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The Replacement at STNJ

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Robin came to the STNJ, and she was looking for Amon. She is the new replacement for the one who died Kate, and she is an undercover for the Solomon. She was looking forward of spying on Zaizen as her boss said she would have to. She is only 16 years old, and she is a designer witch. She is also a genetic enigneered human. She came to work with Amon, and be only his partner she don't mind housework or drinking espresso. Amon was out on an investigation when he got a call about the new transfer after clearing up a few leads he headed back to the STNJ building walking into the elevator. From the information he was given he had to admit she did look charming but he did have his doubts about her abilities. When the elevator stopped he walked down the hall calmly.

"Whoa hey Amon wait for me." Robin said. Robin caught up with Amon finally. Robin knew that he is her partner, and she caught up with him. She wanted to know about him, and she is waiting by his car. She got in, and stayed there because she is going with him. "Quick on your feet that's a good first sign." He stated getting into the car looking over to her. "First thing I'll tell you, practice self control, the last thing we need is a torched building." He stated plainly. "Well okay Amon you know best." Robin said. Robin has the feeling of being left behind, but she won't complain because he is her partner. "Well how come you left me behind before?" Robin asked.

Amon was more than a little bothered by Zaizens statement but knew damn well getting blatantly angry about it wouldn’t help the matter He kept a calm expression. “Than I’ll have to Tell you to stop right no and give yourself up I’ve got a confession.” He stated

He’d rather have him known for what he was than make it personal if possible, otherwise things were going to violent quickly by Zaizens hands more than likely. He gestured for Robin to Get Nagira. Robin went to get Nagira, and looked back at Amon. "Amon get over here." Robin said. Robin focused the fire between Amon and Zaizen. She knew how to focused it now. She loved Amon, and couldn't see how he can be apart from him. She wanted to be near him forever, and she knew how to control her power now. "Amon c'mon let's get out of here." Robin said. Robin knew that Zaizen will be targeted now for the stuff he did.
Robin the door, and jumped out and hit her glasses, and breaking them. For she didn't care if she gets hurt or not she isn't as powerful witch yet, but she will be. "You can pick your teammate for all I care I don't care if I get hurt." Robin said. He stopped near on a safe area rushing over giving a relieved sigh she wasn’t hurt too badly holding out his hand to help her up. "I’m really Sorry I was too harsh." he stated apologetically adding “I’ve been more than a little frustrated with the recent events and I should have been more patient.”

He looked around his expression turning gentler "Now can you please not do anything like that Again "I'm not surprised you were angry but that was completely unnecessary!" he stated a mixture of anger and concern on his face. Robin sat there just not caring, she didn't have her glasses she could feel her power coming, and she put her hand over her eyes, and grabbed Amon's hand, and got up. "Well I just wanted you to know me you always left me behind in the past, but I hate the creep that stupid boss of STNJ." Robin said. Robin's mind is made up, an she didn't care about anything.

Robin is falling apart, and she swore to Amon she is stronger than she is, and she loves him very much. "Amon I have a confession to make I love you very much please don't make me change my mind." Robin said. He gave a surprised expression noticing she had a few scrapes but more concerned about addressing her confession kneeling down near her giving her a gentle kiss. "That's been it? you should have said so in the first place." he stated softly gently holding her In his arms. “I’ve just been afraid to say anything myself.” he added holding her gently. "Well I been feeling that for months now I wanted you to see me more than a replacement for Kate." Robin said. Robin hated that fact that she is undercover, but she can't helped it. She looked at Amon. "I am a genetic engineered designer witch." Robin said. Robin didn't let go of her eyes at all.

He gave a gentle smile holding her tighter "You're not simply a replacement I love you. I've just been stupid to hide it.” he stated. giving no concern ot her other confession "I don't care about that, that doesn't change anything." he stated helping her up in his arms. "My power is too much of rising." Robin said. Robin felt safe in his arms. She wanted to do anything to make it right between them, and Amon confessed his love for her. Robin kept her hand on her eyes without letting them go. He gave a gentle smile Taking her to the car setting her in the seat giving her a gentle kiss. "You've got a few scrapes I'll take us somewhere where we can deal with those and you can get some rest." he stated softly. Driving to his house it beign the first place he thought of.

Robin kept her hand on the her eyes, and she has to sleep it off. She smiled, and she loved the fact the reason that she got to see a gentler side of Amon. "Amon, what about my power you know I can't control it without glasses." Robin said. He gave a soft smile "I'll pick some up while you rest." he stated finding it reliving to finally stop lying to himself, once he arrived he helped her to the bed. “I’ll be back in juts as second.” he stated grabbing a few things to clean up the scrapes.

Walking back over he noticed one inside her shin. “I was worried I lost you ,it's amazing you just got a few scrapes.” he stated carefully hiking up her skirt just enough to see the scrape on her shin. Robin was sleeping, and she jerked. "Ow that hurts." Robin said. Robin was trying to sleep so her power don't do anything more, and she trying to live with all her might. She is very disconnected to human life.

"Um, Amon can I have some espresso coffee." Robin said. Robin is wanting some espresso coffee, and she wanted needed it so she could be able to drink her favorite coffee. He gave a soft smile "Sorry but they should be cleaned up as soon as possible." he stated getting up when she asked for espresso he got up. "Of course I’ll be right back he stated coming back soon with the hot coffee placing it gently in her hands with an extra pair of glasses "I figured they would break eventually considering what we do." he stated cleaning up the last scrape.

"Thanks for the coffee Amon." Robin said. Robin taken the coffee, and smiled at him because she loves him with all her heart. "Um about Nagira." Robin said. Robin didn't want to bring it up, but she can't helped it. She wanted to know something about Nagira, which is Amon's half-brother. Robin been trying to place it, but doesn't have an answer. He gave soft smile "you've had a hard day it’s not a problem." he stated softly when she mentioned his brother He Gave a concerned expression wondering what she was going to say. "what about him?" he asked.

"Well he came to STNJ building one day telling me that Zaizen is on the move." Robin said. Robin knew that this answer would tell anyone that she is undercover for the Solomon. "He been working secretly as a Solomon agent." Robin said. He gave a concerned expression not for teh fact she was a spy, or the information, it concerned him but he was worried about her more. "Thank you for telling me this It must have been hard." he stated understandingly.

"Did you know that I'm a spy?" Robin asked. Robin wondered about that for a while, and she wanted to know if he knew that she was a spy for Solomon. She never knew that he knew that she was a spy for Solomon. "Not exactly but I thought something seemed wrong, that still doesn't change a thing, I'll be by your side." he stated giving a soft smile. gently kissing her to prove it. Hr was tempted to go for more the situation being what it was But thought the better of it for now. Robin kissed him back, and she looked so happy that he accepted her. Her phone rings, and she put her hand up to the Amon's lips. "Yes. Yes. Yes I know I will thank you." Robin said. Robin knew that Amon will keep her strong.

Amon stayed quiet as she spoke over the phone wondering exactly what she meant by thank. Letting her continue the conversation before asking questions simply wanting to help her. Robin put down her phone, and looked back at Amon. "So Amon got any questions?" Robin asked. Robin knew that would get questions she has answers too. Amon gave a concerned expression "Does thanking him have to do with why you call him a creep?" he asked gently holding her afraid to hear the answer but needing to know. Deciding he’d protect her if regardless if it was as bad as he thought.

"That wasn't Zaizen that was Solomon." Robin said. Robin looked at her boyfriend Amon. "Will you help us, Amon?" Robin asked. Robin needed a partner that can get in and out of STNJ building without being detected. "Oh yeah Haruto Sakaki is an unawakened witch." Robin said. He was guilty of a few deceptions himself and had gotten sick of it "What do you need?" he asked well aware it was a dangerous decision but willing to take it. He thought about his decision more and what it would exactly mean. “I've go to a few thing I’ve wanted to figure out, and if that mean beign with you as well I'll help."When she mentioned the news of Hereto He gave a concerned expression. "That complicates things." he stated well aware that meant.

Robin looked at Amon for a second. "I need the files Zaizen had on the witches, ask Michael Lee to do that he be gladly to help, and Doujima is a spy like me, and Haruto would help." Robin said. Robin looked at Amon. "We also need your power the one you don't talk about much." Robin said. Robin kept looking at Amon. "Haruto is trying to track down Zaizen, but the problem is Miho." Robin said. Robin knew that Miho is a huge problem. "Miho is working directly for Zaizen. The Orbo is witches' power, and it drains a witch of their own powers the more they used it if they are already awakened like you and I are." Robin said. Amon Raised an eyebrow impressed at the exact information she had. "You've certainly done your homework, I'll see what I can do." he stated noticing the time "It's getting late Should I take you back home?" he asked leaving the option open otherwise. "Of course my job as a spy is to get the exact information of the people I have to be spying on, and since it's late why don't I stay I take the divan." Robin said. Robin didn't mind taking the divan, as long as she could stay within reach of her boyfriend.

He gave a a smile glad he could enjoy some time with her, wondering if she’d been holding back anything besides her love for him. he may have been reserved but that didn't change the fact she was in his bed. "Are you fine sharing the bed he asked." he asked. "Sure I can share the bed, but I sleep with nothing on." Robin said. Robin scoot over to the other side of the bed, and her phone rings. "Great just what I need work." Robin said. Robin saw the name Michael Lee on her phone. "Yes Michael what is it now?" Robin asked. Robin got her answer. "What Zaizen is attacking Nagira's house." Robin said. Amon gave a surprised expression at her answer. his attention shifting to her conversation Getting up. "It will have to wait by the looks of it." he stated getting out of the bed his annoyance being over ridden by the shared concern for the situation. Robin getting up, and changing back into her outside outfit she has no other. Robin tried to figured out why Zaizen is after Nagira, but she didn't say anything, but called Solomon. "Yes boss that's correct Zaizen is on the move." Robin said.

Amon placed his pistol in his coat not exactly sure if it would be need all things considered but it was good to have incase. "Not that I disagree with you that we need to do something but you do realize this will blow your cover right?" he asked rhetorically well aware she wasn’t naïve. "My boss from Solomon said to blow the cover to take down Zaizen so in that idea I have too." Robin said. Robin knew this would tell anyone she is a Solomon spy, but she has to do it to save Nagira. So in anyway she will give up her cover job. He gave her a kiss "Lets get going.” he stated already thinking of a safe place to go to after this. Heading for the car with Robin ready to do what was necessary. "We'll have to find a place to lay low after this, I have a few places in mind." he stated.

Robin looked at Amon, and she looked forward of taking down Zaizen once and for all. She wanted to take him down ever since they first met, but she had orders not too, so she acted like she was taking orders from him. "Yes we would have to lay low." Robin said. Robin put her hand on her chest. "Man my scar on my chest hurts." Robin said. Robin never told Amon about the scar on her chest because she never wanted to give out any of her secrets. She only wanted to see Amon as she could, and she wanted to do something that has to do with her job. "Sorry if I been holding back a lot of secrets, Amon." Robin said. Robin wanted to keep Amon within her arm's length. She begins to sing Secret World, and then Unseen Power. She never thought back to her past, and she wanted to save the Secret World that Amon and her is in right now.

He gave a Gentle smile at her confession about a scar and the secrets she had kept. "It's perfectly fine we should focus on saving Nagira." he stated Ready to do anything to help Robin and his relative. As he drove up he parked a bit further away as to not blatantly give them away things were going to get hectic but he didn't want that to happen immediately. They finally got to Nagira's place, and Robin closed her eyes. "Zaizen is in Nagira's bedroom, and Nagira is in the bathroom." Robin said. Robin tried to keep the fact she can feel anyone presence a secret. "Um Amon, Zaizen is going to kill both of us if he knew about my spying and you helping me." Robin said.

Amon Began moving faster making sure she kept up "We both agreed we need to do this." he stated Rushing into the house Ready to take out anyone in their path. the coast was clear so far as they rushed to the bedroom, he was ready to deal with the consequences. Robin looked at Amon. "Yes we both did didn't we I care about you Amon to the extend of disobeying Zaizen." Robin said. Zaizen looked at them. "Amon why did you betray the STNJ?" Zaizen asked. Robin didn't care about Zaizen she only pretended too. "Do you think I'm blind? Something hasn't been right for a while. Robin simply made it a lot clearer." he stated calmly completely un-apologetic Waiting for an answer. "Well yes I been deceiving all people at STNJ I don't care if I did I would did it again if I had too." Zaizen said. Robin rolled her eyes trying so hard not to care about what's going on.
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