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Message From The Author

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A messsage from me. To all that have read my stories, please read. It's important.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-12-12 - Updated: 2008-12-13 - 583 words

*Ohai guys. Remember me? I haven't been updating in ~forever, and I've finally decided to let you all know why.
Well, I know, it's no excuse, but I've been going through a lot.
I hope you all understand.*

*- Further into the year, teachers have been overloading my class with assignments.
Being in the top year nine class, a lot of it had to be done, as year ten was coming up.
I worked hard to get it all done.*

*- Soon, once I was back on track, and ready to start writing, something terrible happened.
A fellow student of mine passed away, I took it to heart. I knew him and cared about him.
It effected me greatly. At this time, I was very lost. I didn't know where my head was.
I soon began moving on, although he is always going to be remembered.
Anyway, about a week after that. Another unfortunate incident occurred.
My friend's sister passed away in a fire. This was such a shock.
It was overwhelming in all ways possible. With comfort from everyone, I gradually got better.*

*- After two deaths, I finally thought I was ready to get back to work with two stories I wanted to continue.
Then I realised, why am I doing this? In all honesty, My Chemical Romance mean ~nothing to me anymore.
They're still a great band, but I have moved on. I don't see any point writing about a band I don't even like.
What's the point of that? I know, it might not be a PROPER excuse.
But seriously, I just...I find not interest in them. I apologise if people's feelings have been hurt because of that.
But, not liking them doesn't even hurt me.*

*Well, there you go. I'm sorry it took so long and I hope my readers/reviewers don't hate me.
I am terribly sorry about it all. You don't deserve to have read a story, waiting for updates, and not getting them.
It's entirely my fault that I waited months and months to tell you.
I just want to say, thank you to all that read and reviewed.
Your comments are amazing, and you all mean the world to me.
I can't thank you enough for your support. Thanks so much for rating, too.
To all that I talked to outside of FicWad, on MSN, etc.
Thank you. You were all heaps of fun to talk to.
I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks for putting up with me.*

*Also, I have two stories that are not completed.
Competing For Gerard Way and Affection From Different Ways,
I have noticed on other websites that authors in the same situation ask other writers if they'd wish to complete the story.
That's fine with me, if anyone would like to do that, they can.
But credit at the beginning of the stories would be an absolute MUST.
If anyone is willing to continue some ~pretty crappy~ stories, e-mail me @
Just tell me your name, why you like the story, what story you want to continue, your ideas, etc.
And then, once all e-mails are received, I'll look over them, and make another post.
This post will contain what is necessary to put in the stories [credit to me] and other information.
All e-mails should be sent to me by 21/12/08 and the future writer will be announced a couple days after.*

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