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Sharpie marks

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A 17 year old girl has a hard life and is love with Patrick Stump.

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I sigh and look up at the cop, whose been questioning me for hours. Me sighs and fills out more stupid paper work. My mom is outside for her millionth cigarette. I can't really blame her. I'd be like that to if I was a smoker and my boyfriend just raped my daughter.
My dad.
They've never married and were seperated for many years.
Then all the sudden there he is, back in my life.
And all the suden he pretends to be a dad.
And my mom lets him back in.
Cheats on her husband.
After about a year, from when she told him she wanted a divorce, they were officially devorced.
Then my mom and sperm-doner had another baby.
My spermdoner has four kids.
My half brother and sister, me and my baby sister.
The policeman clears his throat, "So, has this happened before?"
He nods and writes some more.

Earlier this morning my mother was at work.
He woke me up to change the baby.
So I did and then it was all so suddden. I was throw on the bed was bad.
I was a virgin.
I had to go to the hospital and get a rape kit.
Which meant more violation.
I'd rather die than have to deal with that crap ever again.
I cried.
After forever, they tell us that it would be dangerous to incarcerate him at night, because there are guns in the house.
So we have to go all the way out of town to a cousins house.
I can't sleep.
I cry.
At three in the morning, I finally fall asleep, waking up often from nightmares.
I wake back up atseven.
They have him incarserated.
I sigh.
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