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(One shot) Thought I'd post something on here as I havent in MONTHS. I changed how I wanted it to end half way through so excuse the change in tone =)

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I know it isn’t supposed to be easy, but never thought it would this hard. There’s an aching in my chest every night before I close my eyes, I see your face and I think of you and I’m scared. I’m scared of what could happen, of what could go wrong, because I’ve been hurt before but that’s nothing compared to how much it would hurt if I lost you.

I’ve been in love before but I’ve never been with some one that I’ve really believed I could be with forever. We’ve been together nearly a year and had one argument, and not through lack of communication but because of it. We talk about things, we laugh them off, we work through our problems. It’s the most grown up relationship I’ve ever had. Loosing you would be like ripping my heart out.

You look lovely tonight. I want to tell you how stunning you are, how you take my breath away, but there aren’t words to describe it. You’re so beautiful to me that I can’t even look at you, because it hurts my eyes, and my heart, when I wonder why someone like you is with someone like me. Your green eyes and straight hair, your confidence and self restraint. They totally over whelm my olive colour eyes and uncontrollable hair. My self depreciation and inability to control my emotions.

Still, you compliment me at every turn. Telling me that I am beautiful and that you are the lucky one. I find it near impossible to believe you but in your eyes I can see that you mean it. When you look at me and tell me that I am beautiful you have never been s sure of anything in your life.

Sat across from me at the table you smile. It’s an easy smile, one I’ve seen a million times before and that still takes my breath away. I love that I make you smile, that you make me smile, and that I know that I am making you as happy as you make me.

We order food. It’s your favourite restaurant and I know you’re impressed. You’re always surprised that I remember these things about you but of course I do. I remembered the date of when we first got together, who you said your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was (Michael-Angelo) and that daisies are one of the few flowers that don’t make you sneeze.

As the waiter brings the drinks over I watch you watching him. I’m not jealous, it just interests me to see you interacting with other men in a way you have never been with me. Since we first started talking we knew it was only time before we got together, unless something went seriously wrong of course. Sometimes I wish I had known you as a friend before knowing you as a love interest and then a partner but then, we’re friends now as well as being in love. It seems foolish to complain.

I can feel you watching me as I eat, the food’s delicious and I can tell why this is your favourite place to eat. I try to control myself and stop my eyes straying up to your face but I can’t. When I look up at you you smile at me as though it’s the first time you’ve ever laid eyes on me. “Thank you,” You say. “today has been the best day of my life.”

I blush and wave it off, squeezing your hand from across the table before we return to eating. Today has been the best day of my life too, second only to meeting you and the day we got together. We went down to the beach to watch the sunrise and ate a picnic in the park for lunch. We went down to the funfair and went on the bumper cars. You won a huge teddy bear in one of the machines and joked that you were going to give it to your girlfriend.

I brought you here for a meal and then we’ll go bowling, and maybe see a film. Our first ever date was bowling, the first time I really met you we went to see a film with your best friend.

“Frank?” She asks, posing my name as a question.
“What is it sugar?” I reply, smiling at her with total ease.
“Why are you doing all this for me? I love it and all, I just, this really has been the best day of my life but why today?”
“You know I love you.”
“Of course I do, Frank what’s going on?” She looks worried, I reach out and grip her hand, afraid of the words that were about to pass my lips.
“Marry me?”

For the first time since we met I can’t read her. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know how she feels either. I keep a hold on her hand hoping that she’ll say yes because if she gets up and walks away I won’t be able to chase her. I’ve loved before, I’ve given them my heart, and when we broke up it hurt a lot. It was like having your heart ripped out and stamped on and it took a long time for that wound to heal. I’ve given her everything . Every single little piece of me. If I lost her I would disappear.

“I’ll marry you.” I’m lost for words, my smile swallows my face and when I can finally bring myself to look at her properly she is grinning too.

That night we lye in bed together watching the light trip across the ceiling. “Best day ever.” She sighs, turning her head into my shoulder and lightly kissing the skin.
“The best day so far.”
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