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SG-1 never seems to make it anywhere on time.

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Aboard a cargo ship

Sam: “Sir, we have enough energy for four more hours of life support. That should get us to P3X-395.”

Mitchell: (Glances sharply at Carter) “What do you mean should? The planet is only two hours away.”

Sam: “Yes sir, but that doesn’t count delays.”

Mitchell: (puzzled tone) “Delays, what delays?”

Daniel: wiping glasses) “This is SG-1; there’s always a delay or crisis.”

Teal’c “Indeed.”

Mitchell: “What sort of delay?”

Sam: “Well sir, we haven’t been chased by Ori ships lately and we haven’t fought a previously unknown alien race in a while.”

Daniel: “We could almost be sucked into a black hole.”

Teal’c: “Perhaps we will be caught by a tractor beam and taken aboard the Death Star.”

Mitchell: “Teal’c, Star Wars is a MOVIE!”

Teal’c: “Perhaps Mitchell.”

Mitchell: “Well, maybe we’ll get lucky and won’t have any problems.”

Vala: (sarcastically) “Yes and maybe the Ori will decide they don’t want to play anymore and will go home.”

2.9 hours later

Mitchell: (sounding relieved) “See, we didn’t run into any delays!”

Vala: “Oh, look, I didn’t know P3X-395 had a moon!”

Daniel: “It doesn’t”

Sam: “Sir, the object seems to be made of a titanium alloy combined with a metal the ship’s sensors do not recognize”

Mitchell: “Teal’c, reverse, we’ll enter orbit on the other side and fly in the atmosphere to the rendezvous site”

Teal’c: “I can not”

Mitchell: “Why?”

Teal’c: “It appears that we have been captured by a tractor beam”

Mitchell: “B-E-A-Utiful”

The End.
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