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Night Of The Living Dead

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They might do stuffffffffff.

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"OK OK OK OK OK!!!!!" I run through the whole apartment once again just to check for anything i missed. I picked up a stack or topple magazines and stuffed them in a box." least it doesn't look like i'm a slob now."Just then the doorbell rings and i jump."Who is it?!??!?!?!!!?" i yell

"Its me...Gerard." A wide grin spreads over my face as i run to the door and open it. Hes looking down at his feet and holding his hands behind his back."I brought you a little something" He said in a low whisper. He pulls out a small bouquet of black daises. "Awwww gerard...thats nice...oh pleases come in...hope u dont mind the mess...i tried to clean a bit"...'ya alex....more like the maid service was here' i thought to my self.

"I like your place...its...cozy."He said breathing in the heavily perfumed air."You like incense?"He asked surprised.
"Yeah...kindof picked it up from my dad...he was a total hippie...i grew up with it in our house all of the time."I smiled at the how things have changed."I hope u like ramen salad cause thats about all i can thats edible."I bit my lip hopeing for a good answer.

"Thats fine..."he said with a sigh. And he sat down. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when he jumped right back up and reached under him to bring my tattered old stuffed bunny rabbit from under the couch. He gave it a couriouse look and then giggled and handed floppers to me. "Sorry...i forgot that id left him there." i said as my face heated up. I turned abruptly and ran for my room.

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