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Dancing flames

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I watch the flames and wish you weren't like them... Yuffentine

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-03-16 - Updated: 2006-03-16 - 948 words - Complete

Answer to challenge on 30_nights community on LJ.
Theme:#1 You are never mine to begin with
Pairing/Characters:Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi
Rating:...uhm...PG-13 (or T) because Yuffie says f-word...
Disclaimer: These people belong to SquareSoft/Enix, not me. If they did belong to me, Yuffentine would be cannon... I own the story, however. Enjoy and let me know your opinion...

I both hate and love the night watches. Why? You ask me that? Ain't that clear? I hate them because I can't sleep and being still in my growing phase, I'm sure I'll end up all fucked up and small and thin and then I'll die when my chocobo tosses me into river and I bang my head and won't be able to keep it above the surface and that will be the end of great ninja Yuffie Kisaragi who will drown (really pathetic death, especially considering I can swim but, hey, I banged my head so I couldn't swim, right? 'Cause I had a concussion or something) and my father will have the chocobo executed... poor Vivi. Why did you have to drop me into water and make me drown? Stupid bird...

"Yuffie?" his voice breaks into my not-so-pleasant fantasy and I look at him. He is the reason I love these watches. This dark-haired, silent and mysterious man. Vincent Valentine. The enigma, who is hiding behind that long hair that just keep falling into his red eyes, creating the same effect as his clothing. Black and red. Darkness and blood. Embers and fire. "Yuffie?" he repeats and I finally gather enough sense to answer.

"Yes, Vinnie?"

"Are you feeling well?" he asks and I just nod.

"Yeah, just spaced out a little there. Is all. No need to worry 'bout me. I'm not going bonkers or anything."

"..." is all he says and then returns to watch the fire with occasional glance to our surroundings. He gets that look on his face and I know that he is thinking about her. Lucrecia. Beautiful lady, who gave birth to that monster we are pursuing. Sephiroth. I am glad that the woman is probably dead because if I ever meet her... Do I sound jealous? I am. I envy her that she still has hold over him even after thirty years, even after what she has done. I won't deny it. I love Vincent. You may think that I am wrong or just confusing my feelings for something else. How could a girl of sixteen, tomboy at that, who obsesses over materia and goes into unbelievable lengths to obtain it, know anything at all about love?

Well, I do. I don't care if you believe me or not. It's not that important. You're just... hey, what are you anyway? My subconsciousness? Or my imaginary friend? Not that it matters. Whatever you are, you're not real. And that's why I'm talking to you while watching Vincent thinking about her. It's safe. No one will know. I'm good enough to keep my face from showing what I feel. If Vincent looks at me, he will see me staring into flames, just like he does. We never talk at our watches, both of us thinking about what we cannot have. He about her and I about him. Very soon, I'll start talking to Vincent. Not in real, just in my head. And you will listen to it and won't comment, just letting me drone on and on and I will look at him and then at the night sky and at flames and finally at my wristwatch to see when to wake up Barret and Cid for their watch.

Anyway, I better start talking to Vincent, huh? It always begins with Hey, Vinnie? Guess what? I think I love you. In fact, I know I love you. Now, if the world was perfect, he would take me in his arms and bend his head until his lips were inches from mine and he would whisper : I love you too and he would kiss me. But the world isn't perfect and he loves Lucrecia, not me and he never will feel the same for me so that's why I will never tell him. It's better to watch him from afar, to be with him at least as a friend if nothing else.

You're just like this fire, Vinnie, you know? Always dancing just out of my reach. If I dare to reach out and touch you, you will burn me and it will hurt and no Potion or Cure materia will help me. The fire, the flames, they are beautiful and dangerous but they make me feel warm, too and keep away the monsters. Just like you. I love you because of that. You are my flame but sometimes I wish that you weren't. I watch the flames and wish you weren't like them, you weren't dangerous to touch but then, I guess, it wouldn't be you. How come Lucrecia was able to touch the fire? And why I can't? Why do I love you? And why these questions are always left unanswered in the night? Why? Why? Why?

Touch on my arm. I look at Vincent again and for a moment I feel this surge of hope that he heard my thoughts somehow and is going to answer me but then he shatters that hope with a single sentence.

"Our watch is over. I'll wake Barret and Cid up."

And he disappears from my sight as I look into flames one last time and they swirl more as if mocking me and I look away. I will always hate night watches. Just as I will always love him.

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