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Friendship On Fire

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This take place on year after the final battle atop the Mars Lighthouse... Mia/Jenna

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Note: I do not own anything from the Golden Sun games. I never will. Never.

Taking place on Apojii Islands one year after the final battle


"Hey, hand me that cookie beside you. I'm starving, Mia."

"Only if you come over here and study Psynergy with me, Jenna."

She sighs and gets up slowly and walks over and sits down by Mia.

"That's what I thought," Mia says smiling.

She hands over the cookie and Jenna reaches for it. Their hands touch. They both don't move.

She's blushing? Teehee...

Jenna grabs the cookie and mumbles, "Sorry, I must have space out."

Mia says nothing and takes off her gloves to practice.

"Finish your cookie already?" she asks smiling.

"Yes, I did. It was yummy."

"Psh, okay. Now focus you Psynergy on that rock over there," Mia says pointing.

A fairly large rock sits beside a palm tree.

Jenna gets up and focuses one the rock.

"Which Psynergy shall I use my Lord?" she asks giggling.

"Rawr, watch it. Use Grind."

"Oo, we're going to 'grind' a rock," she says giggling.

"Whatever," Mia replies rolling her eyes.


The days go on with the two of them practicing Psynergy, reading up on Alchemy, and occasionally pushing each other into the ocean.

Finally around sunset, they stop for the day and lie on their backs on the sun-bathed sand side-by-side.

"Psynergy makes more sense now. I mean, it's easier to understand on how it works. It's amazing really," Jenna explains.

"Yeah, it is if you think about it," Mia responds.

Jenna sits up and inhales the scent of salty sea water. Mia sits up as well and turns to Jenna.

"have you thought about how amazing it is that Psynergy has taken us this far into life? With the the events that have happened since we've all gotten back together after lighting the Jupiter Lighthouse? It's incredible," Jenna speaks softly.


"Am I annoying you with my rants?" Jenna asks seriously.

Mia giggles and responds, "Of course not, I just couldn't think of anything to say. That's all."

"Oh, okay."

Jenna turns to Mia and smiles. Mia put her hand up to her face and touches her cheek. Blood rushes to Jenna's cheeks and she makes a nervous giggle.

"Does this bother you?" Mia asks softly.

"N-No. It's just giving me...butterflies," she says softly.

Jenna closes her eyes. She could feel Mia's Psynergy flowing through her hand and into her body, making her shiver.

This feels so wrong, but yet it feels so right...

She suddenly felt something warm and soft pressed upon her lips...


The feeling of warmth and softness vanished and she opened her eyes.

"Mia," Jenna whispered as she held her.

Mia leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I love you, too."

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