gerard admitted, looking to the ground; shame in his voice.

"Then you obviously wanted it; no matter how drunk you were." I told him bluntly. He was silent and I decided to have the last word. "So since I'm no longer good enough for you, you can address and treat me just like Mikey, Bob, and Ray do."

"You're perfect for me!" Gerard said, desperate yet slightly angered. "What I did with Bert was a huge fucking mistake; but I won't tell you that I regret it either." He pushed off the wall and moved closer to me. "It's in the past; Bert's in the past." Gerard stood right before me now; inches between us. "You're my present;" He put his mouth right to my ear and whispered. "My future."

"Not anymore." I tried to get away but he wouldn't let me. Gerard pushed me hard against the wall; the back of my head slamming against the brick and sending sharp jolts of pain through my head. He grabbed my arms and pinned them against the wall; my body in a cactus like position.

"Don't deny it." Gerard hissed into my ear. "Don't deny me." His lips suddenly rammed into mine, my mouth absorbing the alcohol that rested in his smile. I have to admit; no matter how mad I was at Gerard, his kiss, his touch, could always arouse me.

"Gerard;" I pulled my mouth from his, "stop it!"

"You want it Iero!" Gerard half-yelled, his hands getting go of my arms and moving to my waist, pushing it harshly against the wall. More pain shot through me but I wasn't going to let him know that because I didn't want to know what would happen if I did so. "You can't resist me." He hissed some more, his mouth moving back to mine while one of his hands moved to my groin which was instantly becoming erected. I couldn't help but moan as his fingers trailed across my jeans because it felt good; no matter how much I didn't want it to. "Told you."

"Stop it." I told him again; my eyes shutting as my body began to warm up.

"No, I don't think I will." Most people would call this rape, but somehow I just can't. Rape is someone becoming sexual with another person against the other person's will. But, this wasn't totally against my will so it wasn't completely rape. Yes, I wanted to Gerard to stop because I felt pain inside because I found him fucking McCracken, but in a different way I completely wanted him. Sometimes I swear I'm a girl because I have constant battling emotions and can't ever make up my mind.

"Gerard..." I said in a weak but warning voice. He just ignored me and moved his fingers to the button on my jeans, undoing it then unzipping my jeans so they became loose around my waist. "I don't want this!" I managed to yell and tried to fight him off but Gerard pushed my arms over my head and kissed me again.

"Stop lying to me Frankie." He whispered in my ear. "I know when you're lying."

"'m mad at you..." I said in a quiet tone because unfortunately Gerard could tell when I was lying since we had been together for a few years now.

"Not for long." Gerard said, letting go of my arms and moving his hands back to my waist and holding me close to him. Luckily, the alley was abandoned and dark so people couldn't see us. "'m gonna remind you what it feels like." His breath was warm and made me want to melt but I had to stay strong; somehow. "What I feel like."

"I don't want you to...!" I tried to resist but holy fuck was it hard to resist Gerard; especially when his body was pressed against mine and his hands around my pants. "You hurt me..."

"I didn't mean to." Gerard's voice was soft again and I knew he meant it.

"Well I don't know if I can trust you anymore." Pain now flooded through me as images of Gerard and Bert flashed through my mind. Sure I've seen Gerard kiss and make out with other people; he was a whore so it didn't really bother me too much. But never had he had sex with anyone but me. Seeing that crushed me. "So get off me."

"Look babe," Gerard's voice remained soft as he held my body to him, looking into my eyes, "Bert was the only person I've had sex with, and only once, since you and I have started dating. I didn't plan on it happening but it did. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen again. Please forgive me."

"At the moment I can't." I said a little regretfully because honestly, I couldn't. Eventually I knew I would be able to but not at this very moment because it was still fresh in my mind and heart. There was pain in his eyes so I looked away. Sliding out from his grip, I managed to do my pants up again and got to the bus, leaving Gerard alone in the alley.


Gerard's POV

Frank wouldn't talk to me for awhile. On the bus he would remain in his bunk and at shows he would be as silent as ever. Of course I was being blamed for this, which I deserved to take most of the credit for, and I was told I had to fix it; which I knew I did. My means of doing it was a bit unorthodox but it got Frank to speak to me which was a start.

We were doing a show and I'd about had it with Frank ignoring me. He had been playing ridiculously lately; like not bad but with a bunch of anger. I really thought he was going to break on of the guitars at every show we played over the three days between him tackling me. I knew I really upset him by fucking Bert, but I didn't think it would be so bad. I honestly don't even remember how we ended up like that. Bert and I were talking, drinking, and next thing I knew, fucking.

So anyway, I was singing and decided I had enough of getting ignored. I'm not someone who does well with being ignored; especially not my someone that means the world to me. I'll admit it; I love Frank with all my being. Call me what you will but it's the god's honest truth. I love Frank and no matter how made he gets at me, I know he loves me back.

I think we were in the middle of 'Cemetery Drive' when I got bored of standing center stage. First, I set the mic on the stand and pointed it to the audience since they all knew the lyrics anyway. With a smile, I stuck up my index finger to signal 'one moment' to the screaming crowd before turning around and heading towards Frank. This only made the crowd scream more. Mikey turned around while rolling his eyes to talk to Bob who was busy beating the shit out of the drums. Mikey got uncomfortable when I did things with Frank if front of him but I don't care because, as his elder brother, it's my job to make him uncomfortable. Ray shook his head and looked to the ceiling before turning himself more to the crowd, not wanting to see what I was going to do either. Frank remained completely oblivious to it all.

When I got close to him, I contemplated what I would do; settling on reminding him of one of the many reasons he loves me. He was staring at his guitar so I knew I would have to get his attention. "Hey Frankie." I said and miraculously he looked up at me, a confused look on his face. Smiling, I grabbed him and pulled him close to me; our lips colliding together.

"Gerard..." Frank tried to talk but I wasn't pulling away yet. The crowd screamed louder (if that was possible) and Frank's arms let go of his guitar, letting it drop a little as it hung on him. When he opened his mouth to try and talk again, I slid my tongue into his mouth, my arms holding him close to me. To my relief, Frank didn't fight me to get away. Actually, he put his arms around my body as we made out during the show.

"Alright already!" Mikey yelled at us as they finished the song. I let go of Frank, laughing a little as Frank smiled at me. I hadn't seen him smile in days. "Christ! You two just can't play a show, can you?!" Mikey yelled at us some more, frustrated as hell.

"Still mad?" I asked frank, knowing I had to get back to the microphone.

"Kinda." He said, grabbing his guitar again and locking his hands around it. "But it's a start."

"Then we'll finish this later." I said in a promising voice before going back to the mic, turning back to me and clearing my throat. "Where were we?"


Frank's POV

I knew something wasn't right when Gerard stopped singing but I figured he was just being dramatic about something so I continued to play. When he ended up by me, calling my name in his seductive voice, I automatically looked up to see him smiling at me while I stared with confusion. When he suddenly decided to make out with me though, I was no longer upset with him about Bert (I was getting bored with ignoring him anyway). Plus, I knew that he would always become 'romantic' with me when I was upset; it was his way of 'making things better' (and believe me, it was a very effective method). I admit; I've pretended to be mad at him just so he would act this way. It's fun.

At first I didn't know what to do because we were in the middle of a show and the crowd was mainly teenagers. Supposedly they can watch all the man on woman they want but man on man is seen as an act of Hitler or some shit. Sure Gerard kisses me on stage all the time but he went full force on stage tonight and damn was it hot. Then when Mikey forced us apart, Gerard said we would finish later which made it difficult to finish the concert because my body shook with anticipation.

When we finished, Gerard blew kisses to the audience then came back over to me, grabbing my hand and dragging me off stage. Once away from the crowd, Gerard pulled me closely to him, wrapping his arms around my body and kissing me passionately. "Forgive me yet?" He asked as he kissed me.

"Getting there." I replied with a smile, kissing him back.

"What will get you there?" Gerard asked with a curious smile. He pulled my waist as tightly against him as he could. "Making out?" His lips met mine again. "Blowjob?" Gerard fingers slid into my pants. "Fuck?"

"Whatever you do, do it somewhere else." Mikey said with a sigh, walking past us.

"Yeah;" Bob followed Mikey, flexing his wrists a bit. "We don't need to see it, you guys."

"Bad enough we hear it." Ray said with amusement and disgust, following the other two.

"Stop listening Toro." I tilted my head back and smiled at him. "Just because you're jealous." A water bottle, accompanied by laughter, came flying at me and smacking into my arm.

"come on." Gerard said, rubbing my arm then pulling me towards the door. "We'll be on the bus." He called.

"We're leaving in an hour!" Bob called after us in a warning voice.

"So be done and decent by then!" Mikey yelled.

"We should be all set in fifty-nine minutes!" Gerard yelled back one last time as I laughed. He pushed the door open and pulled me to the buss, hauling me up the stairs and towards the couch. The floor lights were on which gave us just enough illumination to see. Sure the windows were tinted but the dim lights made it a little more 'romantic'. "So what do you want?" Gerard asked seductively, pushing me onto the couch.

"Whatever you think will 'get me there'." I replied with amusement. Gerard knelt down to me, undoing my pants.

"That won't take long." Gerard said and it took me a moment to realize what he meant. "We're going to a hotel tonight to take a break so I'll fuck you there." He said, trying not to laugh.

"Sure." The thing you should know is that there's no denying Gerard. His hands were in my pants, deliberately brushing against my erection to get a rise out of me. I bit my tongue to stay silent because I wasn't going to let myself give in that easily. My boyfriend fucked some crazy hobo looking singer. I wasn't giving in until he proved to me how much he still loved me. "My body may be amused but the rest of me isn't." I can't really control my 'happy pants' as I always hear it called but I could still control my mouth; or so I thought.

"Oh really?" Gerard asked in that 'I don't believe you' kind of voice. "Well, lemme see what I can do about that." He yanked my shirt off me and set it on the couch next to me then pulled my pants down so I was half laying half sitting on the couch. Basically my head and ass touched the couch while my back was nowhere near it. "How about this?" He slid his hands up my thighs and into my boxers, so fucking slowly. I had to hold my breath to keep silent but I still wasn't going to give in.

"What?" I had to fake feeling anything but I knew Gerard wasn't buying it. One, I wasn't a good liar. Two, when I did manage to lie to people, Gerard still knew I was lying. It got really fucking annoying really fast. "How long are you gonna sit there?" I asked, pretending to yawn and check my watch which I couldn't see anyway.

"You wanna play that way huh?" Gerard asked, pulling himself further onto me so is face was right before mine. I could see the 'you're gonna pay for that' kind of look in his eyes even if it was pretty damn dark and I couldn't help but smile. This has to be why couples fight; the make up sex is phenomenal. Well at least for the me the 'pre-sex' was turning out to be a lot of fun.

"What if I do?" I challenged him. "What are you gonna do about it?"

"You're going to regret saying that." He told me and I scoffed. Gerard stood up and headed for the stairs of the bus. "Because now you're going to have to wait until we get to the hotel." I sighed because I should have seen it coming. Gerard amuses himself with teasing. Now he was teasing to the extreme. I shoved my clothes back on, no matter how uncomfortable they were, and got off the bus.

Gerard was propped against the bus, smoking and smirking. "I hate you." I told him, squinting my eyes and taking his cigarette.

"You won't in a bit." He said, still smililng.

"And why is that?"

"I'm going to make up every little mistake I made to you." Gerard took the cigarette from me again and finished it off. "I just felt bad being on the bus cuz the guys have to use the couch and such when we travel." Ok, his point was valid. But still, I was really, really uncomfortable. "That and you would make way to much fucking noise."

"Would I?" I could tell he already had everything that would take place tonight playing out in his head. "What if I decide I don't want to forgive you and go back to ignoring you because you didn't blow your chance?" I smiled and Gerard started laughing as he caught my play on words.

"Then you're going to have a hard time dealing with this." He said, hand grabbing my crotch and making my belly button drag to my spine. "Because if you can hold out long enough," Gerard looked to the door where the guys were coming out, talking and laughing, "we're going to have one hell of a night." I sighed and got back onto the bus, turning the lights on and going to my bunk where I could effectively hide my bulging pants until we got to the hotel.


Gerard's POV

I wasn't completely lying to Frank when I told him that I would feel bad doing things on the couch on the bus since the others had to sit there. The bunks weren't quite big enough but because we were going to a hotel I decided he could wait. That and he wanted to play 'hard to get' in a way so he could stay 'hard' until I decided 'to get'. Sure it's mean but that's how I work, and Frank knows it.

The guys got onto the bus and sat down, asking what I did to Frank since he was in his bunk. I told them that he was tired and they didn't want to hear anymore so I laughed and sat down as the bus headed to the hotel. We had like two days off until the next show and I planned to use them to have fun with Frank to prove to him that I love him and that Bert meant nothing to me. He kinda skived me out anyway.

"So is everything ok between you two now?" Ray asked once we were on the road.

"Will be." I said with a smile and he rolled his eyes. Luckily Bob and Mikey were having their own conversation because otherwise I would have heard complaints.

"Sorry I asked." Ray mumbled, picking a magazine or comic up to read. I didn't really know because my mind was on tonight and not whatever Toro was reading. "You're getting a room far from me." He said without taking his eyes off whatever he was reading.

"For that I'll make sure it's right next to yours." I said with a smile and he flipped me off. "Or Mikey."

"What?" My oblivious brother focused on our conversation now, a little worried about what I was referring him to.

"I said that I think Frankie and I will make sure our room is right next to yours and whoever you're sharing one with; if you are." His face went white and I did all I could not to start laughing.

"Fuck no!" He yelled at me and I couldn't contain my laughter any longer. "Do whatever makes you two happy but do it far from me."

"And me." Ray added, Bob nodding as though he didn't want to repeat Ray's words.

"You guys are no fun." I told them, looking to my watch and seeing it was 2 am already. "We should be there soon so decide who's sleeping where. We can only afford two rooms and since they come with two beds but none of you want to share a room with myself and Frankie, one of you is sleeping on the floor." I smiled and stood, heading to the bunks to see how Frank was doing. He was actually asleep when I reached him which I figured was probably for the best because I didn't want him to get too worn out after I was done with him. Actually I didn't want to 'break' him I'll say for lack of a better term.

Figuring I wouldn't wake him until we arrived at the hotel, which should only be five or so minutes now, I went back to the couch where Bob, Mikey, and Ray were arguing about who was sleeping where. I started laughing as I sat on the couch to watch them. It was like a soap opera staring all your best friends and it was fucking hilarious. "You know," I said and they all looked to me with the 'stay out of it' look, which of course I didn't, "You could chill in another room until Frank and or I fall asleep then come in and sleep on the other bed. I mean, we'll be covered with the blanket and passed out like we are back home when we go to bed." They looked at me, contemplating the idea, then went back to conversing amongst themselves.

"I'm not sleeping in your room." Mikey said to me when they decided what would happen.

"I'll come in once I'm sure you two are dead out." Ray said, a little disappointed. "Well not 'dead' but you know what I mean." He rubbed his eyes with stress. "Just try not to go later than four. I need sleep you know."

"Won't promise you." I told him, still smiling, as the bus stopped at the hotel we would be staying in. The guys went to their bunks and grabbed duffle bags with their clothes and personal items then got off the bus and headed inside. I went to the bunks, grabbed mine and Frank's stuff then followed them so I could get a key to our room and set our stuff there. Ray left his stuff on the other bed then went with Mikey and Bob to their room while I headed back out to the bus. "Frankie..." I said, shaking him when I reached his bunk.

"Mmmmm...." Was all that came from him and I rolled my eyes.

"We're at the hotel." Almost instantly he shot up, smacking his head on the top of the bunk, sending me into a fit of laughter. He rubbed his head and frowned while I choked myself, laying on the ground laughing.

"You're so nice." Frank mumbled sarcastically, climbing over me and continuing to rub his head. "Come on." He kicked me until I got off the ground and contained my laughter. "You need to make me forgive you for two things now."

"Why two?" I still had a little laughter in my voice as he dragged me to the hotel entrance.

"For you fucking Bert and for making me smack my head." There was a little whine in his voice and I put my arms around his waist, making him stop because he couldn't walk with me leaning on him. I turned him around and kissed his head then rubbing the spot he was a few times.

"I'm sorry you forgot the bunks aren't big." I said, biting my lip to keep myself from laughing. I really didn't mean for him to get hurt. "Now, let's go. Ray has to share a room with us so we only have a little over an hour according to him."

"But he won't come in if we don't stop." Frank said with a smile and I knew he was over the bunk incident.

"Yeah but the man needs sleep too Frankie." I said, a little disappointed because I happen to know from experience Frank and I could last a decent amount of time. "Plus, we're here for tonight and tomorrow night; or this morning and tonight." I said, remembering it was like 2 30 in the morning.

"Well I expect an apology tonight or this morning; whatever you want to call it." Frank was practically dragging me because he was in a hurry. I just shook my head and took the lead to take him to our room, locking the door behind us. "So, start apologizing." Frank said, trying not to smile and crossing his arms.

"Still wanna play hard huh?" I said, sighing and clicking my tongue a bit. "If that's the way you want it." I walked to Frank and picked him up, throwing him onto the bed and watching him bounce a little. He was still trying not to smile and I knew it wouldn't take much to make him give in. I climbed on top of him and sat on his pelvis. I could already feel him getting hard. Sometimes I was upset that he couldn't hold out long enough to have a lot more fun but hey, he's Frank and I love him too much to really care that he doesn't play 'hard to get' real well. "I'm going to make you regret ignoring me."

"Are you now?" Frank said, faking a yawn as he sat below me. I nodded, pushing my hands under his shirt and rubbing his abdomen a little as he fought off moving too much underneath me. He was fighting pleasure and while it amused me to 'work harder', I didn't want him to hurt himself either. "We're wasting time lying here." He smiled and I grabbed his shirt then yanked it off him, careful of his hurting head.

"That mouth is going to get you into a lot of trouble one of these days." I said, kissing him on the lips but not letting him use his tongue like I knew he wanted to. "Or nights." I moved my mouth to his chest, dragging my tongue down his chest and to his belly button. When I kissed him again, I tasted blood so I knew he was biting his tongue or lip to keep himself from making noise. I swear, sometimes it's just too easy.

"Well it doesn't seem to be tonight." Frank said when I pulled away. I gave him that sarcastic 'oh well' kind of look and nodded slowly. "Prove it." He challenged me some more and believe me, I never deny a challenge.

I slid down, pushing his legs apart so I could sit in between them. I slowly undid the buttons of his jeans then yanked the zipper down before sliding the rough fabric off his legs and discarding it to the floor. "You're gonna hurt after tonight." I told him in a mildly seductive tone because the worst kind of punishment I could do at the moment would make him hurt alright. It would be mean, but hey, he was asking for it.

"I don't think you have it in you to hurt me again." Frank said, eyes somewhat narrowed and smiling at me like he was some powerful god. He was though; Frank is my god in a way. I worship him and try to do whatever I can to please him.

"Wanna bet?" I asked, looking at him as I gave him a challenge.

"What are the stakes?"

"You don't give in before I'm done fucking you." I said with a smile. "That means no begging me, no moaning, and no whimpering or whining." I could see him contemplating the bet in his head.

"If I succeed and win, what do I get?" He looked inquisitively at me.

"I'll do whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as it is within reason, until you can forgive me for fucking Bert."

"And if you win?"

"You forgive without any further ignoring, yelling, questions, or reverse psychology." I had to make sure I covered all the ways Frank could make me feel bad about it. "And I stop drinking." That one I knew I could get him to agree with.

"You're on." He said, smiling widely. I kissed him to 'seal the deal' then started back to work. Something told me he was going to have one bloody mouth by the end of the night.

"As of now," I slid my hands along his thighs, "no whining, whimpering, moaning, begging, or crying. You can in no way show pleasure or you lose." Frank nodded as if he understood the terms and I set to work. Either way I planned on no longer drinking but I thought it would make things interesting to see how long he really could hold out. "You know I'm going to go terribly slow with this, don't you?"

"You always do." Frank said, holding his upper body up with his elbows so he could look at me. Removing my hands from his body, I slowly took my shirt off and I knew Frank was already fighting because for some damn reason he loved to see me naked. He was ten times, no, a million times hotter than me but he didn't believe it.

"How's your blood taste?" I asked him with a smile after my shirt was on the floor.

"Pretty sweet." Frank smiled, opening his mouth a little and I could tell there was blood on his lips, if not tongue. "Wanna taste?" He asked and holy fuck if I wasn't hard yet, which I was, that would have done it. The way he said it was perfect. I nodded, pulling myself up to him and pressing our lips together. The coppery taste filled my mouth as I slid my tongue along his lip, collecting every last drop of it.

"Don't bite through your tongue." I told him as I pulled away and went back to his erection. "You need that for the future." He laughed a little while my hands went back to his abdomen, my fingers barely touching his skin as they made small trails all over him. He squeezed his eyes shut and took deep breaths. I wasn't going to count that against him.

"You're tickling me." Frank said as calmly and emotionless as he could. Again, wasn't going to count that against him even though I found slight hints of pleasure in his voice. "Can I make on request?"

"Depends on that request. Don't forget the bet." I warned him, taking my hands from his body.

"Remove the boxers before I lose my dick." I started laughing all over again as he smiled, amused by his own comment.

"I can deal with that." I said, still laughing a little. Slowly, because of course I was trying to break him, I slid the tips of my fingers under the elastic of his boxers, bending them as though I was trying to claw him, and pulled them off. He sighed relief but I couldn't count that because it was his request; his only request. "How you doing?"

"Fine. You?" Frank said, trying to keep himself as silent as possible. When his boxers were off, I pulled my own pants and boxers off because they were becoming suffocating to my groin. Once I was naked as well, I sat myself between his legs again where I thought I would try to push him by messaging his balls. I'm pretty sure his teeth went through his tongue because a little blood starting coming from his mouth. Pushing my body forward, I used my tongue to collect the blood so he wouldn't make too much mess.

"Don't hurt yourself too much Frankie." I said in a warningly calm voice because there was no way I was going to try and win some bet if he was getting hurt. I mean, of course biting yourself is going to hurt but that isn't too bad. "That's my job." I said with amusement and he nodded. "You didn't forget that I told you it was going to hurt, did you?"

"Pray tell, how do you plan on doing that?" He asked, his tongue running over his bottom lip to clean the little bit of blood that I missed.

"I have no lube." I told him with dignity and I knew he wanted to protest but he wasn't going to let himself lose that quickly. "And I think it's a little disturbing if your blood went into your ass so your mouth isn't going to be of much help either." When I played games, I made sure I held the right cards in my hands. "So, I'm pretty sure it's going to hurt." We've done it before so we both knew it wasn't impossible. Sure, at first it hurts and is really uncomfortable; but once you get going and get into the passion of the moment you forget the pain.

"You're making this impossible for me to win." Again, Frank spoke as emotionless as he could.

"That's the idea." I smirked before pushing his legs further apart. "Well, I'm ready. You?" Frank took a deep breath and nodded, trying not to show any pleasure or whining. There was pre-cum on my erection so it wouldn't be totally dry but it still wasn't going to be 'proper' either. "You can still back down and I can find some means of making this a lot more comfortable for you."

"I'm not letting you win." Frank said, eyes shut again.

"Frankie, I already won." I pushed into him and I knew there were substantial amounts of blood in his mouth now. "I have you." Like I said, when I play a game, I hold the cards. Frank fell against the bed and I put my fingers to his mouth, which he opened, while I slid my fingers in and pulling them out with blood on them. I liked my fingers as I rocked as slowly as I could, keeping some of the tension there as I could tell was trying not to cry or whine. "You can stop it at anytime." He shook his head and balled his hands into fists. Shrugging, I continued my actions, bending down and licking his abs a little until I finally did crack him.

"Fuck it!" Frank yelled rather loudly, a few tears running down his face. "You win! Now please, go faster!"

"I want my prize first."

"I forgive you!" Frank was releasing all the moans he kept locked inside him now. "I forgive you for fucking Bert! Just go the fuck faster or I'm going to die!" He wrapped his legs around my body and dug his fingers into the bed, throat moaning up a storm.

"Come here beautiful." I pulled him slightly up as I bent down to him, increasing my pace to lessen the pain and tension. I put my lips to his and then slid my tongue into his mouth. There was a good amount of blood in it so I used my tongue to clean it all up for him. His tongue helped me, his hands resting on my shoulders while my hands rested on his hips.

Once the blood was gone, I laid him back down gently, listening to him moan and breath quickly. "'m close..." He said after a bit and hell, I was holding out for him. With a few more thrusts, hard and fast, he exploded onto my body and I let go inside of him. Before pulling out, I cleaned up the cum that rested on his dying erection while he let his legs fall back to the bed. When I pulled out, I grabbed his shirt and wiped my chest off as he rested on the bed, breathing heavily and as though he couldn't move a muscle.

"I'll never be able to win, will I?" Frank asked with a smile as I laid down next to him. I shook my head kissed him, rolling him over so I could face him.

"I'm going to stop drinking." I whispered, trying to calm us both down to fall asleep. "And I'll still do whatever you want, whenever you want, within reason of course." He smiled and wrapped his arms around my body. "Get your boxers on." I told him after his breathing regulated. "I don't want to scar Ray; just in case."

"Fine." Frank let go and got off the bed, searching for his underwear then chucking mine at my face. I stood up and slid them on then pulled the blanket on the bed back. Frank climbed back onto the bed as did I, wrapping his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist. I laid the blanket over us and looked to the clock, laughing. "What?"

"It's 3 59." I said with amusement.


"Ray said to be done by 4." Frank giggled a bit, his eyes starting to shut as he started to fall asleep. "Thank you for forgiving me."

"I forgave you long ago." He said with a smile and I sighed, rolling my eyes. I should have known better. Still, I had a nice night and I'm pretty sure he did too. "Just don't do it again please." There was fear in his voice and I tightened my grip on him. I really did feel bad for it but no matter how much I apologize, I couldn't admit that I regretted fucking Bert. I won't let it happen again, that's for sure.

"For the record," The door opened and Ray walked in, looking to us and sighing relief as he locked it behind him, "you're a far better fuck than he'll ever be." I whispered as quietly as I could so Ray wouldn't notice Frank was still slightly awake. Frank smiled and in no time was asleep, Ray mouthing 'good night' to me before I passed out as well.
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