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Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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Takes Place after Unending, no connection with the movies.

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This is my first attempt at writing a fic for SG1. I don’t own any of the characters. This is set after Unending, and there are no spoilers for either movie since I haven’t seen them yet.

The mood at Stargate Command, deep inside of Cheyenne Mountain, was decidedly grim. SG1 was late getting back from their latest mission, and there had been no communication. They had been due back two days ago. Things were tense at the base, to say the least.

Walter was sitting at his usual position, as he noticed the chevrons begin activating. He hit the warning klaxon, and announced,

“Unscheduled off-world activation!” General Landry rushed in, followed by soldiers ready for battle. Walter looked at his computers, “It’s SG1’s code, sir.” Landry looked at the screen, confirming Walter’s words. He was right,

“Open the iris, Harriman, let’s see what they’ve been up to. The iris opened, and slowly, the members of SG1 staggered in. They were a mess, covered in mud from head to their boots. Teal’c was supporting Vala, who was favoring her right ankle. Daniel was on the other side, but separated from Vala by both Mitchell and Carter. None of the team looked very happy. Vala seemed to be almost sulking, shooting Daniel dirty looks, which he returned in kind. General Landry fought the urge to roll his eyes, he was far too used to their bickering.

“All right, Mitchell, explain why you and your team are nearly three days late.” He knew there had to be a good reason for their tardiness. It most likely had to do with how filthy and disheveled the team was. Cam ran a muddy hand through his hair, not that it made any difference.

“We were stuck in the village, during what seemed like monsoon season. We finally started heading back, although Vala sprained her ankle when she tripped.” Was all Mitchell got out before Vala interrupted him,

“Daniel pushed me, I didn’t trip!” Which the team had been hearing ever since the incident. But Daniel spoke up, clearly annoyed,

“Vala, for the last time, I didn’t push you! You fell because you weren’t watching where you were going.” Cam butted in, taking back control of the conversation,

“You two, cut it out, you sound like an old married couple!” He held up his hands, to shush both Daniel and Vala, who immediately started to protest his choice of phrasing before continuing, “Sir, with your permission, we’d like to get cleaned up, and taken care of. I’ll have my mission report to you in as soon as possible.” Cam just wanted to be done with this conversation. General Landry nodded, dismissing the team.

As everyone’s attention was not on Teal’c, no one noticed the slight smile on his features at Cam’s comments. He was the only one who remembered their years aboard the Odyessy, despite the repeated requests for information. The muddy group headed to the infirmary for the usual post mission check-ups. Daniel and Vala continued their argument, as Sam and Cam had given up trying to mediate between the two. Teal’c just stayed quiet, helping Vala make her way to see Dr. Lam.

In the infirmary, Dr. Lam looked up to see SG1 walking in, with Daniel and Vala still arguing. She smiled and raised an eyebrow at the group. She was very curious as to why they were days late and filthy. Her keen eyes noticed Vala being supported by Teal’c.

“Ok, someone want to explain a few things?” She questioned as she starting preparing the small med bay for them. Cam shrugged, he’d already gone over it with Landry, but he gave Carolyn the same brief synopsis he’d given the general. Dr. Lam quickly got the group settled, taking blood samples, and the usual treatments. She then checked Vala’s ankle, which was indeed sprained.

“It’s a sprain. So, keep off it as much as you can, and use ice packs on it.” Carolyn searched around, finally coming up with a pair of crutches. “Use these to help you get around. Maybe you could stay with Sam for a little bit?” Sam nodded, it wouldn’t be a bother. Vala grinned at the idea,

“Oh, I know, we could have a girl’s night. We could rent some of those ‘flick chicks’.” Sam couldn’t help smiling at Vala’s mix up. She usually had the right idea, but the words weren’t always one hundred percent.

“I think you mean ‘chick flicks’ and that sounds good. I think I have some popcorn at home, and there’s a video store on the way.” The idea started sounding really good to Sam, they hadn’t had a night away from the base or the guys in quite some time. She totally forgot that the said guys were still in the room. She didn’t notice the smirk on Cameron’s face. “Come on, Vala, let’s get cleaned up so we can get out of here.”

As soon as Sam and Vala left, Cam went to the two guys. He had a mischievous look on his face, as he whispered his plan to them.
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