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Dragon's Eyes

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Things have become almost normal in the Order again, until Lavi goes looking for Allen and something strange happens to all of the unactivated innocence. It became WHAT? FriendShip Pairings.

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Title: Dragon's Eye
Author: Knux33


It was a very normal day at the Order. The scientists were groaning at their paperwork, Komui was running away from his, and most of the injured exorcists were finding new and creative ways to get out of their sickbeds without alerting the protective nurses.

“Allen!” A familiar voice rang through the halls.

Lavi had the excuse of looking for one particularly hard to find parasitic type user, Allen Walker. The red head had been looking for the teen in all the usual places: the cafeteria, his room, the library, he had even gone so far as to search the ark. Each location proved as unhelpful as the last, not even Jerry had seen Allen since breakfast. It was nearly three in the afternoon now.

Running out of places to look, a frustrated Lavi decided to ask Lenalee if she had seen the missing exorcist. On his way to her room, Lavi ran into a very agitated Mr. Howard Link.

“Hello Two-pimple,” Lavi said quite cheerfully. Link looked like he would be very happy to stab someone at the moment.

Seemingly suppressing the impulse, he asked in a very controlled tone,“Apprentice Bookman, have you seen Allen Walker?” Lavi took from the emphasis that Link must of asked more people before him the exact same question.

“Funny, I was about to ask you the same question, seeing as you have guard-dog duty and all.”

“I had been taking an after-noon nap while Walker was attempting to finish his paperwork--” Lavi chuckled at that, he had seen the size of the mounds Link had given Allen, and the young exorcist would be lucky to finish half of it by this time next year. “--and when I awoke Mr. Walker appeared to have vacated the premises.”

“You take naps?”

“... Apprentice Bookman that has nothing to do with the matter at hand.”

“Yeah, Two-pimple but still--”

“Lavi!” Lavi was amused to find the girl he was going to go look for running towards him. “Lavi, have you seen Allen?”

Lavi would have sighed at the repetition but decided finding Allen was more important than poking fun at Link. “No Lenalee, I haven't. In fact, I had just been on my way to ask you the same question.”

“Oh,” Lenalee seemed disappointed at the fact. “Its ok, I'll just look--”

“Wait,” Lavi said this to both Link and Lenalee, as both had already started moving to look in other places. “We need to think this through, where have you both already looked?”

“Cafeteria,” They both chimed at once.

“Well, I've looked there, in his room, and most of the ark--”

“The ark!” Link looked like he had reached his limit with the Bookman. “Access to the ark has been restricted to only scientists, Apprentice Bookman. You should not have been allowed, especially after the level 4 incident--”

“I've looked in Komui's office, the balconies, and the infirmary.” Lenalee interrupted.

Howard seemed angered by the reminder to his missing prisoner, and by the interruption of his rant. “I have looked in several other exorcists rooms, the scientists room's, and asked almost everyone, but I have gained no information in that manner.”

“Well, it seems to me we haven't looked in either Hevlaska's Chamber, or the Training rooms.” Lavi stated, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Seemingly coming up with a plan of action Lavi turned to address the others. “Lenalee, you check the training rooms and I'll check with Hevlaska. Link, you wait in the cafeteria, there's still a chance Allen just lost track of time and is on his way to lunch. If not that's still where well all meet up once were done searching. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” And with that, all three dispersed.


“KOMUIII!” Section Chief Reever Wenhamm was not in a very good mood. Then again, when Komui was shirking his work, Reever and the rest of the science department couldn't work on their's. Hence the long line of scientists practically buried under the paperwork they were carrying trailing from Komui's empty office. Some had fallen asleep and were drooling on the top of their stacks while others had decided to lie down before beginning to snore.

Most hadn't had a break in over 48 hours. Reever himself was going on a wobbly 56, soon to be 57. Groaning, he gave in and joined the others on the floor. “If he wants us to work, he'll have to do his share first.”

“Yeah,” Came groggily from those still active.

“Good nigh' all.”

“Yah ...”

Then the only sounds filling the air were soft snores and some gurgling from those trying to sleep and refrain from drowning in their own pooling saliva.


“Supervisor Komui...” Allen groaned.

“Yeah Allen?” Komui said in a distracted tone.

“Can I go eat now...?” Allen was currently being looked over by both Hevlaska and Komui, who were trying to see exactly what his innocence's new form was capable of. Unfortunately, they had been at it for hours and Allen was sure that by the volume of his stomach's protests he had missed lunch by now. “Pleeeeese ...”

“Don't worry Allen, were almost done,” Looking at his now coal-black arm Allen thought he would rather be eating about twenty-six of Jerry's home made steaks right now instead of having Hevlaska look his arm over.

Though he'd probably eat raw sludge instead of have Komui look his arm over. He still wasn't really over what had happened with Komurin II ...

“Allen! There you are!” Allen was surprised to see Lavi slowly making his way down on a small, hovering, platform. “We've been looking everywhere for you!”

“We? Has something happened?”

“No, no, I was just looking for you so I could get out of some book-work, thats all. Howard was looking for you to, and he seemed pretty angry to me.”

“Oh, yeah,” Allen laughed nervously. “Komui just sort of grabbed me and ran--”

“One more thing Allen,” Komui inserted himself into the conversation. “If you could just activate your innocence for me?”

“Sure,” Allen was almost immediately covered in a white cloak, silver mask hanging behind his head, left hand turning dangerously clawed.

Hevlaska slowly probed different points of the innocence with ghostly tendrils. Lavi suppressed a shiver at the strange sight; as pale as Allen was, he seemed like a undead assassin covered in vines of the underworld. It didn't help that Allen was facing away from him and it looked almost like his silver mask was staring right at him.

Lavi tried to move out of the mask's line of sight without being to obvious, shuffling a little to the left. The mask seemed to continue to stare at him no matter how he shifted his position, causing Lavi to breakout in goosebumps as it seemed to follow him even when he was next to Allen instead of behind him. At this point Komui also noticed the masks uncanny movements.

“Allen,” Komui asked, surprising Lavi by keeping his voice from shaking even when he had turned very pale beneath his hat. “Does your mask often--” Lavi heard Komui swallow nervously, then start again, “Does your innocence often control you?”

Lavi snapped his head around, gaping at the supervisor. Allen stared in surprise and Hevlaska paused for a moment, just a moment, on her examination before resuming.

Allen laughed, though it sounded to Lavi like it was forced, and said “What makes you think that Komui?”

“Allen Walker,” Komui was obviously in a no-nonsense mood. “During the battle with the level 4 akuma I observed that your were barely conscious throughout the beginning of the battle, and when you obviously shouldn't and couldn't have possibly been able to get back up your innocence pushed you to move, so I'll ask again Allen; does your innocence often control you?”

Silence. The white haired exorcist slowly withdrew his smile, his eyes falling downward. The mask moved to parallel Allen's face, almost looking like it was laughing at them.

Lavi didn't miss how the contrast of the smiling mask and Allen's soft frown seemed to show the comedy and tragedy masks used in old Athens, Greece. The masks had been a symbol for theatre. Now it was called called theater.

“Allen...” Lavi didn't like to push the kid, especially after so much had happened, when there were still so many unanswered questions in the air, but he new he had to do it. “ ...please answer the question.”

Slowly Allen looked up into their eyes, looking from Komui to Lavi, questioningly. Almost as if he was asking if he could really trust them with this knowledge. It struck the Bookman then how young Allen really was, and how he had lived through more tragedy than most people twice his age had. Lavi then remembered that he was scarcely four years older than Allen himself.

Then he remembered that the same could be said for most of the Order. Lavi tried to look as trusting as possible to Allen; this wasn't something he should keep bottled up, especially when he had so many friends willing and ready to listen and help.

Finally, Allen drew in a breath to speak and--

Hevlaska abruptly pulled herself back from the platform and hastily pulled herself from Allen, who almost fell flat on his face from the removed force.

“Hevlaska!” Komui ran to the side of the platform while Lavi helped to steady Allen. He saw Hevlaska writhing down below the platform, as if in pain. “Hevlaska, whats wrong!?”

“...the inno--,” Her massive weaving body constricted and then started weaving again. “-- cence...”

Komui franticly grabbed at his ear communicator. “Reever!”

Lavi and Allen looked down in horror and shock as Hevlaska's ghostly serpentine body twisted and constricted around its base were all the inactive innocence was stored, and the small holes seemed to glow fiendishly red compared the Hevlaska's weak white body.

“Reever, come in now!”



Go away, the named scientist thought grumpily, can't you see I'm sleeping?

“Reever, come in now!” Reever woke with a jolt and looked around in panic. All he saw was sleeping scientists curled in around the mounds of paperwork. Johnny Gill, his overly huge glasses askew, seemed to be using the many mounds around him as a bed.

Reever rubbed the back of his neck gingerly, only to hear it crack as he moved it. He winced at the sore muscles he had gotten on his upper and lower back from sleeping in such a position on the floor. He looked slowly around, looking for Komui.

He could have sworn he had heard--

“Reever come in this instant!”He flinched when the new ear communicator screamed at him. Yep, definitely Komui. He brought his hand up to activate the recorder for a return message. “I'm here Section Leader, whats the problem?”

“Reever, bring the science department to Hevlaska's chamber now; there is something seriously wrong. Bring all possibly necessary equipment.”

Reever blinked, sleep still clogging his mind. “But what's the problem Sec--”

“BRING EVERYONE DOWN HERE NOW!” The last shout not only blew Reever's left eardrum out, it also awoke most of the nearby scientists.

Jumping to his feet Reever awoke completely and began shoving all those near to him in the direction of the platforms and stairs to Hevlaska's chamber. “Up up! Everyone up! Get yourselves to Hevlaska's chamber now! Bring all needed equipment!”

He then moved himself on top of one of the more stable looking stacks of paper and shouted, “Abandon paperwork, to Hevlaska's chamber immediately!” His voice as strong as a sea captain's all heard, got the message and abandoned their waiting posts and flowed out to the nearest downward stairwell.

Satisfied that everyone was moving, Reever joined the mad rush and made his way down to the bowels of the Black Order's Headquarters; where all captured and unused innocence resided.


As the first scientists trickled down from above Allen and Lavi quickly got off of the main platform and moved to watch the proceedings from a distance on one of the metal pathways along the walls. Soon there were so many scientists it almost seemed like they were swarming little ants around Hevlaska and the monitoring computers set around on other places of the lining metal pathways.

They seemed to be doing everything to find the source of the disturbance. Hevlaska spoke once more, “...the innocence ... activating...” Reever and Komui directed the rest of the stunned scientists to work at a faster, but more controlled pace. They seemed to call franticly to one another, conveying all found information.

“--The temperature down in the pit is rising to dangerous levels--”

“--The innocence is melting down there!--”

“--Quick, open the flood piping--”

“--The gates are sealed shut! Its to damn hot down there--”

As Hevlaska seemed to continue convulsing at an alarmingly faster pace, she stopped speaking beyond pained whimpers. Lavi, even with his Bookman eye, could no longer see where he 'face' began and her 'body' ended. Allen had long since deactivated his Crown Clown, looking down with wide wondering eyes.

Then Hevlaska screamed. All activity stopped and Lavi brought his hands to his head; trying in vain, like everyone around him, to block out the horrible screeching sound. Lavi fell to his knees, Allen trying fruitlessly to stay standing but only ending up falling more painfully to the floor.

Lavi saw with shock that some of the scientists closer to Hevlaska had their ears bleeding. For what seemed an eternity Hevlaska kept screaming, some of the scientists joined her as they felt horrible pain knifing through their brains, while some lucky ones just keeled over in a dead faint. Or just plain dead. Lavi couldn't move for his life to check on the motionless, trying hard to stay conscious himself.

And then it stopped. Lavi almost missed the exact moment, his ears still ringing with the antagonizing sound; but as some scientists hesitantly removed their hands, many now smeared with blood, Lavi removed his own hands and rose from his kneeling position, wincing as the blood rushing back to his legs brought on pins and needles.

Allen slowly followed suit. Komui and Reeve quickly tried to bring back order, calling out for the status of Hevlaska below. The scientists that had been farther away quickly called out that the temperature was now steady at about 90 degrees and that the innocence seemed stabilized.

The two exorcists, along with most of the science department, peered down below. Allen gasped, and the entire room seemed to gather in a breath. Hevlaska was twisted in on herself, looking no worse for ware but below her where the innocence had once resided was more a large brood of pearly white eggs.

End 1.

AN (Author's Note): Well? Yay or Nay? I'm just posting this to get more comments ... really ...
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