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Tick Tock

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Tick tock goes the clock. Time begins to run out for everything... except for love.

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It starts with one thing
I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn't even know
Wasted it all just to watch you go
I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

In The End - Linkin Park

Time. It's unbelievably earth-shattering to think how powerful such a small word is. It is in control of every aspect of our lives, whether we choose to accept this or not. Everything we do in life depends on and is limited by time, or the lack of it. Even on a daily basis, our every movement and thought is crippled by this absurd idea created by man. We eat at a certain hour, go to class at a certain hour, go to bed, go out with friends, to the movies - all at a certain hour.

We worry about our time left on earth and for what? There is nothing we can do to stop or even slow down time. It runs like a disobedient dog without a leash and nobody can do a single thing about it. All we can do is watch in utter awe as the seconds of our life tick tock away. If you stop and think about it too much it'll make you want to take your life away and put a stop to the misery of waiting for the inevitable, so most people decide not think about it all. They spend their lives making more plans than they'll ever have time for, wanting to take advantage of every second they can.

Even so, making plans is better than dreading about something you don't have - and never will -control over.

Well, you could argue that this is not entirely true. There is one person in the world that is known to indeed stop time in its very tracks; Bob. But even so, when he stops time in a certain area, does it not continue to pass with cruel apathy throughout the rest of the world, or universe, even?

Back to the first thought: nobody can escape the judgement of time.

Gerard stood up slowly as if time had frozen around them. He wiped the tears away from his cheeks hastily. With one slick movement, he bent down, pulled the dagger out of his brother's corpse and stood upright again. The dagger made a sick sucking noise as it was pulled out that made Frank cringe. From his crouching position, he stared at Gerard.

"Take Mikey back to his room. On his bed. Take this with you," he asked me, holding out the dagger dripping blood.

Frank gazed at the dagger as drops of blood dropped to the ground.

"Teletransport him, Frank. We have no time!" Gerard said impatiently. His eyes began to water once more.

Frank stared at him oddly. No time? They never had time to begin with, but it had never mattered before. So many things had happened because of a lack of time to do things correctly and now there was supposedly no time at all. There had been no time to think when Mikey had decided to live a double life and protect them all, no time to plan when Alyssa wanted to play her little game, when the Ruins took Frank's soul and made him one of them, when Mikey threw himself in front of his brother to save his fucking life!

There was never any time, and nothing anyone can do about it. Stating the obvious at a time like this was just cruel.

With one hand Frank took the dagger, avoiding looking at the blood, and with the other touched Mikey's shoulder. Before teletransporting he looked at Gerard. There was something odd about him, about his eyes. He was planning on doing something.

Knowing he had to return to the battlefield as quickly as possible to help the others that continued to die around them, Frank shut his eyes and opened them again in Mikey's room, next to his bed.

Frank dropped the dagger on the floor unable to hold the betraying object in his hand any longer. Frank could hear his heart beat like a clock as he dragged the lifeless body onto his bed, leaving a trail of blood behind. Once Mikey was lying on his bed, Frank stood back and observed him. His arms were hanging from either side of the bed in a swaying movement, while his legs were slightly bent in an awkward position. He looked... dead. Frank quickly and urgently straightened out his arms and legs so that Mikey was lying on the bed as if he were sleeping on his back with his arms at his sides. Frank closed his eyes, which, until that moment, had been open and staring at the ceiling blankly.

Frank instinctively looked at his hands. They were covered in blood. Trying to control himself, he took quick strides to the bathroom. He turned the cold water faucet on with one movement and was about to place his hands under the streaming water, but then stopped. It wasn't fair. Mikey had given his life -the blood on his hands was proof - and he was about to wash it all away. It was a strange thought and even he himself didn't fully understand it. It just felt /wrong/.

Forcing tears and useless thoughts away, Frank shoved his hands under the faucet and began rubbing away all trace of blood, with the help of a bar of soap. He dried his hands quickly, thinking about Gerard. Frank needed to get back to him, he thought. He didn't know what Gerard would do, but he knew he couldn't let him do it alone.

Frank walked back to Mikey who he pulled a white sheet over and covered entirely.

"Thanks, Mikey... for everything. I have a feeling you'll be seeing us all soon."

With one remorseful last glance, Frank shut his eyes and appeared in the battlefield where he had left Gerard. He was gone. Frank looked around to make sure he hadn't mistakenly appeared in another place and saw dark spots on the floor. Mikey's blood. But where had Gerard gone?

Frank began teletransporting himself all around the battlefield, calling out to Gerard, but receiving no answer in return. After passing several frozen Ruins and objects that shouldn't be alive - a man made out of boulders was concentrated on crushing a dozen Ruins - Frank caught a glimpse of raven hair. Gerard. Frank appeared in front of him.

"Here you are!I've been looking all over for-"

"Did you put him on his bed?" he interrupted.

"I- I- yeah, he's on his bed. What are you going to do now?"

Gerard looked around, searching the crowded battlefield for someone in particular.

"Who are you looking for?" Frank asked, seeing his face.

"Stay with the others. I'll be back in a bit."

He tried to turn away but Frank held him back. "Tell me your plan, Gee, don't leave me in the dark."

Gerard hesitated, and then said firmly, "I'm going after Mauritius. All of this is because of him. That girl that kill- that got Mikey? She was only following orders given by Mauritius. If we take him out, this whole fucking war will be over." His face changed suddenly as he reached out and swept a lock of hair away from Frank's face. "Take care of the others for me, will you? And of yourself." He held my face gently as he placed a kiss on my lips. Frank froze in shock. It was a goodbye kiss.

"Gerard, no; I'm going with you!"

A female voice screamed. "They need you Frank, stay with them," Gerard pleaded.

Frank glanced towards the area the scream had come from and saw Kat and Bob - and a large group of Ruins.

"But we can..."Frank turned back just in time to see Gerard turn invisible and run into the crowd. He was gone. With an exasperated groan, Frank ran to help Kat and Bob.

Having arrived, he evaluated the scene: dozens of Ruins - Frank calculated they were about 30 -were attacking the two from all sides. Bob was using his time manipulation to freeze some Ruins apparently ineffectively. A few seconds after they were frozen, they came back to life again without Bob being able to do anything about it. Frank simply stared wondering what the hell his problem was. And then he saw it. Kat was in trouble. With a determined look on her face she stretched her arms out and shot ice out of the palms of her hands. From behind her, aRuin lashed out at her; Kat screamed as she turned to face her attacker, allowing Frank to see four large bleeding gashes the Ruin's claw-like-hands had left. There were too many Ruins, and more seemed to arrive by the minute.

Without another second of hesitation, Frank closed his eyes and concentrated on the spot directly in front of Kat and Bob. After feeling wind pass by him, he opened his eyes and he was where he had imagined. Raising one hand towards the group of Ruins around Kat, he glared menacingly.

"Goodbye, assholes," he stated before sending them flying away with a quick movement of his raised hand. Many of them hit the wall with a sickening crack, silencing their shouts and groans.

Frank then turned to Bob, who seemed to be angrier with himself than with the Ruins. He sent some Ruins flying in the same direction their fellow friends had gone before, while putting up an energy shield behind him; a few Ruins realized the shield was there a little too late and crashed right into it.

Once again, the screams of Kat shook the entire battlefield. Both men looked towards her; an ocean of Ruins was closing in on her and them alike. But her screams weren't a mere warning. She had been freezing more Ruins around here until three of them snuck up from behind her and grabbed her arms. They forced her palms together, making it impossible for her to shoot ice out of them. When she was in extreme stress, she lost control of her powers. This occasion was no exception: dozens of her clones shot out of her body and began racing through the crowd of Ruins, fighting in any way they could.

In the meanwhile, the Ruins holding Kat laughed at Frank and Bob triumphantly, as if they had won the battle. Out of the corner of his eye, Frank saw Bob shake with rage. He had never seen him so angry. His fists were clenched so tight his knuckles had turned white, and Frank thought his teeth would shatter from how strongly he was grinding them. Before Frank could say a word, Bob was gone. The Ruins around Kat began grunting and falling to the ground, as if someone had punched them with the speed and force of a torpedo. It was Bob.

Frank watched with his mouth slightly open as the Ruins fell to the ground without any apparent reason. Deciding to help his friends, Frank raced towards the area where more Ruins were coming from. Closing his eyes and without moving amuscle, he sent them all flying backwards with the force of a giant wave. Frank turned back in time to see the three Ruins that were holding Kat fall to the ground as the confused looks were erased from their ugly faces. Bob appeared out of thin air just in time to catch the falling girl in his arms. They both stared at each other in that position - leaning down with Kat's hair brushing the floor - for a few eternal seconds. Frank smiled while thinking how movie-like this scene was... until the movie went up in flames and ended suddenly; Bob stood Kat up, and looked away awkwardly as a look of complete disappointment flooded Kat's face. Frank slapped his own forehead at Bob's failure to take advantage of any moment, but a loud exasperated groan cut him short. It was loud because both Kat and Bob had done so at the same time.

"Really, Bob, do I have to take the first step all the time or what? Because at this rate I'll be old and gray before you try anything-"

"Kat, there's something I should've told you years ago and that I've been dying to since then. I mean I can't sleep, I can't eat-"

They both stopped talking at the same time, gazing at each other in almost amazement. With sounds of explosions and crashes and a burning background, I watched as Bob took the few steps that were separating him from Kat.

Holding her hands, he said softly, "There's something I've been wanting to say... since /forever/,"with a weak laugh. A delicate feature came over this face. "I'm in love with you, Kat."

An uncontrollable smile spread over Kat's face, making her look even more beautiful, despite the scratches and blood that covered it. Bob leaned down as Kat stretched up to let their lips meet in true loves first kiss.

Frank smiled, extremely pleased. He then felt a bit awkward watching the beautiful sight and turned around. He immediately thought of Gerard and remembered his crazy mission. He had to find him and fast.

Frank opened his eyes after he teletransported himself at the bottom of the staircase that lead up to the Ruin World. He began to run up the stairs but then stopped as he noticed a large dark stain on one side of several of the steps. Images popped into his head of when he and Gerard had been captured by the Ruins. He remembered all too well how the ugly Ruin had shoved his fist into his chest, stealing Frank's very soul. And the look of complete and utter anguish on Gerard's face...

Pushing the horrible memories back to the trunk of his mind where they were always kept and hidden from the world, Frank continued up the stairs. He had to find Gerard quickly. Frank had a feeling time was running out for all of them.

In the distance a large explosion sounded; Frank knew it was Kyle.

Tick tock goes the clock.'re just a sad song, with nothing to say about a lifelong wait for a hospital stay...

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