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Just a little lemony goodness between Harry and Hermione. Not HBP/DH compatable! This will remain a one-shot!

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (et al). That privilege goes to the talented and lovely J. K. Rowling, to whom I am eternally indebted, both for a fascinating read and for many bedtime stories for my daughter.

Disclaimer 2: This story is so NOT HBP compliant! its sequel, both demonstrated that even talented and lovely authors can make some (really huge, hideously ugly) mistakes.

A/N: I wish to thank my sister, Firelemming, for her beta work. She doesn’t even follow the Harry Potter fandom, preferring TLK, and yet, will take time to offer much needed (and often unappreciated) critical advice.

This is set in their seventh year. Plot? What’s that?


The common room was quiet. Hermione Granger sat alone in her favorite chair by the smouldering fire, studying for her NEWT level Arithmancy project. The rest of Gryffindor house had long since gone to their beds, and Hermione was almost ready to call it a night as well. Research for this project was almost finished. Just a few things more, she reckoned. She could start writing it in the morning.

Hermione felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. Harry was near. She always knew when he was around. Hearing the faint squeak of his trainers on the floor behind her, Hermione craned her head back and looked up to meet the mischievous eyes of her lover.

In his hand was a yellow iced lolly. ‘Oh, No! This can’t be good!’ She thought to herself, anxiously.

“Harry!” She greeted him cautiously. “What are you doing?” Harry had developed a mischievous side since he had defeated Voldemort. It was as the weight of the world had been lifted from his young shoulders. Truth be told, as much as she’d loved him before, this aspect of him made him that much easier to get along with.

Harry’s voice was soft and sultry, eliciting a shiver from the bushy haired young lady. “I’m just having a lemon pop, darling.” Harry’s vivid green eyes danced with mischief. He added: “You like lemon pops, don’t you?” inviting Hermione to engage in activities she adored, but had no time for. Instantly, her stomach fluttered.

She knew immediately what Harry had in mind. They had played this game many times since they’d begun dating.

Hermione squealed in surprise, as a drop of icy syrup fell to her shoulder. She shivered as the drop ran slowly into the hollow between her shoulder and her clavicle. She lifted her hand to wipe the droplet away, only to find Harry’s hand instead.

He lowered his head to her shoulder, barely touching her skin with his tongue as he traced the runnel from shoulder to neck. Hermione shivered again.

“Oh, No! No! No! No! Harry, I haven’t time for this!” She moaned, torn between her studies and the sensations Harry’s tongue brought forth. “I have work to do! I have to study! Besides, whenever you have an iced lolly, I get all sticky! Please don’t, Harry! Please? The last was whimpered as Harry finished his lick with a gentle nibble.

“Ah, but I always clean you up, don’t I?” Harry leaned over her and lowered his mouth to the drop on her throat. He touched his tongue to her clavicle, and swirled it about, intent on getting every bit of flavour he could.

Hermione moaned softly at the feel of his tongue on her skin. It was at once, soft and wet, silky and rough, as only a tongue can be. She rolled her head away closing her eyes in pleasure. Harry took his time, swirling his tongue over her flesh, ‘just to make sure he got every bit.

“I thought you liked iced lollies.” He breathed as a second drop fell. Hermione shuddered as the icy fluid struck her neck. Harry’s lips followed.

“Oh, Please, Harry!” Hermione moaned. “Any other day, but I have work to do!” She pleaded, pushing his head away from her shoulder. She felt herself fighting to let him continue. ‘No!’ She thought. ‘If I let this happen I’ll be busy for an hour or more. I really have to get this done. It’s due in three weeks!

“Mmmmmm! You work too hard.”

“Sometimes, yes. But I do have to study! I have my project! I have an exam tomorrow. I need to prepare for it!”

“I read somewhere…” Harry murmured as he nibbled at the juncture of her neck and collarbone, eliciting a long groan of sexual pleasure from his girlfriend. “…that studying at the last moment is the worst thing you can do. You need to relax a bit.”

He held the icy treat over his head, swaying it back and forth. In the warmth of the room, a drop formed and fell to land on the inside of Hermione’s knee. She shuddered, as that part of her knees was very sensitive.

“Harry!” She squeaked in exasperated lust. For deep in her core, she had begun to warm. Trying to maintain control of this situation, she moved to wipe the drop away.

Harry intercepted her hand, and whispered: “Ah, ah, ah! This is my job.”

“I’m trying to study!” She whimpered, flushing, as Harry moved around her, to face the big squishy chair. He knelt before her, and bent to kiss her knee. He paid her protests no mind at all. He flicked his tongue over her skin as the drop of syrup tried to escape. Capturing it between his lips, he suckled softly. Hermione gasped at the sensation. The heat in her core was building rapidly. She knew she was becoming more and more aroused, and she knew that Harry knew as well. His flashing green eyes told her that.

“Resistance is futile!” He softly quoted a line from an American science fiction program.

Harry twisted himself around the chair to kneel before her. Lowering his mouth to her knee, he trailed the droplet down the side of her knee, licking behind it. Hermione shuddered.

“Harry! Oh please. Stop that! I have to…I have to…to…Oh God!” She mewled as Harry bit gently on the inner flesh of her knee.

“It’s not due for weeks, and you’re more than ready for the test. Besides, I really like lemon ice pops. They’re my favorite kind.” He punctuated his whispers by swirling his tongue over the frozen confection, heating it enough to form another drop. He held it over her body, swaying in all directions. The drop fell. It hit her left wrist. Hermione smiled to herself. ‘I’m not going to win this, am I?’ she asked herself. In a voice remarkably like Harry’s, she heard the answer. ‘Nope!

Harry licked and suckled her pulse-point as Hermione shuddered in pleasure.

She knew the voice was right.

Above Harry’s head the lolly warmed enough to loose another droplet of the icy cold syrup. It landed on Hermione’s chin. Harry’s mouth was there instantly, devouring her skin as he licked. Hermione groaned in pleasure Harry lingered at her lips. Hermione tasted the sharp sweetness of the lolly on his lips and wanted more. She reached out to continue the kiss, but Harry pulled back, his eyes twinkling as madly as any Dumbledore had ever done.


Another drop fell. It alit on the other thigh, just below the hem of her shorts.

“Oh, look!” He whispered. “There’s another one!” he bent over her thigh and slowly and carefully lapped at the trail of syrup. It had dribbled down and clung to her inner thigh. Harry eased her thighs apart, and followed the drop, licking her clean. Hermione moaned at the feel of his tongue on the sensitive skin there. She wove her fingers through his messy black hair. She groaned out: “Harry! I’ve got to…Oh, God! Harry!”, as he carefully licked tender skin. She knew he would not stop until that damned lolly was melted completely! Hermione felt her resolve melt as well, as he caressed her flesh.

Harry had absently lifted the lolly to follow the syrup down her thigh. Now, it hung two inches from her cheek. Hermione turned her head, and took the tip of it into her mouth tasting the sharp, sweetness of it. Swirling her tongue around it until it melted, she pulled her head back, breathing warmly on the tip, and a chip of sweet ice broke off. She tried to take it in her mouth again, but the chip escaped her lips. It rolled off her chin, and from there, it fell.

He raised himself to her face, and slowly and carefully kissed and licked her chin clean. Then, depositing a soft, gentle kiss on her lips, he lowered his head.

The drop had landed on the upper swell of her left breast. Slowly the ice chip drifted towards the lacy bra Hermione had just bought. Hermione didn’t want her bra to be ruined, so she tried to brush the syrup from her breast. Harry’s hand intercepted hers. He was smiling sweetly, but shaking his head gently, his brilliant green eyes glowing with mischief.

“Nuh uh!” He gently chided her. “You know the rules. Only I may follow the sugar. You will get one more warning, and then I will have to…punish…you!” He breathed the last so quietly it was like a faint wind, and carefully teasing the buttons away, opened the top of her blouse. His tongue followed the sugary trail from the top to the bottom, into Hermione’s cleavage. He finally trapped the last remains of the crystal just as it would have reached the soft lace forming the upper half of her bra cup.

“Harry!” Hermione squeaked as Harry leaned over her and nuzzled into her cleavage. “Ohgod!”

Hermione moaned aloud at the pleasure he was giving her. She pressed her body forward, but he pulled back.

Damn you Harry Potter!’ She thought, knowing that he would win this particular game. She only had herself to blame for her discomfort. She’d taught Harry this game.

He inverted the lemon pop, and breathed warmly on it. A drop formed. And then, another.

They fell as one.

Harry’s eyes followed, as the large drop fell to the very center of Hermione’s chest. Rapidly, it traced its way down, between her breasts. Her eyes popped open and she squeaked as it alit.

“Oops! I guess I’ll have to go in after it.”

“Looks like!” Hermione agreed. She was losing her battle against Harry Potter and that damned lolly! Harry opened the remaining buttons of Hermione’s blouse. He leaned in and biting gently, opened the clasp, of her bra. Leaving the cups in place, he eased in and traced the long line of syrup between her breasts. The drop continued to make it’s way down to her stomach. ‘Oh, Gods! What have I let myself in for?’ Hermione mewled in torment.

Hermione sighed in pleasure as his tongue brought forth the most delicious sensations from her skin. She wrapped her fingers in his hair again, crying softly: “Oh! Harry!”

Continuing his erotic torment. He followed the line of spilled liquid further down, tracing it past her abs, until he reached her naval. Hermione giggled as he touched and tickled those sensitive spots.

Her eyes opened wide in shock, and she gasped out loud as he thrust his tongue into her naval, bringing forth agonizingly sweet feelings. Tingles of electricity flashed through her body.

Hermione gave up. Her body fought her mind…and won. She set her book aside, arched her neck in pleasure, and closed her eyes to enjoy the exquisite torment Harry was inflicting upon her, as Harry assaulted her skin. Then, he moved away, popped the iced treat into his mouth for a moment.

Pulling it out of his mouth, he held it high and moved it right, then left. The drop that formed, landed on Hermione’s cheek. Harry kissed it away, licking her skin…just to be sure. Then, he put the Popsicle back into his mouth, heating it there. He withdrew it, and holding it upside down again, and again waved it side to side.

The drop fell. It landed on the inside of her right elbow. Hermione tried to wipe it away, as it tickled terribly. Harry held her arm firmly. He bent forward and nibbled at the skin there. Hermione panted in lust as he traced the liquid into her elbow.

The next drop fell to her throat. Hermione had been arching her neck and the icy shock brought forth a startled, “Ooooh!” Harry Whispered: Mmmm! One of my favorite places.” He brushed his lips across her throat, causing her to shiver again. He kicked the drop from her neck, swishing his tongue across her skin, tormenting her unbearably. He moved his lips to hers and kissed her softly but with all the passion he held for her. Breaking the kiss, Harry again warmed the Popsicle, and waved it over her body.

Hermione laughed at his antics, then gasped as the icy drop landed on her right breast. She knew it would soak into the bra’s cup, so she tried to pull the garment away.

Harry stayed her hand. Replacing her fingers, he eased the bra away from her skin, freeing her breast. The icy trail down her breast made her nipple harden. He slowly…too slowly, tickled her breast with his tongue. He licked carefully, from top of the trace to the bottom, allowing it to touch her nipple first, then swirled his tongue slowly around her aureole. Hermione was in passionate agony. She felt her knickers had grown moist from the torment. Her breathing became labored.

A drop fell.

It landed on her lower belly, and slid down into her shorts.

Harry’s grin was sadistically satisfied. He whispered. “Oh, Darn! I guess I’ll have to follow it.” He eased open her shorts, and gently pulled. Hermione raised her hips to allow him to remove the garment. Now she lay on the couch wearing her shirt open, her bra covering only one breast, and her knickers, which were, by now, soaked.

Harry caught the drop just as I reached the top of her knickers. Hermione knew they’d be ruined by the syrup if they weren’t cleaned soon. Harry bent and applied his tongue to her belly, caressing her flesh. He drew little circles, as he moved down to the band of cloth guarding her nether regions.

He sucked the syrup from her knickers, and Hermione knew she had to have him…right now! She opened her thighs wider, in invitation. Harry refused. He just pulled away with a grin, and heated that damned lolly again, before holding it over her, like a swaying cobra.

A drop fell. It touched the top of her left arm, slowly tracing its way down the muscle there. Harry moved to capture the droplet. He eased his mouth over her bicep, again, from top down, suckling lightly as he drew forth all the sweetness he could find.

Hermione was panting harshly, now. She was on fire! The electrical tingles grew to shocks as her passion grew. She babbled: “Oh, God! Harry! Oh, God, oh God, oh God!” Harry pulled back, eyes aglint with mischief. He held the Popsicle over her again, and breathed on it. Hermione breathed too. The combined warmth of both of them formed a very large drop.

It fell.

The drop landed on her belly, and rolled down into her knickers. Harry chased it. His skilled tongue eliciting growls of passion from his lover. Harry bit carefully, gripping the top band of her panties and pulling down. Hermione lifted her hips once more, and helped him ease them off her. Harry discarded the knickers on the floor, and returned his interest to her reddish-brown curls. There, on the top, of her patch, the drop lingered. Harry licked the drop fro where it alit, to where it now lay. The touch of his tongue on her inflamed skin was more than she could take. Hermione grabbed his head and forced his mouth against her core. Harry, proved to be more than happy to oblige and set to with a will, tonguing her up and down her labia, and across her hood, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, as he tormented her.

Pressing his jaw against her skin, he drove his tongue into her core, twitching it upward to the soft spot located there. Hermione screamed softly.

Harry pulled his tongue out of her body and blew lightly across her clit. Again, Hermione cried out as tremblers flashed through her body.

Hermione pleaded with Harry to finish this. She had to have him! Harry refused. As she ‘insisted’, he placed a hand on her wrist, and said; “Now I have to punish you. Extremitus, immobula.” Her hand moved of it’s own will, to the top of the couch. He repeated the enchantment on her other hand and now, Hermione was helpless. Her arms wouldn’t move at all. Harry lifted and waved the lolly again, and the drop fell to her left breast. Twitching the bra-cup aside, he held the lolly over her nipple. He passed the frozen confection across nipple and watched it become even harder. Carefully, he lapped at the hardened knot of nerves.

Hermione cried out: “Oh! Harry!”

Smiling wickedly, Harry allowed his mouth to linger on her nipple a few more seconds, suckling gently, before pulling away. He blew across her nipple. The cool breeze after the heat of his mouth was almost enough to make Hermione come right then.

Hermione twisted in her magical restraints, trying to regain control. Her mind struggled against the binding charm, but her body fought even harder.

Harry ignored her struggles entirely. He suckled on that lemon pop for a bit longer, then held it aloft.

Another drop fell. It landed on her lips. Hermione sucked the syrup in; grateful she’d got it first. She was wrong. Harry went in after it. His probing tongue followed the taste of sweet lemon into her mouth, caressing and massaging her tongue, in order to get the drop back. He failed, though not through lack of trying.

He brushed the tip of the half melted Popsicle across the skin between her breasts. Hermione squeaked in shock. The sticky trail went side to side. Harry removed the frozen thing and lapped suckled and nibbled from her right nipple to her left, then back again. Hermione groaned in exhausted passion. Harry traced his lips over the same places again. He looked up at her.

“That was naughty. Do it again, and I shall have to…punish you.”

“Please, Harry!” Hermione moaned. “Finish me! Oh God! Finish me!” She was almost weeping.

Harry took pity…NOT!

A few more drops, and Hermione was about to pass out, from sheer pleasure. Harry’d placed drops on her wrists, her elbow, and the hollow under her arm, her very sensitive flanks and her ankles. Hermione was having trouble breathing, and Harry knew she was ready.

Again, Harry picked up and heated the lolly, and allowed a drop to fall. Hermione squealed as it touched the gentle hollow of her hip, trickling inward to the folded skin between her leg and her trunk. Harry’s tongue instantly followed. Hermione was writhing on the couch, her head rolling side to side as she bucked her hips. Harry wouldn’t let up. He softly applied his tongue to the trace of sugar, and licked in a long, slow line, from her hip to her joining. He teased and tormented her beyond her capacity, touching everywhere but where she wanted him. Hermione all but screamed his name. Harry was so glad he’d thought to cast a silencing charm over the area.

Harry returned to his pleasurable chore, by swiping his tongue across her distended clitoris. Hermione threw her head from side to side as she absorbed the overwhelming sensations coming from her sex.

Hermione lay on the couch, her legs wide, as Harry touched the Popsicle to her clitoris. She shrieked at the cold, then again at the warmth of his tongue. He carefully and oh, so slowly, licked at her clit. She screamed in ecstasy as he touched that hyper-sensitive bundle of nerves. The electric tingles had grown to fifty thousand volts! She tried to wrap her legs around him, only to find the binding charm had moved from her wrists to her ankles. She gripped his hair painfully, and forced his head down to her clit. Harry nipped heir flesh and chuckled. The vibrations coursing through her clitoris almost made her pass out. Harry touched the Popsicle to her opened lips. Hermione screamed. The icy thing pushing inside her was more than she could take. Screaming, she clamped her eyes closed, and arched her back, forcing his head closer to her body. He pulled the lolly from her nether lips and replaced it with his tongue.

Harry was through playing. He set the Popsicle aside, and applied his lips and his tongue fully to his task. Licking, kissing sucking, nibbling and thrusting his tongue into her deeply, as he pleasured his lover.

Hermione bucked her hips against his mouth. Her newly freed legs wrapped themselves around his head, and she held him tightly, clawing and gripping his head as he licked and suckled her clit. The sensations had been mounting and now, they were far too much to bear!

Many interminable minutes later, he finally allowed her to climax. She did. Over and over, Hermione screamed out her pleasure. She melted completely as wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure roiled through her body. Every nerve she possessed was burning in torment! She erupted with a feral growl, humping her hips and locking her thighs around his head. Despite his imprisonment, Harry kept on until he was certain she was sated.

Finally, spent, Hermione relaxed her legs and they fell away from Harry’s head. Looking down, she watched him twist his head side to side, to ease the kinks there.

Harry grinned up at her, and asked softly: “How was that?”

Hermione panted as she tried to get her breathing under control. The vein on her throat pulsed wildly.

“Oh my God, Harry! That was…was…fantastic!” She stammered.

“Oh! So you liked it?” He asked, innocent eyes gleaming up at her.

“Harry, that was the best…absolutely the best orgasm I’ve ever had! I’m so gonna get you for this!” She growled.

Harry grinned wildly, pointing to the abandoned confection on the table. “Well, if it’s revenge you’re looking for, there’s a lemon pop right there.”


On the top of the stairs to the girls dormitories, Ginny Weasley finished her own orgasm. She’d been watching Harry torment Hermione, and had pleasured herself in the process. ‘That was incredible! Maybe he’ll do that with me. I wonder if Hermione will share?'

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