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I just have to say this. (Showing apprciation to indredible writers)

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So I'm looking through the list of stories in the My Chem section, right?

And it just so happens that as I'm going through the list of recently uploaded stories, there's mine, on the same list as two of the most amazing FanFiction's I've ever read.

We Like Movies
and Saint Lily.

These are two incredible stories, and it just so happens that Saint Lily has ended.

So I'm writing this to name off the best FanFictions I've ever read.

Life Lessons of Love and Lust
Stoned Emaculate
Hope Street
We Like Movies
Saint Lily
A Friendship to Last a Lifetime
We Can Settle This Affair
You Can Keep My Brother
It's The Tearing Sound Of Lovenotes
and The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot.

These stories are enticing masterpieces, true works of art. Some of them are gone, some are finished, all magnificent.
The authors of these epic pieces are a huge inspiration to me and I'm sure many other writers.

I'm showing my appreciation to these incredible authors.

Thank you so much. You help me know that even when it feels like FanFiction is going to the shits, there's always people like you to prove me wrong.

Much love,
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