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In "Career Advice," we saw what happened with McGonagall and her fifth-year Gryffindors. So what happened with the other three Houses? (Translation of the chapters by Barkeeper) First up: Umbrid...

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A/N: I translated "Career Advice" by Kraeg001 into german language, and i got very positive reactions for it DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter, etc.; J.K. Rowling does.

/"Career Advice: Alternate Possibilities"/

By Quillian

(Originally Named Kraeg001)

/NOTE:/ This is a translation from the German story by Barkeeper, in which he explores the possibilities with other Houses. He was inspired by my own fic and decided to try his own by emulating by humorous style, which I'm glad to see he did a flawless job of. The following is his A/N...

A/N: I translated "Career Advice" by Quillian (formerly Kraeg001) into German language, and i got very positive reactions for it. A lot of my reviewers asked me to write the follow-up for the other three houses, so I did it. After writing to Quillian if he would post a translation of the follow-up in his name, he told me, that I should do it on my own.

General Notice: If there is any mistake of a student in the wrong house, please don't mind, since I have read only the german version of Harry Potter. There is no evidence in which house McDougal and Moon are.

Also please don't mind if some phrases sound odd to you, since English is not my native language.

Here we go!



Professor Sprout was sitting in her Office in the Back of Greenhouse 3, waiting for Umbridge to show up. The Career Advices with her Fifth-Years should start in ten minutes. It's good, that Minerva warned me, she thought with a frown.

"Ah, Professor Sprout, good morning" she was greeted by Umbridge. Umbridge looked like she wanted herself being on the other End of the World.

"Good morning, Headmistress" Sprout greeted back. Why is she looking so nervous? Sprout asked herself while watching Umbridge evading a devil's snare. /I've never known, you could make Hats out of Mandrake Headgrass, /Sprout thought, watching Umbridge's headgear.

But she was torn out of her thoughts as the first student came walking into the Office.

"Ah, good morning, Miss Abbott" she greeted Hannah kindly. Umbridge just nodded with an expression on her face, how distasteful it was for her to deal with Hufflepuffs.

"Well, Hannah, we're here to discuss which job you might choose in your future. From that we can choose the subjects you might need. Well, dear, have you already thought about it?" Sprout has always been proud of the relaxed and friendly Relationship with her Students.

"Hem, hem" she was interrupted by Umbridge. "Don't you think that your easy dealing with your Students is a little bit inadequate to your Position?" Sprout stared daggers at Umbridge.

"No, Headmistress. I prefer being a good friend to my students than a figure of authority" she answered with crossed Arms and a voice, which made clear, she wouldn't have an argument. /Just dare/. On Umbridge's face it was clearly written that this would have a discussion afterwards.

Hannah was watching this short sparring match with wide eyes. Wow, I've never thought, Sprout could be so convincing, she thought.

"Umm, well, Professor, I thought about becoming a Healer" Hannah answered shyly.

"Ahh" Sprout was interrupted again by Umbridge. "For sure to gain a lot of money one day with your own medical Office" Umbridge smiled wisely.

"No, Headmistress." Hannah was refusing to call her Professor. "I thought about, to put my capabilities into Service for mankind. I even considered going to Africa or South America to help people there. A lot of people there cannot afford a Healer."

/The last time I've seen such a stoned Gaze was, when Dumbledore mistook his tobacco with fluxweed/, Sprout thought smugly watching Umbridge's expression on her face.

"Well, dear, I would recommend Potions, Herbology and Transfiguration. Is there something else bothering you?" Sprout took advantage of Umbridge's numbness.

"No, Professor" Hannah answered with a distinct look at Umbridge. Sprout got the hint. "OK, Hannah, you may leave now."

Umbridge got out of her trance as Susan Bones entered the Office.

"Hello, Susan, nice to see you" Sprout welcomed her.

"Hello, Professor" Susan greeted her back. "Headmistress," she then added with a distinct colder voice.

"Well, Susan, what do you want to do in your future?"

Umbridge made a face again. A little bit more, and her face would look like that of a Mandrake, fitting the headgear.

"Oh, that's easy, Professor. I'm going to be a judge" Susan answered with a confident voice. Umbridge just raised an eyebrow.

"You're going to be a judge?" Umbridge asked with obvious doubts. Sprout looked towards her young Mandrakes. /Would Umbridge scream the same way, if I pull her out of the earth, grabbing her head? She nearly looks like a Mandrake, /Sprout mused.

"But for sure, Headmistress" Susan answered in a high self-believing voice. "As you surely know, my aunt is working for the Ministry Department of Law Enforcement. She already assured me her Help. A fair judicial system is an important condition for a civilized society. I will work very hard to become a fair judge, regardless the race or origin of the convict."

Umbrigde smirked, and wrote something down on her board.

"Well, dear, I think, you should take History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. That's all," Sprout addressed Susan. Umbridge was still smirking when Susan left the Greenhouse.

Morag McDougal was next. He just said, that he would take over the Farm from his parents the time, his parents decided to retire. Only thinking about digging with your own hands let Umbridge make a face, that she would rather kiss a Blast-Ended Skrewt. Maybe I should ask Hagrid where he got his Skrewts last year. Sprout recommended Herbology, Care of magical Creatures and Potions. That was easy, she thought.

Next was Mariah Moon. Sprout liked her very much, because Mariah reminded her of her niece a little bit.

"Mariah, nice to see you" Sprout welcomed her kindly. "Well, what do you have in mind for your future?"

"Professor Sprout, I considered studying the magical Flora and Fauna." Sprout was pleased. Like my niece, loving nature. Umbridge's interception killed this pleasant feeling immediately.

"Hem, hem. Miss Moon, one question: Why would you, emphasizing your origin, of all possibilities study plants and animals? The Moons are a very old and respected family." Hmmm, would it be too suspicious, if I place the devil's snare behind her chair right now? Sprout thought irately.

"And hard and honest work doesn't fit an old and respected family?" Mariah countered with a sarcastic grin. Umbridge looked like slapped in the face. /Definitely like my niece/, Sprout chuckled at Mariah's answer.

"Hem, what I was to say, maybe there is a job for you, which would make more sense." You could see clearly on Umbridge's face that it was unimaginable for her, that somebody of his own volition with such an origin would do a job, which was done by inferior people in her Opinion.

"No, a work or Job only makes sense, if it's entertaining. And Herbology with Professor Sprout or Care for magical Creatures with Professor Hagrid are in my Opinion the best subjects at Hogwarts. And they're a lot of fun, too, especially with Professor Hagrid. His classes have always been funny and very instructive," Mariah answered with a determined voice.

Umbridge looked like she was swallowing a fishbone. She turned red hearing the term /Professor Hagrid/, now trying to get some breath.

"Mariah, I'm glad that you have such a high Opinion of my or Professor Hagrid's classes. I would recommend Herbology, Care for magical Creatures and Potions, maybe as an Option, Transfiguration. Thank you, you may leave now." Mariah got up and left the Greenhouse.

"Headmistress, are you feeling well? Should I ask Professor Snape to brew a sedative for you?" Sprout asked her with artificial concern. Would Severus notice, if I exchange the Peruvian reeds for devil's weed? It's the only difference in the recipe between the sedative and a highly effective poison, Sprout thought while clapping Umbridge on the back. She didn't bother that she nearly broke Umbridge's spine doing that.

Merlin, give me strength. Only Justin's left, and then I made it, Sprout pleaded.

"Justin, come in," she winked Justin Finch-Fletchley inside.

"Hello, Professor Sprout," he greeted her delightly. "Headmistress," he added with only a nod.

"Justin, what do you want to do after Hogwarts?" she asked him.

"Well, I thought about working for the Ministry Department for Muggle Relations."

BANG! Umbridge's board fell out of her hands. With trembling hands, if out of anger or weakness one couldn't tell, she picked it up. Sprout smirked. She looks like she has swallowed raw Bubotuber pus, Sprout smirked vicious.

"Hem, hem." Umrbidge gripped herself a little. "But Dear, why would you work for this particular Derpartment of all others? Considering your marks, you could start a more promising career at the Ministry." One could clearly make out her Opinion about Muggles and that particular Department.

"No, Headmistress. In my Opinion the Department for Muggle Relations is even one of the most important ones. The Wizarding world has to work harder on its relationship towards the Muggles, because the Muggles are the majority on this planet. It's just true, that we have to arrange us better with the Muggles." Maybe there was really some raw Bubotuber pus in her morning tea. She's so green in her face, Sprout considered, getting more and more interested in this thought. "In addition, I already have some relations to Muggles. My Dad already assured me his help," Justin continued calmly.

Umbridge browsed through his datasheets, rage in her eyes. "Hem, Mr. Finch-Fletchley, what is your father doing for living? Somehow I can't find anything in your datasheets."

"Oh, you will like that. My Dad is the Director of Sales at Harrods."

"Hem, beg your pardon. Where?"

"At Harrods in London" Justin answered with pride in his voice.

Umbridge looked dumbstruck at Sprout. Sprout sighed. That's it. Minerva has told me, what happened during Hermione Granger's appointment.

"Justin's father is a Muggle," she elaborated Umbridge. She steeled herself for what was coming now.

Umbridge was snapping for breath. You don't like that idea. A Muggle-born working for the Ministry, Sprout thought furiously. She crossed her arms, and watched her with a challenging look. Come on, dare! I haven't fed my carnivore plant today yet.... On the other hand, could I really do something like that to my plant?

While Umbridge was still gasping, Sprout addressed Justin.

"Well, Justin, it's obvious that you should take Muggle Studies. Neverthless you should also take Defense against the dark Arts, Potions and Charms. You may leave now." With that Justin left.

/I've done it. Now only to get rid off this life-sized Mandrake/. "Headmistress, you are really not looking good. Maybe you should put yourself to rest for a while. Shall I call for somebody to accompany you?" Sprout asked sweetly.

But Umbridge declined without words, and staggered out of the greenhouse.

Sprout smirked. Minerva owes me 5 Galleons...

(End of Hufflepuff chapter.)

A/N: So how was this? (I'll forward your reviews to Barkeeper.)
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