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i gots em

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YAY I'm soo happy that you guys sent me reveiws!!! So anyways I picked *reads off torn peice of paper* Uhm...Alex/ webba141 for Mikey. Your so lucky i love Mikey but I chose Franky Baby for myself. Kari, dtng101, is with Gerard, Gabbie, Emo_musik_chick, is with Bob, pweeeeetty blond boi. and Last but not least Fin, MyFamousLastWords, is with Ray!!!!

Alex, (Al or Ex) your exactly like what you described, bubbly and talkative.
Kari, (Kar-kar) Gerard brings out the exsightment in you, you act shy BUT he brings out the outgoing Kari.
Gabbie, (Gabs or Abby) your the lovable scene kid in the group other than Frank, your the female version of Frankyboo.
and FIN (i'm gonna call you Lala, cuz that's a fun nickname) Your the awesome emo, no offence if you take 'emo' as an offence, who gets along with everyone.

Well anyways guys the story is called "Last Three Words" so look for it ;]

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